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Love Conquers Demons

Rin runs, Blue Exorcist Chapter 120 image
Rin cries, Blue Exorcist Chapter 120 2nd image
Rin realizes the truth,Blue Exorist Chapter 3rd image

I sometimes forget that Blue Exorcist exists. But every time I catch up with the manga, I’m just in awe of how raw the series has become as Kazue Kato took a very extensive look into the circumstances behind Rin and Yukio Okumura’s birth and how it ties into a bigger conspiracy involving the True Cross Order.

After Yukio decides to defect sides to the Illuminati (to find his own answers to the conspiracy), Rin travels to the past as an outside to learn the harsh truth about his birth despite warnings from Mephisto Pheles about doing so. He discovers how his mom became a target of exorcists because of her love for Satan and that his birth has caused a number of exorcists to die. While he laments the deaths, he discovered how his mother, Yuri Egen, and his adoptive father, Shiro Fujimoto truly wanted him to live despite being the son of Satan. Rin also saw that Fujimoto was struggling to contain Satan’s wishes to control Rin when the events of Chapter 1 happened. Rin ends his journey to the past with a visit to Fujimoto and Fujimoto tells him that while it’s hard raising two kids by himself, seeing them be comfortable around each other was worth it.

Hence the following scenes pictured above happened. I think those of us who wish they’ve never been born don’t realize how there are people who do try hard to make sure we’ve alive and well. We’re all so caught up in our own heads to a fault. For me personally, I cried while reading because I dealt with self-hatred for a …continue reading


Kanji Cheat Sheet: Going to the Dentist in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
GaijinPot Health and Safety Study

Going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience on its own, let alone going to the dentist in a country where you only have an elementary grasp of the language?

I remember the time I urgently needed dental care. I’d gone on countless trips to the dentist as a kid, but this pain was unlike anything I’ve felt before. It started on the morning of my second month in Japan, and I recall frantically scouring the internet for the nearest dentist in my area. In the end, they had to do an extraction, and now I wear a removable tooth.

Photo: Ray Larabie

Unsurprisingly, most, if not all, the dentists I found only spoke Japanese. In Tokyo, clinics with English speaking services are expensive. At the time, I was more stressed about effectively making my dental appointment than the actual pain I felt in my tooth.

Going to the dentist isn’t fun, but we can make the process easier. In this kanji guide, you’ll brush up on the basics of visiting the dentist.

Finding a clinic

If the pain is too severe, and there aren’t any English speaking clinics available, I highly suggest looking up the nearest dental clinic in your neighborhood. Search up dental clinic 歯科クリニック(shikakurinikku) and add the name of your area. If you’re looking for something a little more specialized like an orthodontist, use 歯列矯正(shiretsu kyousei).

English Japanese Romaji
Dentist 歯医者 haisha
Dental clinic 歯科クリニック shikakurinikku
Orthodontist 歯列矯正 shiretsukyousei

Talking about symptoms

Once you’ve successfully found a clinic, you’ll need to describe the pain you’re feeling and where you’re feeling it. For your canine teeth, use 犬歯 (kenshi) or 切歯 (sesshi) for your incisors. Next, if you think you may …continue reading


AKi Exhibition in GINZA

AKi is a Japanese artist. He got golden award and the award of Japan-Spain intercommunion honorary artist for his work, “Mother Forest” released in Maritime Museum in Barcelona. He also published his work “History” in Japan-Grice 110 year amity exhibition and got Special Jury Prize. Some critics say his art can try the viewer’s sense, others also say it has superb color sense. This time is following the Ginza in February, we will be showing AKi’s new art works in Kyoto.

…continue reading


Derelict condo-hotel in Sendai to be demolished

An almost-abandoned condo/hotel in Sendai City will be demolished and potentially redeveloped after sitting empty for 20 years.

According to the owners association, over 80% of the 100+ unit owners voted in favor of redevelopment at a general meeting held last autumn. In Japan, at least 80% of apartment owners must vote in favor in order for a condominium to be redeveloped. To simply demolish and sell the land, a 100% vote must be obtained unless certain conditions are met.

The condo-hotel opened in 1977 with 109 rooms. The first three floors were managed by the hotel owner and operator, with floors 4 ~ 7 designed as condo units. They were marketed in the 1970s as being the first luxury condo-hotel in the Tohoku region. Many of the original buyers purchased units to lease out to students of the nearby university, or to be used as second homes.

The hotel operator filed for bankruptcy in 1999, closing the hotel. The hotel floors were later sold at a foreclosure auction in 2002. In the years following, no maintenance had been carried out on the building’s electrical or plumbing. Squatters began moving into some of the abandoned hotel rooms.

There was no owners association until 2018 when several unit owners got together to create one with the goal of demolishing the dilapidated and potentially dangerous structure.

In 2016 Sendai carried out a survey of the city’s 1,400 condos. Of those, 13 had never established an owners association, while 79 were not collecting enough money to carry out adequate building repairs or maintenance. Condominium development in the city began in the 1970s. There are now over 300 condos over 30 years old that will be in need of careful maintenance and management in the coming years. A 5-story, 46-year old condo in Aoba ward was found to have …continue reading


5 Ways To Survive The Rainy Season in Japan

Japanese rain doll

Here are Savvy’s five ways for surviving “tsuyu”.

1. Invest in a pair of rain boots

Little girl splashing in the rain.

Ah, the rainy season in Japan; hundreds of shoes lost in the daily deluge that sees the streets turn into the flood scene from every recent disaster movie, coupled with the constant scent of Eau de Damp Footwear. We’ve seen Birkenstocks, leather heels and even Crocs give up before we’ve managed to wade to the office. It’s time to invest in a decent pair of quality rain boots that will save you time and avoid the unnecessary loss of half of your shoe collection.

Most, if not all, Japanese shoe stores will start selling a range of water-resistant rubber boots from May with the cheapest starting around ¥3,000 all the way up to ¥75,000 (yikes!) for a branded pair like Hunters. It’s a good idea to shop around, and you might find a better deal online at Rakuten or Amazon.

These foldable rubber boots designed for the fashion-conscious rice farmer have been doing the internet rounds for a while. Ok, they’re not cheap but this is an investment, right?

2. Find the right hair and makeup products

Wearing make-up this June? Your face will—literally—begin to melt, transforming a slick of eyeliner into a cosplay of Beetlejuice. Hair, too, likes to frizz in the manner of an electrocuted poodle. Never mind though, as this actually helps to avert people’s eyes from the unavoidable sweat patches that will form in places you didn’t even think they could.

Luckily, Japanese drugstores, as …continue reading