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This Week(End): Tokyo Area Events For March 23-24

Liar Liar

Perfect Liars Club Tokyo: International Women’s Day Edition

Four people tell a story: three are completely true, but one person is telling a lie! Can you spot the liar? The month’s show is all about International Women’s Day and as you can guess, all storytellers this time are women — and they have stories to tell!! Listen, laugh, interrogate, vote.

Fri, Mar 22, 2019
8 P.M.-10:15 P.M.
Good Heavens Bar, 5-32-5 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
¥2,000-¥2,500 (reserved seats)
Recommended for: Friends, Storytellers, Good liars, Couples

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Tokyo Picks: Explore - 9 contemporary art galleries in Bakurocho


The Bakurocho neighborhood not far from Akihabara is an essential stop on any contemporary-art tour of Tokyo. As befits an up-and-coming creative neighborhood, Bakurocho is also home to art-supply shops, crafts galleries, coworking spaces, hip cafes, serious coffee houses and craft-beer bars. Here is our guide to some of the area highlights, including the Asakusabashi neighborhood just to the north.

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Wrapping Idea Book!



My new book is here! It’s a wrapping idea book made in collaboration with two other authors! Our book is in Japanese language but all 100 projects have step-by-step image tutorials so it’s easy to follow even if you don’t read Japanese.

We’ve shown examples of how to wrap food items, stationery, cosmetics, flowers, and so on. And the first chapter is all about various ways to tie ribbons and fold paper. Oh! And there is a shop list at the back for when you’re next in Tokyo!

You can buy the book through Amazon here.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, Sandwiches!


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Kyoto Accommodation Guide: Hotels, Hostels and Traditional Inns

Source: Japan Cheapo

Kyoto is the heart of traditional Japan, and when deciding on accommodation there, you’ll be torn between hostels, hotels and the tempting ryokan.
Kyoto deserves a few days of exploration and has very distinct areas to explore, each with their own unique feel and trend for accommodation. While Osaka might be the home of the capsule hotel, Kyoto is definitely the home of the ryokan, but they don’t come cheap. Depending on your budget though there are affordable options across the board, and hostels are always available for those don’t mind sharing a bathroom.
Note: Below we have used pp to indicate if a price of per person, and pr to indicate if it is per room.
Top tips when considering Kyoto accommodation options

A ryok

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