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Imabari Towel Fair


“The 40th Imabari Towel Fair” will be held in Imabari, the largest towel producing place in Japan.

During the period, exhibition spot sale of Imabari production center makers
New product presentation exhibition · Elementary and middle school student towel design exhibition · textile experience corner · thread spinning experience corner will be carried out.

It is a towel fair twice a year (Spring / Autumn).
Everyone please come and see us.

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Customised private investment trusts continue robust growth


The business in privately placed investment trusts continues to flourish with the value of such vehicles rising 14.75% to 76.83 trillion yen in the year ending 31 March 2018, figures just released by the Investment Trusts Association and analysed by the Japan Pensions Industry Database show.

This growth rate compares with 10.56%, to 109.21tr yen, in publicly offered trusts and marks the second year in which the rise in the value of privately placed vehicles has outpaced that in the publicly offered variety (for which see posting below).

First established in January 1999, this type of investment trust was initially sold mainly to institutional investors but subsequent years saw demand for it growing among defined-contribution pension plans and investors in variable annuity products.

Market shares in these products are much more evenly spread than in their public counterparts where Nomura eats up a quarter of the business. Moreover the top 10 firms by growth includes four independents: Aristagora Advisors, Ichiyoshi Asset Management, Fivestar Asset Management and GCI Asset Management.

Full versions of the above table appear under the ‘Rankings tab above.

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Kuromon Ichiba – “Osaka’s Kitchen”


Kuromon Ichiba street market is a long stretch of locally owned shops and food stands that runs through the center of Osaka. Especially famous for great meat and seafood, this street market is a Japanese food lover’s heaven!

Kuromon Ichiba Street Market

What’s your favorite Japanese food? Chances are, you’ll find it in Kuromon Ichiba Street Market – a 580m street that’s also known as “Osaka’s Kitchen.” This market is a popular tourist spot because it’s only 5 minutes from the Nippombashi subway exit, and it offers some of the best meat and seafood in all of Osaka! It’s a Japanese food lover’s heaven!

Posted by Japanese Language & Culture on Saturday, April 21, 2018


Kuromon Ichiba has over 170 years of history and tradition. Until the end of the Meiji Era, the market was actually called the Emmeji Market, named for the nearby Emmeiji Temple. The large temple was headed by a large black gate, and thus the market’s name was changed to “Kuromon Ichiba” market or “black gate” market.

The food stalls were traditionally catered toward local businesses owners and chefs of restaurants, and although that still makes up over half of the market’s sales, these days, Kuromon Ichiba also caters strongly towards visiting tourists. While some of the shops are big and commercial, the vast majority of them are mom-and-pop family run businesses.

As you walk down the 580-meter street, you can find an endless selection of fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, and more being sold at the front of stores. In fact, Kuromon Ichiba is now nationally known, and affectionately called “Osaka’s Kitchen” and “Gastronome.”

What You Can Eat


A large number of shops at Kuromon Ichiba sell fresh, local meat. You can see giant cases displaying uncooked meat for you to buy and take home. You can also pick …continue reading


Thailand: beyond red and yellow?

Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum

A central feature of politics in Thailand has been the largely failed efforts of unelected governments to rid the country of the influence of Thaksin Shinawatra, the controversial yet electorally successful tycoon-turned-politician. As prime minister from 2001 to 2006, Thaksin crafted a tremendously effective political formula that involved simultaneously championing the interests of domestic capital and of the rural and working-class electoral majority. He achieved overwhelming electoral dominance during his term, and is to this day viewed as a paradigmatic example of Southeast Asian populism.

Armed Thai soldiers walk past members of the ‘red shirt’ group at an encampment in Nakhon Pathom province on the outskirts of Bangkok on 22 May 2014. (Photo: Reuters/Chaiwat Subprasom).

” data-medium-file=”×279.jpg” data-large-file=”×418.jpg” title=”Armed Thai soldiers walk past members of the ‘red shirt’ group at an encampment in Nakhon Pathom province on the outskirts of Bangkok on 22 May 2014. (Photo: Reuters/Chaiwat Subprasom). ” src=”×279.jpg” alt=”Armed Thai soldiers walk past members of the ‘red shirt’ group at an encampment in Nakhon Pathom province on the outskirts of Bangkok on 22 May 2014. (Photo: Reuters/Chaiwat Subprasom).” width=”400″ height=”279″ srcset=”×279.jpg 400w,×105.jpg 150w,×535.jpg 768w,×418.jpg 600w,×210.jpg 300w,×70.jpg 100w,×349.jpg 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px”>

There was plenty to dislike about the politics of Thaksin and his proxy successors. Thaksin oversaw a brutal ‘war on drugs‘ that presaged the bloodshed underway today in the Philippines. His dual status as prime minister and oligarch gave rise to brazen conflicts of interest. He regularly used his popularity to overwhelm the authority of independent institutions and made moves to browbeat independent media.

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2018 Top Jobs in Japan Week 17

Source: Gaijin Pot

If you’re looking to work in Japan, check back here each week as we look through the database of jobs in Japan that have been posted to GaijinPot and pick the ones we think are most interesting. You can apply directly to these companies by creating a profile on GaijinPot Jobs.

English Instructors (Tokyo)

  • English: Native level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
  • EFL and business experience a plus
  • Must be in Japan and available for in-person interviews in Tokyo
  • Visa sponsorship available

Berlitz Japan has immediate openings for full-time native or native-fluent English instructors to teach classes on weekends as well as evening classes on weekdays in Tokyo. Attractive salary of ¥275,000 per month.


1-to-1 English Instructor (Applicants outside Japan)

  • 40-minute lesson rates from ¥1500 ~ ¥2200
  • English: Native level
  • Must currently reside OUTSIDE of Japan
  • University degree (accredited) required for visa sponsorship
  • Must include a cover letter
  • Visa sponsorship available

Teaching with Gaba means a professional work environment, motivated adult students and a flexible schedule. Make the most of your Japan experience whether it is a working holiday or a long-term commitment. Career opportunities available. We have learning studios throughout Japan.


Video Game Associate Producer (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Visa sponsorship available

ZigZaGame is looking for an associate producer to orchestrate work-flow across all elements of a mobile game project — content, art, engineering, scripting, localization and design. You will also be responsible for executing the game producer’s ideas while also formulating some of your own ideas into the game. Knowledge of current industry trends particularly “otome” games is a big plus!


Native English Instructor (Osaka)

  • English: Native level
  • Must currently reside in Japan
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