Meaty Niboshi Ramen in Nakano – Saikoro

Ramen in Nakano - Saikoro Outside

For ramen in Nakano, Saikoro delivers a meaty punch! A relatively light niboshi soup meets meaty toppings at this high-level ramen shop.

Ramen in Nakano – Among the Best!

Saikoro (肉煮干し中華そば さいころ 中野本店) is for carnivores. Their niku niboshi chukasoba features countless thin strips of pork chashu. Delicate and fatty, they melt at first contact with your mouth. It’s only ¥800 for this filling ramen.

Ramen in Nakano - Saikoro

An extra ¥100 will get you a baseball-sized minced chicken ball. I’ve never seen this at a ramen shop. It soaks up the niboshi (dried sardine) broth and it’s almost like you’re eating tuna when this happens.

As mentioned, the broth is niboshi based. They use a relatively light shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning and the niboshi fish flavor isn’t as intense as other bowls can be.

Ramen in Nakano - Saikoro Noodles

The noodles are thick, slippery and somewhat soft.

Niboshi Abura Soba

They also serve an abura soba (soupless ramen) that’s only ¥650! It’s savory and the niboshi flavor amount is just right. The toppings are similar (minus the chicken baseball).

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