Tweet of the week #81: Japanese People Are Beyond Bored Staying Home

Source: Gaijin Pot

How long have you stayed home without going out during Japan’s state of emergency? Days? Weeks?

It might be a dream come true for homebodies, but socialites are having a hard time adjusting to the stay-at-home requests. The monotony is driving them crazy.

Is boredom really that bad?

Don’t get us wrong. Being bored during this crisis means we’re among the lucky ones that aren’t under pressure in the front lines, risking our safety for others in healthcare facilities, warehouses, and essential stores. Boredom is a blessing and a privilege if you think about it.

Although boredom has a bad reputation, without being bored, we’d never manage to break from a routine. Like yin and yang, excitement requires us to experience boredom. Don’t feel bad if you feel spiritless. Embrace boredom until it passes and you’re ready to rock the world again.

That being said, there’s only so much you can do at home during this stressful quarantine period. Binging Netflix and scrolling through your favorite social media is always more fun when it’s a temporary relief from our daily routine. With too much time on our hands, we don’t feel like doing anything.

Killing time

Staying at home was a chance to catch up on sleep and finally get to watch past seasons of Terrace House, but a lot of folks are bored beyond belief. Funny enough, their boredom led them to be more creative than ever to kill time. Like discovering spices or leveling up their origami skills.

We’ve collected some amazing tweets of people going to some extreme lengths to kill boredom during coronavirus in Japan.

Spice challenge accepted

【新発見】コロナで仕事がなく暇なので 七味を7種類に仕分けしようとしたら実際は5種類しかなかった

— ダイナマイト・マリン@ばなもん (@marin_banamon) May 12, 2020

【新発見(しんはっけん)】コロナで仕事(しごと)がなく暇(ひま)なので 七味(しちみ)を7種類(ななしゅるい)に仕分(しわ)けしようとしたら実際(じっさい)は5種類(ごしゅるい)しかなかった


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