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Apartments in Tokyo continue to shrink in size

Struggling to find a large apartment to buy in Tokyo? There’s a good reason for that.

Brand new apartments over 100 sqm in size supplied across greater Tokyo in 2019 accounted for just 1.9% of total supply. This is a slight improvement from the 1.3% share in 2018.

For the existing apartment market, the share was higher at 3.9%, although that ratio has not changed over the past three years and remains at a relatively low historical level.

Just under 40% of all new apartments were in the 70 sqm (753 sq.ft) range, while just 9.1% were sized between 80 ~ 100 sqm. The biggest shift is in the 30 ~ 50 sqm (323 ~ 538 sq.ft) sector where the total share has increased by 3.1 points to 10% in 2019.

Apartments over 100 sqm (1,076 sq.ft) in size are considered a luxury in Japan and usually come with premium price tags. The majority of family-oriented apartments in Japan are typically around the 70 sqm range. In Tokyo’s Minato Ward, for example, the current average asking price of an apartment over 100 sqm is 2,200,000 Yen/sqm (approx. 1,875 USD/sq.ft). This is about 43% more than the average for apartments under 100 sqm in the same district.

A possible reason for the shrinking supply of larger apartments on the resale market may be due to the typical buyer profile. These apartments may be suited more towards owner-occupiers rather than investors, and, due to their higher pricing, may be purchased by wealthier buyers who tend to hold onto them for a longer timeframe.

Wealthy residential districts such as Minato and Chiyoda wards in central Tokyo have a higher ratio of large apartments due to demand. …continue reading


Pan no Fes 2020 spring (Yokohama Bread Festival)

Festival for bread lovers by bread lovers,
Spring Festival 2020 will be held!

First held in the spring of 2016, as the largest bread event in Japan
Over 900,000 customers have visited so far, and this is a very popular bread festival every time.

In March 2020, “Bread Festival 2020 Spring” will be held.
I can hardly go to the port town Yokohama from a popular shop in Kanagawa this time
Bakery of the whole country gathers up to distant famous shop!
It is an event where you can enjoy bread as much as you want.

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Try Famous Canadian Noodles at Yokohama’s Ramen Museum

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

A ramen shop in Toronto, Canada received international acclaim back in fall 2018 when it was invited to open up shop in the world-famous Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum. Ryus Noodle Bar is only the second non-Japan-based restaurant to stand among the museum’s gold-star line-up of eateries.
Ryu’s secret ingredient
What does it take for a restaurant to hold such a coveted spot among ramen royalty? We visited owner Chef Ryuichiro Takahashi, who hails from Chiba Prefecture, at his Toronto flagship shop to find out.
Chef Ryuichiro Takahashi, owner of Ryus Noodle Bar
The answer, like any good dish, is not overly complicated. Ryu’s global success lies in a passion for good cooking, high-quality ingredients, a welcoming a

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Landabout: A New Hotel & Cafe in Uguisudani, Tokyo

Uguisudani is a neighborhood in Tokyo located slightly North of Ueno Park. Although it doesn’t have many famous tourist attractions to it’s name, the area is known as a center of the arts and academia, thanks to its proximity to art schools and the Tokyo National Museum. Last month in January, a new hotel called […]

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(Podcast) An ALT and Corporal Punishment, a Cautionary Tale

This week “Christopher” dropped in to talk about his experience of being accused of Corporal Punishment as an ALT in Japan. Lots to be learned from this week for teachers in any capacity. Enjoooy.

(I wrote an article touching on this topic a long time ago.

Read it here -> Friendly, not Friends)

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