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Valentine's Day 2024: Gorgeous and Affordable! Top 3 Chocolate Brands to Love

TOKYO, Feb 03 (News On Japan) - Valentine's Day is just around the corner! With Valentine's Day evolving from a tradition of women giving chocolates to men to an event enjoyed for oneself, brands that offer a unique world view and enjoyable visuals without necessarily being high-end chocolates have gained popularity. We've gathered three brands that will make you want to pick them up for yourself.

From Morozoff, a Western confectionery brand born in Kobe, comes the adorable and delicious chocolate brand "Marutto Kawaii Furuutsu." Available in five flavors: "Apple," "Orange," "Peach," "Pear," and "Big Strawberry," each fruit-shaped tin contains fruit chocolates that let you enjoy the sensation and pulp of real fruit.

The "Marutto Fruits Can (Apple)" (5 pieces, tax included 864 yen) is packed with two types of chocolate and plenty of dried apple fruit. The tin, which realistically replicates the glossy look of an apple, is quite surprising! The "Apple" and "Orange" are tablet chocolates laid with dried fruits and orange peel, while "Peach," "Pear," and "Big Strawberry" are truffle chocolates encapsulating the taste of the fruits, each offering a juicy fruit sensation.

The "Marutto Fruits Can (Peach)" (6 pieces, tax included 864 yen) features truffle chocolates made with peach paste and domestic peach juice combined with fruit liqueur. Each one is priced at 864 yen, making them affordable gifts. For those who want to try all the flavors, the assorted "Marutto Fruits Can" (17 pieces, tax included 1836 yen) is also recommended.

At the department store's Valentine's Day event where the author made a purchase, the display, which resembled a greengrocer's stand, was very cute and stood out even from a distance. If you find it, be sure to pick it up. Available at Morozoff stores nationwide, Valentine's Day events, and the Morozoff online shop. Sales will end when all stock is sold, and availability may vary by store.

Lul Merry by Mary Chocolate is a brand popular for its nostalgic world view. For Valentine's Day 2024, they have introduced products with an original design themed "Small Treasures Found by the Lake." Inside the colorful tins are "Mendiants and Flower Chocolates," which include chocolates printed with swans and flowers, as well as mendiants topped with nuts and dried fruits. There are also "Fig Chocolates" and "Almond Dragees," which are perfect to enjoy with coffee.

Another recommendation is "Flower Tigre," a chocolate-based baked confectionery that became a regular product last November, starting at 864 yen for two pieces. Available in various sizes, including four and six pieces, the cute "Flower Tigre" (4 pieces, tax included 1728 yen) will brighten up your snack time. The flower-shaped dough is made with domestic butter and chocolate chips, resulting in a moist texture. Available in two flavors: "Chocolat" and "Rose." The "Chocolat" has sweet chocolate in the center with gold sugar topping, while the "Rose" is decorated with white chocolate and an edible flower, creating a visually stunning snack time.

Available at Lul Merry Aoyama-dori store and department store events for a limited time. Some products other than "Flower Tigre" are also available at the online shop.

From ISHIYA G, a gift-oriented brand by Ishiya Confectionery, known for the famous Hokkaido sweet "Shiroi Koibito," we introduce the "Ganache Sandwich," a new winter sweet available for a limited time since January this year. The "Ganache Sandwich" is a limited-time sweet that sandwiches a ganache with cocoa nibs, ISHIYA's original white chocolate, and three types of fillings between crispy cocoa-flavored sabl├ęs. The three colors of filling visible in the cross-section are visually enjoyable, and you can taste various flavors in one piece. The pink package design, inspired by the forest, is colorful and is sure to please as a gift.

Available at ISHIYA stores in Hokkaido, "ISHIYA G" in Tokyo and Osaka, or the Ishiya online shop, etc. The sales period is scheduled from January 15 (Monday) to February 14 (Wednesday), 2024, or until stock runs out.

Author: Rie Sasagi (Food Writer) After editing for a food industry magazine, Rie Sasagi became independent in 2007. Utilizing her experience in specialized magazine editing, she conducts interviews and writes on a wide range of food-related topics. She is also knowledgeable about convenience store sweets and actively shares about everyday gourmet to enjoy at home. She is an All About Home Gourmet Guide.

Source: MDPR


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