Throwing Away The Kimono Rule Book With Anji Salz

Anji SALZ spinning silk

Savvy Tokyo sat down with her to uncover her passion and find out how and why she wants to breathe new life into kimono wearing.

Anji SALZ Kimono - London VA museum© Photo by Anji Salz

Your business is so multi-faceted. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s about inspiring people to wear kimono, both in Japan and abroad. I do things that are out of the box: kimono styling and design, collaborations with other young artists, and kimono makers. Last year, we put embroidery on kimono to make it funky. I also occasionally sew kimono—using skills from a kimono tailoring class—but it’s really hard work and takes a long time. Aside from those hands-on elements, I offer kimono-related tours, write about kimono for Mainichi Weekly, and a German magazine and sell vintage kimono in my online shop.

it’s about inspiring people to wear kimono, both in Japan and abroad

What got you interested in kimono?

When I first holidayed here, I admired the feminine silhouette of kimono, as well as its traditional aspects and history. I received a yukata from a Japanese friend and started wearing it when I returned home. It had me wanting more. Many years later, after I’d moved to Japan, I did a kimono rental in Kyoto. Just walking around the city in kimono really had me hooked. A couple of years later, I asked my mother-in-law who has some kimono if we could wear them together to a relative’s wedding in Tokyo. After wearing kimono again, I knew I had to do something with it for work.

Anji SALZ kimono outfit Kawagoe© Photo by Anji Salz

What do you most love about kimono?

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