Jul 18
Japan's Mitsubishi Aircraft has debuted its long-delayed passenger jet at an airshow in Britain. (NHK)
Jul 14
A government panel gave the green light Friday for public broadcaster NHK to start simultaneous online streaming of its television programs amid surging popularity of streaming video services. (Japan Today)
Jul 13
Japan's Fair Trade Commission has accused the Japanese unit of global tech-giant Apple of possibly violating the anti-monopoly law by forcing major mobile service providers to give discounts on their iPhones. (NHK)
Jul 11
Yahoo Japan Corp. is blunting the impact of a large stock sale by a big shareholder, buying back about ¥221 billion ($2 billion) worth of its shares in a complicated deal with SoftBank Group Corp. (Japan Times)
Jul 10
SoftBank Group has filed for the listing of its mobile service unit SoftBank Corp., in an apparent bid to raise about 2.5 trillion yen ($22.6 billion) from the stock debut. (Nikkei)

Jul 10
In the busiest city in a country famous for working employees to death, Tokyo Workers hopes to help people find the work/life balance they desire. (
Jul 10
Nissan Motor is facing its second inspection scandal since the fall after it said Monday that emissions data had been tampered with for several years, delivering another blow to the automaker's brand even as it tries to shake off the first. (Nikkei)
Jul 06
An agency whose clients include the popular Japanese dancing and singing group EXILE has been found to have failed to declare about 300 million yen ($2.7 million) in income for the four years through March 2017, a source close to the matter said Thursday. (Kyodo)
Jul 02
Ryohin Keikaku Co., the operator of Japan’s Muji brand household goods stores, opened a second hotel under the brand in downtown Beijing on Saturday in a join venture with a unit of Odakyu Electric Railway Co. (Japan Times)
Jun 30
An affiliate of Japanese electronics giant Hitachi Ltd. admitted Friday it had falsified data for 60,000 industrial batteries, the latest in a series of similar scandals that has battered the country’s reputation for quality. (Japan Times)