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Nissan Develops Bento Box for Long Drives

TOKYO, Feb 13 (News On Japan) - Nissan Motor Co. has commenced the limited sale of "Michi-Bento," a lunchbox specifically designed for long drives. The project is supervised by the popular culinary expert, Mr. Kouken Tetsu. We had the opportunity to sample the "Michi-Bento (Western Japan Edition)" provided by Nissan and here is our review.

A Five-Tiered Lunchbox Like No Other The "Michi-Bento (Western Japan Edition)" is priced at 700 yen (tax included) and resembles a five-tiered traditional "jubako" box. It is designed to fit into the cup holder of Nissan's "Serena" model. The bento features an abundance of ingredients sourced from Western Japan.

The side dishes are not crumbly and are all bite-sized, which makes them easy to eat inside a car.

Korean Cuisine-Inspired "Gimbap"

Surprisingly, three out of the five dishes in the bento are Korean-inspired. One of these is the "Bulgogi Gimbap," which is delicious with the sweetness of the pork complementing the sticky Jindomai rice. The sweetness rather than the spiciness stands out, with each bite enhancing the sweetness of the rice.

Cleverly Presented "Gyeran Mari"

Another Korean dish is "Gyeran Mari," a Korean-style rolled omelet made with bell peppers, ham, and green onions using eggs from Okayama chickens. The eggs tenderly wrap around the ingredients without overpowering bitterness. It has a homemade taste, like something your mother would make, and the crunchy texture of the vegetables is also delightful.

The arrangement of the dishes shows a clever touch, with the surface and cross-sections alternated to give the impression of two different types of omelets. The skill of Mr. Kouken Tetsu is evident!

Praise from the Staff

I also attended a "Michi-Bento (Western Japan Edition)" event recently and witnessed a particular scene. The PR staff were whispering, "Why is it? It tastes even better than at the tasting session we had the other day." "It's true! The flavors are more distinct!" It was clear that the development staff had been fine-tuning the flavors until the last moment. Perhaps they strengthened the taste to ensure that the deliciousness comes through even in a lunchbox meant for drives where heating up the food can be challenging.

The "Michi-Bento (Western Japan Edition)" will be available on February 17th and 18th at the Takarazuka North Service Area. For those interested, don't miss this opportunity!

Source: MDPR


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