Mar 07
The Former Chairman of Nissan Motor is free on bail. After spending over 100 days in custody, Carlos Ghosn posted nearly nine million dollars and walked out of a Tokyo detention center. (NHK)
Mar 05
The new defense team for former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn say they want to clear their client of charges and win back the trust of Japanese society. (NHK)
Mar 02
Three areas in Japan have announced that they will bid to host newly legalized casino resorts, after a law was passed to make this possible. (
Mar 01
Starbucks opened a sprawling, high-end roastery cafe in Tokyo on Thursday. (NHK)
Feb 28
Japan's labor shortage looks anything but convenient for operators of 7-Eleven and other 24-hour outlets. The union of convenience-store owners has asked 7-Eleven Japan to allow them to open for shorter hours. Many operators say they can't find the staff to keep their stores running around-the-clock. (NHK)

Feb 27
Japan's industry minister Hiroshige Seko has urged the country's antitrust watchdog to investigate whether Amazon Japan's new loyalty program will force vendors to shoulder a heavy financial burden. (NHK)
Feb 27
Two leading Japanese firms plan to launch an on-demand ride-sharing service. Toyota and Softbank see a promising market in the growing number of people who think of cars as something to use, but not to own. (NHK)
Feb 21
Carlos Ghosn's new lawyer took aim at Nissan, prosecutors and courts on Wednesday, dismissing the charges against the ousted chairman as an internal company matter and saying Japan was out of step with international norms by keeping his client in jail. (Japan Today)
Feb 20
Honda Motor says it plans to shut down its manufacturing plant in Swindon, southwest England, in 2021. (NHK)
Feb 20
Japan's government says it's building a computer database of registered private lodgings. It aims to stop people renting out properties illegally in the rush to cash in on the growing number of tourists visiting Japan. (NHK)