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February 2nd Celebrates 'Fu' Day: A Tribute to a Subtle Sukiyaki Star

TOKYO, Feb 02 (News On Japan) - Ever wonder what special day falls on February 2nd? Interestingly, it marks a celebration related to a key ingredient in sukiyaki. The clue lies in the number "2" from February 2nd.

A person in their 70s guessed, "A couple’s day?"

A person in their 20s speculated, "Is it Setsubun? Oh, that’s tomorrow."

The correct answer is "Fu (gluten) Day." Fu is made from dried wheat gluten.

A 20-year-old respondent admitted, "Honestly, it's my first time hearing about it."

Fu, often found quietly enhancing the main attractions in a sukiyaki pot without drawing attention to itself, has its own special day.

We visited a fu factory, a distinguished establishment since the Meiji era.

Sei Kuramochi, the fourth-generation owner of Kuramochi Shop (63), shared, "February 2nd is annually... 'Fu Day'. It’s probably due to the phonetic play. Hi, fu, mi, yo..."

When asked about the charm of fu, Kuramochi replied, "It blends with any flavor, adopting the taste of the dish."

Fu is more about enjoying the flavor of the cuisine than the ingredient itself.

Around noon in Tokyo's Asakusa, a line of foreign tourists had already formed in front of a sukiyaki restaurant, even 10 minutes before opening. How do they perceive fu?

A Korean tourist commented, "It's intriguing. It's like tofu. Feels somewhere between mochi and oden."

According to the restaurant staff, the Korean tourists even asked for seconds of fu, highlighting its unique appeal to international visitors.

Source: ANN


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