Food | Jan 16

From Sketch to Spice: Comedians' Curry Makes a Comeback

Chidori's Curry, Birthed from 'Hinadan-dan,' Resurrected for Aoyama Shoji's Promotional Campaign

TOKYO, Jan 16 (News On Japan) - Aoyama Trading has announced the comedic duo Chidori as their new image characters. They will join the likes of Kanna Hashimoto and INI, who have been serving as image characters, appearing in store visuals, on the company's website, and in commercials.

For the "Freshers' Campaign" aimed at new students and newly employed adults, Chidori's Daigo takes on the role of the "Aoyama family" father, while Nobu plays the mother, and Hashimoto the daughter.

Additionally, as part of the campaign prizes, the curry featuring the Chidori couple's design, "Father's Curry" and "Mother's Curry," have been prepared. These curries originated from the RCC Chugoku Broadcasting project "Chidori's Pop-Up! Hina-dan Group" and are being revived as the "Aoyama Family Curry Series." The original curry flavors, "Chidori Nobu's Intense! Big Meat and Potato Curry" and "Chidori Daigo's Nice! Curry," will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who purchase targeted products in-store, or through a lottery to those who repost the relevant post on X.

For more details, check out the special campaign website.

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