Food | Jan 25

Ehomaki Prices Up by 4% from Last Year

TOKYO, Jan 25 (News On Japan) - The price of Ehomaki sushi rolls, traditionally eaten during the Setsubun festival in February, has risen by approximately 4% compared to last year.

A survey conducted by Teikoku Databank, which investigated the prices of Ehomaki sold at major convenience stores, supermarkets, and department stores across Japan (totaling 104 companies), revealed that the average price for a standard thick roll is now 948 yen. This is an increase of 39 yen or 4.3% from last year's average of 909 yen.

The price hike is attributed to the increased cost of raw materials. Seasoned gourd strips (kampyo), commonly used in Ehomaki and predominantly sourced from China, have seen a price surge of over 30% due to poor harvests. Additionally, nori (seaweed) has been affected by a record low yield.

However, there is a silver lining for seafood lovers. Prices for ingredients like tuna and salmon roe have dropped by up to 20% compared to last year. Consequently, luxury seafood Ehomaki are experiencing a more modest price increase, averaging 1,729 yen this year compared to 1,689 yen last year, an increase of 40 yen or 2.4%.

This year's price trends in Ehomaki reflect broader market dynamics, including global agricultural fluctuations and changes in seafood market prices. These shifts underscore the delicate balance between maintaining traditional culinary customs and adapting to economic realities. As consumers prepare for Setsubun, these price changes might influence their choices, possibly leading to a greater diversity in Ehomaki fillings and prices.

Source: ANN


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