Food | Feb 01

Japanese Premium Strawberries Fetch Over 7,000 Yen per Pack in London's Harrods

TOKYO, Feb 01 (News On Japan) - Japanese brand strawberries, in their striking shades of red, pink, and white, are now captivating attention across the seas in London.

At Harrods, a prestigious department store in London, Japanese strawberries are showcased like jewels in a display case. Priced at 40 pounds per pack, equivalent to about 7,520 yen, or roughly 700 yen per berry, these luxury strawberries are gaining popularity. Gary Fan, CEO of Avanti 4sia, shared insights on their sales success: “The sales are very good! The three-colored strawberries from Nara are visually stunning, and customers are surprised by their rich aroma and high sugar content.”

These premium strawberries are grown by a group of farmers in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture. Among them is the “Kotohana” variety, known for its high sugar content, sometimes exceeding 20 degrees, compared to the average 10 degrees in ordinary strawberries. The subtly pink “Awayuki” variety, known for its refreshing taste, is ideal for juices. The “Pearl White” variety, a sweet-scented pure white strawberry, was developed specifically for foreign consumers.

Mr. Maeda from Nara Strawberry Lab explains the uniqueness of the “Pearl White”: “This white strawberry changes from green to this color. The timing of harvesting is quite challenging to judge.”

Initially targeted at tourists visiting Japan, the pandemic led to a drastic fall in sales. However, responding to overseas requests for these strawberries, exports began, and they quickly became a hit abroad. Now, about 70% of the production is for the international market.

Stringent quality control ensures the brand's value, with each strawberry weighed and inspected for even the smallest blemish. This meticulous attention to detail has earned them a high reputation overseas. While a pack costs 3,750 yen in Japan, its rarity and added transportation costs double the price in the UK. Despite this, demand at Harrods remains high, with around 50 boxes shipped weekly since last December.

Gary Fan of Avanti 4sia remarks, “Local Brits buy them as a treat for themselves, as an alternative to a fine wine or champagne bottle when they're tired from work.”

Producer Mr. Maeda from Nara Strawberry Lab expresses his fulfillment: “Though far away, we can see through social media that our strawberries are being enjoyed. This is where we find our motivation. We aim to expand our reach further.”

The success story of these luxurious Japanese strawberries in London reflects not only their exquisite taste and quality but also the growing global appreciation for Japan's unique agricultural products.


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