Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants~

calling a waiter in Japanese restaurants

Ohayō gozaimasu! Kyo wa iitenki desu!
Good morning!

Today’s YouTube Live lesson topic was Customer Service Japanese ~Restaurants.
Have you been to a restaurant in Japan?
If so, I bet you were treated very well. Because in Japan, we have a culture of “Customers are Gods”. お客様は神様です。(okyaku-sama wa kamisama desu.)

Well, in this lesson, I introduced common Japanese phrases that you’ll hear at Japanese restaurants.
Please note that they use very polite Japanese, usually “honorific form”, which is even politer than “~desu/~masu” form of Japanese.

Let’s find it out!

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Here are the dialogue scripts in the lesson: (introducing in chronological order ~as you’ll hear in a restaurant)

いらっしゃいませ Irasshai mase

A waiter/waitress will greet you, but you don’t need to reply to it.

何名様ですか。Nanmē-sama desu ka?

How many are you?
To reply, 1人です。Hitori desu. for one person, 2人です Futari desu. for two people, 3人です。San-nin desu. for three people…

おタバコは おすいに なられますか。Otabako wa osui ni narare masu ka?

Would you smoke cigarettes? (*tabako o suimasu: Smoke a cigarette)

You might be heard as おタバコは すわれますか。otabako wa suwaremasu ka? for the same meaning as above.

禁煙席と喫煙席どちらがよろしいでしょうKinenseki to kitsuenseki, dochira ga yoroshii deshoo ka?

Non-smoking seat or smoking seat, which would you prefer?

こちら どうぞKochira e doozo.

Please come this way.

ご注文は。gochuumon wa?

May I take your order? (What is your order? (literal translation)).

メニュー お決まりになりましたら、お呼びくださいMenuu ga okimari ni narimashitara, oyobikudasai.

Once you decide your menu, please call me.


calling a waiter in Japanese restaurants
Excuse me.
When we call a waiter/waitress at a restaurant in Japan, we say “sumimasen”
* There are three meanings for “sumimasen”; Excuse me, …continue reading