Love Conquers Demons

Rin runs, Blue Exorcist Chapter 120 image
Rin cries, Blue Exorcist Chapter 120 2nd image
Rin realizes the truth,Blue Exorist Chapter 3rd image

I sometimes forget that Blue Exorcist exists. But every time I catch up with the manga, I’m just in awe of how raw the series has become as Kazue Kato took a very extensive look into the circumstances behind Rin and Yukio Okumura’s birth and how it ties into a bigger conspiracy involving the True Cross Order.

After Yukio decides to defect sides to the Illuminati (to find his own answers to the conspiracy), Rin travels to the past as an outside to learn the harsh truth about his birth despite warnings from Mephisto Pheles about doing so. He discovers how his mom became a target of exorcists because of her love for Satan and that his birth has caused a number of exorcists to die. While he laments the deaths, he discovered how his mother, Yuri Egen, and his adoptive father, Shiro Fujimoto truly wanted him to live despite being the son of Satan. Rin also saw that Fujimoto was struggling to contain Satan’s wishes to control Rin when the events of Chapter 1 happened. Rin ends his journey to the past with a visit to Fujimoto and Fujimoto tells him that while it’s hard raising two kids by himself, seeing them be comfortable around each other was worth it.

Hence the following scenes pictured above happened. I think those of us who wish they’ve never been born don’t realize how there are people who do try hard to make sure we’ve alive and well. We’re all so caught up in our own heads to a fault. For me personally, I cried while reading because I dealt with self-hatred for a …continue reading