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Japanese Food Reimagined as Stationery

Japan’s love for all things stationery can’t be denied. And their reputation as a nation of foodies also holds true. So it was only a matter of time before the two collided. Tokyo-based design and planning firm Geo Design came up with a series of stationery products inspired by Japanese food and food accessories. Their […]

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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 11 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Sakuta receives a mysterious letter. Later, Kaede attempts to make herself better.

Whoa, this interaction development between Sakuta and Mai is just too awesome and especially on how the even handled the press/media outlets’ curiosities toward their relationship. Also, it was nice to finally see Kaede start to get her own plot case for Sakuta to solve (and Mai might get heavily involved). Other than that, I wonder if that girl who sent the letter to out male lead will appear later on. Now what will happen next to Kaede? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, cool plot introduction for Kaede and some more nice character development.

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60-Year Old Illustrations of Kobe Contrasted with Contemporary Photos

In the 1950s, woodblock print artist Hide Kawanishi produced a series of color illustrations that depicted the changing city of Kobe after WWII. In 1962 he published the artwork in a book titled One Hundred Scenes of Kobe (神戸百景色). It would become the artist’s last major accomplishment before passing away in 1965. Some 60 years […]

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V/A: Life is Music


Cassette, Touch Records, 2018

Kicking off with Fukuoka alt-rock band tepPohseen’s sprawling, ten-minute Joukei (which accounts for a third of the whole cassette’s running time), this seven-song cassette compilation of ‘90s-influenced lo-fi alternative bands from around Japan is a piece out of time with a music scene increasingly characterised by hyperactive bedroom beatmakers, slick-sounding, commercially-ambitious “city pop” and quirky so-called alt-idols. Getting past the rather generic title, Life is Music features all new recordings, but is still a collection proudly of its time. And that time is about ten years ago, with bands like Nagoya’s Sonic Youth-esque Free City Noise, Tokyo-based instrumental noise-rock band Fukuro, and the more sweetly melodic Tokyo’s Joshua Comeback. It’s not strictly a genre collection, with Kobe/Osaka’s Merry Ghosts (the band formerly known as Trespass) calling back to the late-‘70s/early-80s postpunk era and Osaka’s Shoki no And Young (presumably an early lineup of stalwart local crazy horses …And Young) winding a coil of ’90s guitar distortion around a core of ’70s rock. At the same time, though, it’s a compilation that, despite being released in 2018 was, forged in the Japanese music scene of the early 2000s, when the band scene was defined in large part by the mainstream success of acts like Number Girl and Shiina Ringo back when she was still interesting. This compilation doesn’t offer much in the way of a path forward for Japanese underground rock, but it’s nonetheless a welcome reminder that those days were a period that produced a lot of the most interesting underground rock bands still playing today (and a lot more now sadly vanished).

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The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- on Steam

Source: Supaku Blog

Recently, The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- got on Steam. The game is a first person dungeon RPG about a hero on a quest to fight demons and seal portals. Current special 25% off release price is $11.24 or ¥1274.48 until December 13. For more details, check out the store page.


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