Astra – Lost in Space and Finding Resilience with Others

Cast of Astra Lost in Space

If there’s one lesson humanity often forgets, it’s that people need each other despite all the differences being pushed by outside forces to separate them. No one truly lives alone.

I feel that one timely anime/manga series is a big example of this and it’s Kenta Shinohara’s Astra Lost in Space.

(Some spoilers ahead after the jump)

Astra Lost in Space focuses on a group of youth who are set to go on a school expedition to explore another planet. Once at their destination, they encounter a strange sphere that somehow warps them all to the depths of distant outer space, thousands of light-years away from their home planet, without any way back home. The group manages to find an working abandoned spaceship and their journey back home begins as they learn that their situation is related to a huge conspiracy that ties into the circumstances behind their births.

You can think of this series as part sci-fi survival thriller and part heartwarming comedy (note: Shinohara is the author of the comedy series, Sket Dance, and was an assistant under Hideaki Sorachi of Gintama fame). The cast all have very distinct personalities that do rely a lot on common anime/manga tropes. The leader, Kanata Hoshijima, is the all-optimistic, confident, and strong shonen alpha male. The main female lead, Aries Spring, is cute and somewhat clumsy. There’s the token female tsundere, pretty boy who’s a player, super-smart guy who’s more logical than emotional, super-quiet/shy girl, etc.

I feel like Astra Lost in Space is a reminder on the importance of groups to get through tense situations. But those groups have to be a well-balanced mix of talents. It also takes people to help others realize those talents. As anyone who’s been involved in group projects and work can tell you, …continue reading