To the Future – Demon Slayer’s Ending

Last panel of Demon Slayer Chapter 205

When I first heard rumors about Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ending a few months ago, I was shocked to hear about the manga ending so soon. I thought there were some other mysteries to be unraveled after this. Then while reading through the final arc, it started to feel that this was it.

And after only 205 chapters, Demon Slayer is known as one of the very few popular manga that reached insane heights in terms of sales, but not continuing on for the sake of popularity.

(Huge spoilers incoming after the jump)

The final arcs happened somewhat quickly as all the Demon Slayer Corps banded together in a desperate attempt to finish off their eternal nemesis, Muzan Kibutsuji, for good. Muzan, with whoever was left of his elite army (the Upper Moons of the Mizuki), visits the HQ of the Corps to finish off them off for good and ends up being caught in an elaborate plan to defeat him. A good number of notable characters (almost all of the Hashira and all of the Miuki) die throughout the process. Tanjiro ends up taking out Muzan despite being injected in one eye with demon blood during the fight. Muzan tries to possess Tanjiro after his defeat through his demon blood, but Tanjiro rejects him thanks to his friends. Nezuko finally becomes human too. All is well. The final chapter fast-forwards from the Taisho era to the 21st century where the descendants of all the major characters are living in peaceful times.

One of the things I liked about Demon Slayer is how the deaths of the Hashira have been used to help Tanjiro get better. Their whole lives were dedicated to defeating Muzan for good. With Tanjiro arguably being their best chance since he actually …continue reading