Jan 11
Details emerged Wednesday about significant debts faced by a kimono rental firm that went bust just before Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies, leaving scores of women celebrating adulthood without their formal attire. (Japan Times)
Jan 11
Japan's industry ministry decided Wednesday to increase the maximum penalty on companies that violate the law on Japanese Industrial Standards from one million yen to 100 million yen. (Jiji)
Jan 10
Toyota Motor says it is developing a self-driving electric vehicle to shuttle people between venues at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. (NHK)
Jan 09
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to start a subsidy program this year to accelerate the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles at condominiums in the capital, informed sources say. (Japan Times)
Jan 08
Tatsuro Toyoda, the former Toyota Motor Corp president who led the company's climb to become one of the world's top automakers, has died. He was 88. (Japan Today)

Jan 05
An 405 kg (892 pound) bluefin tuna has sold for ¥36.5 million ($320,000) in what may really be Tsukiji market's final year-opening auction at its current site in downtown Tokyo, media reports said Friday. (Japan Times)
Jan 05
The Kumamoto Prefectural Government said Thursday it will allow foreign businesses to make and sell products featuring Kumamon, the official black bear mascot of the southwestern Japan prefecture. (Japan Times)
Jan 04
Japan's Financial Services Agency is planning to allow regional banks to close their branches on weekdays as part of its measures to support struggling banks. (NHK)
Jan 03
Major department stores were inundated with bargain-hunting shoppers on their first business day of the year Tuesday. (Japan Today)
Jan 02
The MRJ's delivery date has been postponed five times, most recently in January 2017 for design modifications that involve shifting some equipment and wiring. But a fresh design is within reach, and Mitsubishi Aircraft has resumed production of fittings for the plane, President Hisakazu Mizutani told The Nikkei in a recent interview. (Nikkei)