Tweet of the Week #82: More Remote Work, More Cat Problems

Source: Gaijin Pot

For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we work. After Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency, employers were asked to embrace flexibility and let their employees work from home. Between March and April, the number of people working remotely in Japan increased by 14.7 percent.

It’s a trend that could change Japan’s work culture for good. Companies are finally seeing that long work hours and open offices aren’t good for productivity. On the other, keeping your employees happy with a good work-life balance is a winning bet.

As long as they don’t own a house cat, that is.

Cats are jerks

We love them, but there’s denying that cats know exactly what buttons to push to get their way like knocking stuff off the table, scratching at the bedroom door, and sitting on our laptops. Our furry friends are calculating little monsters who enjoy driving us crazy.

With the number of people working from home increasing, cats now stand accused of yet another evil crime—harassing their owners who are desperately trying to focus on work.

The topic of “猫(ねこ)ハラ”, short for 猫ハラスメント (cat harassment), has been trending on Twitter these past weeks. Many remote workers are sharing the hardship of trying to work from home while their kitties fight against it. Knowing that there are nearly ten million house cats in Japan as of December 2019, the issue is quite serious!

Your computer is the perfect cat pillow

Cats are early birds and will make sure to cause trouble before your workday has even started yet.

ナナちゃん、テレワークの準備万端です(๑´ω`๑)♡#在宅勤務 #テレワーク #猫 #ネコハラ

— nyanco! with 保護猫 (@nyanco696) May 17, 2020




“It’s a sunny morning.
Nana is ready to start teleworking.”

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