Literal Girl Power – Chainsaw Man

Power, Chainsaw Man Volume 2 cover

I want to talk about one of my new favorite female characters in manga right now. She’s so hilarious and uninhibited to the point where I feel like this character is a good role model for young women (especially for women of color).

I’m talking about Power from Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man.

For context about Chainsaw Man, the series is about a young man named Denji who becomes a half devil/human with the ability to turn his head and arms into chainsaws. In order to ensure his own safety from anyone who seeks to manipulate him and to live a somewhat healthy life, Denji joins a group of devil hunters that serve to protect the public. The devil hunters are a mix of both humans who form contracts with devils at the cost of their lifespan and fiends/devils.

One of those fiends/devils happens to be Power. She is known as the Blood Fiend as she’s able to use the blood in her body to make weapons. Power is introduced as Denji’s devil hunter partner and she gets immediate development as she tries to get Denji eaten by a bat devil in exchange for the safety of her pet cat, Meowy. When it turns out the bat devil was disappointed with Denji as its meal, it eats Meowy and Power instead. Denji ends up saving the two of them much to Power’s surprise. Both Denji and Power make up and the latter becomes a character that never ceases to bring laughs to readers and annoyance to the devil hunters that don’t exactly like her.

Power isn’t a saint. She’s rude, hates hygiene, quick to blame others when things go wrong, and is only willing to fight for her own self-interest. There’s some beauty in all of this as she’s …continue reading