I Tried The Dalgona Coffee Trend

I Tried The Dalgona Coffee Trend - Instant Coffee and sugar, a failed attempt to make Dalgona cream

Dalgona coffee—if you don’t already know—is a sweet, creamy, cold coffee beverage made with 4 ingredients that most people already possess in their kitchen: instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. Simple as that. To add to its perfection, it can be enjoyed cold or hot—to warm you up during these neverending rainy days.

Everybody is quite literally going crazy over this quarantine-chic drink and it has received a lot of attention on all social media platforms, becoming one of the biggest food trends of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially as we’ve been missing our local cafes and regular coffee runs, the dalgona coffee has become somewhat a much-needed replacement and it’s really no surprise as this pretty, ‘gram-worthy’ drink is very easy to make at home.

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So now it’s my turn to give it a go! Although there are hundreds of versions and flavors out there, I decided to try the original Dalgona Coffee, Matcha Dalgona Coffee, Chocolate Dalgona Coffee, and Dalgona Milk Tea.

Spoiler alert: by the end, I was definitely bouncing off the walls, completely high on caffeine and sugar…

Dalgona Coffee

Okay, so I must admit that my first attempt didn’t go quite as I had planned. Those who know me would label me as your typical coffee-snob who prefers her coffee extra strong (no Americano for me thank you!). So instead of using instant coffee, I chose an extremely strong espresso and also decided to halve the sugar content (no idea why) thinking it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

But I was completely wrong!

No matter how much I whisked, the mixture would not thicken …continue reading