Aug 21
Mazda plans to become effectively debt-free during the year ending March 2017, by tapping increased cash inflows from its core business to repay liabilities. (Nikkei)
Aug 06
All seven of Japan's big automakers posted higher net profits for the April-June quarter, overcoming the initial blow from a Japanese sales tax hike and a loss of thrust from a weak yen. (Nikkei)
Aug 05
Increasingly stringent environmental regulations in major markets are spurring automakers to develop a new generation of green cars. Toyota Motor, which led the way in popularizing hybrids, is now positioning itself as the company that will bring hydrogen-fueled, zero-carbon-emission vehicles into the mainstream. (Nikkei)
Jul 30
Toyota remained the top-selling automaker for a second year in a row, beating U.S. rival General Motors by some 270,000 vehicles in 2013, and set an ambitious target to sell more than 10 million vehicles this year. (
Jul 29
Mazda Motor will dissolve its tie-up in passenger-vehicle production with Ford Motor, taking over the U.S. carmaker's assembly lines at their sole jointly run facility, located in Thailand. (Nikkei)
Jul 21
Japan will offer at least 2 million yen in subsidies for fuel-cell vehicles, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said according to media, as the government and Japanese carmakers including Toyota Motor Corp join forces to speed up the introduction the vehicles. (Japan Today)
Jul 20
Rocket science long dismissed as too impractical and expensive for everyday cars is getting a push into the mainstream by Toyota, the world's top-selling automaker. (AP)
Jul 18
Mazda Motor Corp. began manufacturing the next-generation Mazda2 subcompact in Japan today and unveiled the first pictures of the production model. (
Jul 16
JX Nippon Oil & Energy plans to set up 100 Japanese hydrogen stations by fiscal 2018 in an effort to develop the infrastructure needed for the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. (Nikkei)
Jul 11
Automaker Honda said on Thursday it was recalling about 175,000 vehicles in Japan due to on-board software problems that resulted in 11 minor accidents. (
Jul 05
Thailand will continue to play a major role for Japanese automakers as a manufacturing and export base. (The Nation)
Jul 02
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced on July 1 the Japan-market release of the TRICITY, the first in a series of vehicles that offer users new values through Yamaha's "Leaning Multi Wheel (L.M.W.)" mechanism. (
Jun 25
Toyota officials want to take the lead in the market for eco-friendly vehicles. They plan to start selling fuel-cell cars at about 70-thousand dollars each by next March. (NHK)
Jun 24
Nissan Motor Co. said Tuesday that Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn earned 995 million yen (about $9.8 million) in the 2013 business year ended in March, up from 988 million yen the previous year, making it almost certain he will remain the highest-paid executive among listed companies in Japan. (Kyodo)
Jun 24
Japanese car makers will recall more than 800,000 vehicles after finding defects in their air bags. (NHK)
Jun 21
Nissan Motor Co. said it will expand the number of sales outlets designed for female customers who are increasingly calling the shots in auto purchases. (Asahi)
Jun 11
Japanese airbag maker Takata Corp's safety crisis deepened on Wednesday after the world's biggest carmaker Toyota Motor Corp recalled 650,000 more vehicles in Japan, and the supplier cautioned further fixes may be needed. (Reuters)
Jun 11
You're unlikely to ever see one in the U.S., but for decades Japan's domestic market minicars have provided drivers with efficiency, practicality, ease of parking, style, and even fun behind the wheel. Today, the kei car has never been more popular. So why do Japanese automakers want to wean buyers off of them? (
Jun 11
Nissan Motor Co. will launch its first commercial electric vehicle in Japan in October. (The Japan News)
Jun 06
Daihatsu Motor Co.'s Tanto minivehicle was the best-selling car in the nation for the second consecutive month in May, industry data showed Thursday. (The Japan News)
Jun 05
Although the technology has been talked about for quite some time now, the concept of using oxygen and hydrogen to power an automobile seems poised to finally hit the market. (
May 31
There is always something a little grotesque when traditionally animated characters are brought into the real world. For example, something about seeing Mickey walk around Disney World just doesn't look quite right, and Nintendo is proving the rule with its latest cross promotion involving Mario and the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. (
May 27
Nissan Motor unveiled on Monday a new model of Skyline -- its flagship luxury sports sedan -- equipped with a fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz engine made by Germany's Daimler. (NHK)
May 24
Toyota is recalling 430,500 vehicles for three separate safety problems. (
May 23
Toyota Motor Corp.'s North American chief said California's plan for more than 50 hydrogen fuel stations within two years is making executives feel "bullish" about the outlook for its Camry-sized fuel cell car due in 2015. (Japan Times)
May 21
Mazda announced release of an exclusive limited edition of their Roadster series (known as MX-5 Miata in North America) to celebrate the car's 25th anniversary. (
May 21
As quietly as one of its electric cars, Tesla Motors Inc. has become the biggest auto industry employer in California. (Japan Times)
May 14
The fiscal year ending March 2015 is looking less rosy for Japanese automakers, who are unlikely to benefit any further from the weakened yen because of fierce overseas competition, experts say. (Japan Times)
May 09
Toyota Motor Corp. said Thursday its group operating profit for fiscal 2013 surged 73.5 percent from the previous year to a record 2.29 trillion yen, driven by the yen's slide and robust sales in Japan and North America, but the automaker expects a lackluster performance for the current fiscal year partly due to negative impact from the sales tax hike in Japan. (Kyodo)
May 09
Carbon fiber, a material that is one-quarter the weight of iron but 10 times as strong, currently has limited applications in part because of its hefty price tag. Toray Industries hopes to change that by creating various prototypes and proposing new usage. (Nikkei)
Apr 29
Toyota unveiled Monday an overhaul of its far-flung US operations into a single, new headquarters in Texas, with California set to lose the most jobs. (The West)
Apr 24
The Toyota Motor Corp. group has become the world's first to achieve annual global automobile sales of over 10 million units. (The Japan News)
Apr 21
Japanese automakers plan to highlight improvements in environmental technologies and designs to help boost sales in China as the Beijing motor show opened Sunday. (The Japan News)
Apr 18
Toyota Motor Corp. showed off a reworked Camry that sports deeper-stamped body panels and a modified cabin as the world's largest automaker works to keep its benchmark sedan the U.S. market's best-selling car. (The Japan News)
Apr 10
Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it is recalling a total of 6.39 million vehicles involving 27 model types globally due to a wide range of problems related to seats and electrical systems. (Kyodo)
Apr 05
Toyota Motor's Aqua compact hybrid car is the best selling vehicle in Japan for the second straight year. (NHK)
Mar 20
The U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday that Toyota Motor Corp. <7203> has agreed to pay 1.2 billion dollars in financial penalty over the unintended sudden acceleration problem that led to massive recalls by the leading Japanese automaker in the United States in 2009-2010. (Jiji Press)
Mar 01
Mazda Motor Corp. chairman Takashi Yamanouchi opened the company's new small-car assembly plant in Mexico Friday, calling it the company's "most important global strategic base." (
Feb 23
Mexico is on track to become the United States' No. 1 source of imported cars by the end of next year, overtaking Japan and Canada in a manufacturing boom that's turning the auto industry into a bigger source of dollars than money sent home by migrants. (Washington Post)
Feb 22
Porsche Japan K.K. decided Friday to ask owners of the new Porsche 911 GT3 sports car in Japan not to drive their cars until the causes of recent fires involving the model in Europe are discovered. (Jiji Press)