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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 2 Impression

Source: Spark Blog

On this episode, Shinichi decides on which name that he should call on his right hand parasite. Later, the duo decides whether they should save people from other parasites.

Sweet, this is quite similar to Tokyo Ghoul but it’s about mysterious parasites. Anyway, seeing Shinichi and the right hand parasite starting to bond is interesting. Also there’s some more nice action. Now what’s going to be next plot for the duo? Overall, interesting bonding and action.

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Exercise bikes use technology to better simulate your biking experience

There’s still nothing quite like the real thing, though!

Cycling isn’t just an activity; it’s an experience. Every time you take to the road or ride on a trail, you experience a new part of the world around you. Yes, even if it is just the cacophony of traffic in Tokyo. Of course, not everybody has the time or the drive to commit to a regular cyclist’s lifestyle. Thankfully, there is a good alternative for those who, for one reason or another, can’t really go out and burn through calories on the open road: exercise bikes.

The thing is, it seems that over the years exercise bikes have started to get not only more and more high-tech, but more and more unusual as well. One prime example would have to be the slot machine exercise bike. Yes, this is a real thing; or at least it was. Back in 2000, a company called Fitness Gaming Corp came up with the idea of encouraging casino patrons to exercise by hooking up a slot machine to an exercise bike. The exercise bike can only be pedaled if you use the slot machine, which is controlled using buttons on the handlebars. There’s …continue reading


LEGO Dioramas Featuring Japan

I like LEGO. I never played with it as a kid, but as an adult – yeah. My son, who is approaching nine seems to like it building things – but only new things, hence the hundreds of kits in our house – and the whole cityscape in his bedroom, but doesn’t get into rebuilding things.

Me… I like to try and create dioramas – scenes from my imagination, inspired or otherwise. I’m currently working on constructing a Doctor Who space tunnel that the tardis goes through when traveling through time and space. It’s slow going, as I need to figure out how to make it twist and turn (I know) and then shrink it to a singularity at the end.

But… every time I think I’m getting good at building with LEGO, I see the work others do and I feel like a nine-year-old who should better stick with just building kits.

It’s not just the skill, it is also the availability of bricks – in the color and shape I require… that costs money, and for whatever reason, that’s sorta tight.

Anyhow, here are some of the cool Japanese dioramas I saw recently that put my ‘skill’ to shame:

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Is the G20 the right place to resolve the Ukraine crisis?

Ukrainian servicemen patrol on an armoured personnel carrier on a road near Debaltseve in Donetsk region, 1 October 2014. The Ukrainian crisis — which has pitted Russia against other members of the G20, led by the United States — has cast an ominous shadow over the Brisbane summit in November 2014. (Photo: AAP).

Author: W. Pal Sidhu, Brookings

The Ukrainian crisis — which has pitted Russia against other members of the G20, led by the United States — has cast an ominous shadow over the Brisbane summit in November 2014. The unfolding tragedy in Ukraine has the potential in the short term to dent the ambitious G20 agenda and in the long term to wreck the group itself. How it is resolved will have significant implications for the G20 and other potential international disputes.

The Ukrainian crisis does not herald the beginning of a new Cold War but is instead a leftover from the unresolved conclusion of the original one. At its most basic, however, the crisis is about the clash of two contradictory trends. One is the desire of major and emerging powers to safeguard their interests in their own immediate and extended geographic neighbourhoods. The other is the post-Cold War international norm against unilateral use of force and redrawing borders through military action. Thus there is broad international consensus that Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, though perhaps justified in order to protect Russian interests in the region, violated the post-Cold War norm of settling territorial disputes without the use of force.

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