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We’re on for another Feminist Friday at The Lobster Dance


I’m hosting Feminist Friday again this week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel. We’ll be discussing using shame as a tactic to advertise toward women in vintage ads in comparison to the newer (but still problematic) method of attempting to use feminist narratives to market consumer goods to women.

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The Feminist Friday discussion went so well last week, Leah’s decided to give it another go at The Lobster Dance. Do stop in tomorrow and check out Leah’s post, especially if you enjoyed last week’s discussion or are interested in the implications of marketing for gender inequality.

Three quick notes:

  1. I haven’t been around at any of my usual hangouts this week because I’ve been busy busy offline and because I’ve been working on a couple of posts for a guest blogging gig. You might want to keep your eye on Comparative Geeks for the next few days 😉
  2. Apologies for not having a Wordless Wednesday this week. What happened was, I was loading a ton of photoblogs to several places in a short amount of time last weekend, and I accidentally loaded Sourcerer’s at Part Time Monster. That’s why Diana had two Wordless …continue reading

We Just Hadda Whip a U-ey on This One !

Source: Mike
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100% Beef Burger

That’s what caught my eye as Doc was driving back up the eastern side of the island.
We had been out enjoying the sun and shooting cameras, before the typhoon hits.
Not to worry, we only expect a bit of wind with lots of rain.
Luckily, a red light, stopped us just as we passed the place.
The artist who made that hamburger sign, knew what he or, she, was doing.
We were both hungry and the only way to reach the place was a U-turn into a parking lot.
So, that’s what we did.
For those who haven’t mastered English slang as well as me:
U-ey means, a U-turn and hadda, means, had to.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, class dismissed.
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Yomiuri: TV shows to get foreign-language subtitles by 2020 for “foreign visitors” to Tokyo Olympics. Nice, but how about for NJ residents now?


KM: Hi Debito! Here’s another indication that the government cares more about short-term visitors than about the foreigners who actually live here:

Yomiuri: The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry will develop a system to show Japanese TV programs with subtitles in foreign languages, including English and Chinese, to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for foreign visitors, according to sources. In response to the increasing number of visitors from overseas, the envisaged system will be launched by 2020, the year in which the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held, the sources said. Behind the ministry’s decision were requests from foreign visitors for more foreign-language subtitles for domestic TV programs. The envisaged system will be offered for news programs related to visitors’ safety and security during their stay, as well as variety shows.

KM: I have a few thoughts about this:

1) It probably would be nice to have more programing with English subtitles (and subtitles in other languages) but I’m a bit surprised that such a huge adjustment to daily programing in Japan would be made on behalf of those visiting short-term for the olympics. Of course, it would be open to anyone but the article …continue reading


Ready For McDonald’s Shinjo Tofu Nuggets?

In the wake of a still warm under the heat lamp chicken scandal, McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd. is introducing a new nugget snack featuring the other white meat (no – not pork, though that would be better), known as Tofu Shinjo Nuggets.

We’ll have to chalk this up to mere coincidence, because there is NO way McDonald‘s anywhere is launching a new product with only a week to prepare.

However… did McDonald’s Japan push up the entry of the tofu nugget?

Nawwww… read on. By the way… along with the facts, I’m going to have a bit of fun here, you know… make a Happy Meal out of it.

These new Tofu Shinjo Nuggets made mainly from tofu (which is made from soy beans, of course) and vegetables have been released less than a week after it came to light that McDonald’s Japan was halting all its chicken products imported from China.

There was a scandal at chicken-nugget supplier Shanghai Husi Food Co. of China—a story that was first revealed via Chinese media reports earlier this month—that Shanghai Husi was using expired meat in its products.

Apparently, the company knowingly mixed out-of-date meat with fresh product, re-labeled the expired …continue reading