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17 Live App Impression

Source: Spark Blog

Recently, I’ve been seeing 17 Live app commercials in Japanese media. Here’s one of them.

So I finally decided to check out the app and it’s surprisingly not bad. The streaming app is mainly Asian-focused, but their system is definitely way better than other streaming app services like Twitter’s Periscope. I even watched a random fairly popular Japanese celebrity named Anna Inthesea streaming a live show.

Also, the app has an interesting leveling up feature, virtual presents, community events, trivia games, poking and more. Here’s a small demonstration I recorded.

Other than that, the app is nice and I might actually stream myself through it. So in conclusion, an interesting streaming app.

Conclusion: An interesting streaming app.

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Happy Anime New Year! (Top Anime I Watched This Year)

Hey everyone! It’s the end of the year, which means out with 2017 and in with 2018. Of course, this means a new year filled with new things, which also includes new anime! I usually do a New Year’s Resolution-focused post, but I thought I’d switch things up this time around. Instead, I’d like to share a very short post that showcases the anime I watched in 2017; the one’s I enjoyed the most.

As a disclaimer, the following anime weren’t necessarily ones that aired this year, but were ones I decided to watch this year. I’m posting them here, because I want to recommend them to you all!

Owari no Seraph & Owari no Seraph: Battle in Nagoya

What I liked: Nice action sequences, good characters and development. First season started off with a bang, and the second followed through quite well. Emotional moments were present throughout the entire season.

What could be better: Plot-twists came out of nowhere and didn’t really make sense, poor use of characters outside of the main cast, convoluted story.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Image result

What I liked: Great characters, and a lot of funny moments. The premise of story being around manga creation was also a nice touch!

What could be better: More content would be wonderful as the story still didn’t feel complete towards the end.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

Image result for netoge no yome

What I liked: Interesting characters like the rest, relatable story and content. I liked the fact that it delved into MMO gaming and viewed the gamers in a positive light. A harem-anime done pretty well.

What could be better: Again, more content would benefit this anime.

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The Manga Price Is Right, But For How Long?

Manga section in a bookstore

Once again, the piracy debate rears its head. Physical sales of manga volumes in Japan have fallen in 2017. For the past 2 decades, manga magazine sales have fallen. Japanese manga publishers are trying to figure out what’s the cause of all the lost sales. And of course, one of the main culprits is always pirates who scan all the manga for internet users to see for free. One manga creator says the pirates aren’t to blame, while a prominent manga creator suggests that piracy will destroy the Japanese manga industry.

For once, maybe I’ll take the side of finding that one sweet price point for manga fans to enjoy whatever they can because everyone’s perception of what’s worth their time and money is so different for everyone.

While this current piracy discussion is going on in Japan, I want to discuss the Western side of things because what’s happening in Japan can trickle overseas.

Manga outside of Japan is generally considered to be somewhat of a collector’s product, which means it will likely cost as much as a take-out lunch in a mid-tier restaurant. For most fans (usually teens and young adults), this is a turn-off. Hence the eternal war between piracy and manga publishers.

To be fair, I think the pricing of manga is fine. The manga published outside of Japan is made with high-quality stock paper and binding to make it worth something to collect. In Japan, manga is made with cheap paper. It’s supposed to be disposable anyway. The fact that unsold manga in Japanese bookstores can be used as toilet paper shows how “valuable” the medium is in its home country. I sure as hell don’t want an inferior-looking book in my hands when I buy it. …continue reading


Fountain Hero Web Novel - Chapter 7 & 8 Release + Changes

Source: Spark Blog

Fountain Hero Web Novel Chapter 5 & 6 is released. Also, I have decided to make some changes.

Since most stories usually have the main character wielding a sword, Exo will be using a sling instead – just to have some uniqueness. In other words, he’ll be a somewhat underdog Spell Slinger class (sling and spell caster) instead of a Spell Blade (sword and spell caster) class. Here’s a picture of a sling. It was mainly used by shepherds during the ancient times.

(Source: Warfare History Network)

Also, I’ll continue doing edits and adding more details for the previous chapters over time. They’re technically in rough draft state.

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10 Japanese Dramas To Binge On Netflix

Undoubtedly, the best way to watch TV is in unhealthily long bursts that ruin sleeping patterns and swallow up whole weekends. If you’re into J-Dramas, all the better: Japanese Netflix has an excellent selection of subtitled series to choose from.

Yet, for those of us who love Japanese dramas but are not fluent in Japanese, Netflix can be a tricky place to navigate. A curious number of J-dramas on the site don’t have English subtitles, despite their titles and bios being in English. So, to help you in your Japanese TV consuming quest, here is a list of fantastic, English-subbed Japanese dramas to binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Sit back, relax, and push play! (And vote for your favorite!)

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