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UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN at Universal Studios Japan

©khara ©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/Attack on Titan Production Committee © CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Experience entertainment of an overwhelming scale and quality, featuring four popular brands from Japan that are renowned across the world.

A range of attractions based on four popular brands that can be seen all at once

Time limited for 108 days from January 23 (Friday) to May 10 (Sunday), 2015

Universal Studios Japan announces that it will hold UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN only in 2015 (as previously announced on July 31, 2014). This new event combines four major brands. In addition to Biohazard and Monster Hunter (as previously announced on September 18, 2014), the main attractions will also include Evangelion and Attack on Titan.

All four brands—including manga, anime, and video games—are fantastic types of entertainment made in Japan that are highly evaluated across the world. The Park will feature brand-new attractions that have never existed until now, leveraging the unique entertainment ideas and high-level reproduction skills of Universal Studios Japan. The worlds of each brand will be reproduced on an overwhelming scale to share Japan’s appeal with the world. In addition to the main attractions based on the brands announced today, a range of new UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN products will also be announced in the future.

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Answers to traveler’s questions on Japan on a budget

These are some answers to a traveler’s questions on

Japan on a budget

By Carole Goldsmith

Copyright Carole Ann Goldsmith © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Japan Rail Pass is useful when travelling long distance and can only be used on JR trains, buses and ferries.

Flying with Jetstar/ Peach is generally much cheaper from major city to city than going by Shinkansen or Bullet Train.

Suica Pass is suitable in major cities across Japan.

Kansai Pass suitable for Kansai travel

Driving is waste of time and can be difficult traveling long distance in Japan.

Use the Willer overnight buses if you want to go by road instead of air or Shinkansen

Kyoto – stay in Osaka at Osaka Chuo Oasis and use either Kansai Pass or Suica Pass to travel to Kyoto and surrounds.

Remember to go to Shiraishi Island – catch Kazaoka bus from OCAT Namba station in Osaka.

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How can Southeast Asia increase its preparedness for an Ebola outbreak?

Authors: Mishal Khan, Andrew Lover and Richard Coker, NUS

Southeast Asia is no stranger to epidemics and is a hotspot for emerging disease threats. There have been serious economic and health-sector impacts from zoonoses including Nipah virus infections, SARS and highly pathogenic avian influenza (commonly known as bird flu). While these events catalysed some change in infectious disease policies within the region, many countries’ interest has since waned. Many governments, faced with numerous other pressing health priorities, have classified the threat of other emergencies as remote.

But the recent emergence of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa has laid bare fragilities within international health responses on a global scale, even in countries — such as the US and Spain — where it was previously unthinkable that secondary transmission could occur within health facilities.

A new framework is necessary to assess the risk of an EVD outbreak occurring within a country if a case crosses its borders, and to act as a guide on how to increase country-level preparedness. The framework, which builds on a rapid assessment toolkit for communicable diseases, is designed to highlight that the effectiveness of a country’s response to an outbreak is dependent on a combination of broad (horizontal) …continue reading


Tips When Buying a Bra in Japan

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to bras. I like them in neutral colors and plain designs. No laces, frills and shocking colors. It’s for practical reason. I like wearing well-fitting and light-colored tops. If I wear a colorful bra, it will show through. If I wear a lacy bra, it will make creases on my top. I didn’t realize it’s not easy to find this kind of bra in Japan.

For starters, I didn’t know if I looked at the right place. I visited the Shimamura, Entetsu department store, AEON department store, Don Quijote and Uniqlo. They’re considerably big stores but their bras are too girly- all lace, foams and frills. They’re perfect for those wanting to look nice and cute for their men but that’s not my purpose. I just need a simple, plain, white bra! They have plain walking bras but the material is too light it won’t cover enough what it’s supposed to cover. I don’t know if Japan has a special underwear store or something but I didn’t find what I was looking for in the stores.

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TLT: Kit Kats


Regardless of where you live in the world, you’ve probably eaten a Kit Kat chocolate bar before, or have seen one, or at least have heard of them. However, you haven’t really eaten/seen/heard of a Kit Kat bar until you eat/see/hear about Japan’s!

My current stash of Kit Kats!

Since moving to Japan, I’ve seen dark chocolate, pumpkin, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry cheesecake, green tea, dragonfruit, citrus golden blend, cookies and cream (my favourite!), hot Japanese chili pepper… You name it, Japan has a flavoured Kit Kat for it! I’ve even heard of wasabi-flavoured ones!

Some of these Kit Kats are dyed to match their flavour, too, such as the sakura matcha (cherry blossom-green tea) Kit Kats that I bought at Narita Airport during last winter vacation. Despite their green colour, they were actually really good!

Green sakura matcha Kit Kats! Don’t let the colour fool you – they’re actually delicious! (Source)

And not only can the colours and flavours be unique, but so can the method of eating them. In fact, Kit Kat Japan has even made a bakeable Kit Kat.


The pudding-flavoured bakeable Kit Kats that I tried!

The pudding-flavoured… bakeable Kit Kats?!

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