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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 9 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Teletha infiltrates a hospitcal as undercover amnesia patient. Meanwhile, Sousuke rests for recovery.

It was kinda funny to see Teletha pretend to have amnesia just to do some infiltration to encounter some of her enemies. Also, they finally revealed on what’s going on with Kaname herself. Other than that, I’m glad to see Sousuke recovering and he’ll be facing a plot twist. Now what’s going to happen to Sousuke next? I can’t wait to see more action from our male lead. Overall, interesting hospital infiltration plot and some mech fighting action.

Conclusion: Interesting hospital infiltration plot and some mech fighting action. …continue reading


Ikigai: Find Your Passion and Purpose the Japanese Way


What is ikigai (生き甲斐)?

Pronounced ick-ee-guy, ikigai roughly translates to ‘reason for being’, and is essentially your true passion and calling in life—what gets you up every morning. This age-old ideology offers the answer to the one question that has been on our lips since the beginning time.

What is my purpose in life?

The fundamental truth of ikigai is that nothing exists in a vacuum—everything is connected—and having a strong sense of ikigai is living a perfectly balanced lifestyle.

It’s a little easier to understand if you look at the diagram below.

Basically, your ikigai is a mix of:

  • Your passion
  • Your purpose
  • Your satisfaction
  • Your fulfilment
  • Your calling
  • Your true self
  • Your values
  • What’s good for society

Where all of the above perfectly align, there you find your ikigai, and with it, fulfilment, longevity and the true definition of happiness!

Get lost to find your ikigai


“What if I haven’t found my ikigai yet?”

Fear not, it’s ok—you are definitely not alone. We all know that one person who was born knowing what they were destined to do. However, in reality, ikigai is something most of us need to diligently work towards—often over a lifetime.

The question of ‘how’ to find your ikigai can be a little daunting. So to get inspired, how about starting with ‘where’

And where else, but where it all began?

Whether you’re already on your way to centring your ikigai or you still have no idea where to start, Japan is filled with endless passions for you to pursue. Here are three examples:


If cooking is your passion, then follow your nose to Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku Island. It is renowned for producing the country’s best tasting thick wheat noodles with over 800 noodle shops to choose from. You can even take part in udon-making classes from …continue reading


Hiraethia on Kickstarter

Source: Supaku Blog

Recently, Hiraethia got relaunched on Kickstarter. The game will be a free to play mobile puzzle RPG and is about a group of heroes saving the world from a disease. Currently, the developers has reached $858 our of their $10,000 goal with 44 days left remaining. Also, the closed beta registration is on the official website. For more details and some cool game perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here’s a trailer.


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Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari Episode 11 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Haru’s party goes on a quest to slay a corrupted village’s spiral. Later, the Wiseman party departs instead and gets captured.

Aww, I wanted the previous episode’s plot to continue. But, then again, this plot is just as interesting. It was cool to see one of the familiar antagonists making an appearance again. Also, Miu surprisingly takes a big role to rescue Wiseman. Other than that, Haru finally got lucky with something from calling. Now how will this big plot end? I’ll be looking forward to its finale continuation. Overall, interesting corrupted village plot and some twists.

Conclusion: Interesting corrupted village plot and some twists …continue reading