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Dolls' Frontline Halloween Carnival Event and EN Event

Source: Supaku Blog

Dolls’ Frontline JP will be starting the Halloween Carnival gacha event on October 27. Also, they will launch the Shotgun T-Dolls on October 19. Here are some previews.


— ドールズフロントライン公式 (@GirlsFrontline) October 15, 2018



— ドールズフロントライン公式 (@GirlsFrontline) October 16, 2018


※こちらはスキンガチャで入手可能となります。 #ドルフロ

— ドールズフロントライン公式 (@GirlsFrontline) October 16, 2018


— ドールズフロントライン公式 (@GirlsFrontline) October 16, 2018

As for the EN server, they have announced their coming Halloween event. But, there’s no costume previews as of yet.

Dear Commanders,
You are now looking at our first roadmap which contains the major updates we should receive until early November.

— Girls’ Frontline-EN Official (@GirlsFrontlineE) October 16, 2018

For Dolls’ Frontline JP, I almost got worried that they might skip a Halloween event because of their bridal event. I’ll be really looking forward to it. …continue reading


Taku Hibino’s 2343 Restaurant Wants to Change the Way Architects Work in Japan

The field of architecture, especially in Japan, is notorious for long hours. It’s expected – obvious, almost – to work till late at night. “It was the same with us,” says Taku Hibino, lead architect of Hibino Sekkei. “Most of our staff would work until 12 midnight.” The times are changing though, and companies and […]

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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 3 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Rimuru defends the goblin village from the Direwolves. Later, the goblin village gets developed along with the wolves.

I was a bit surprised that the action was really short and awesome at the same time. Also, it was nice to see the village and wolves get improved because of our male lead. Other than that, I can’t wait to see Rimuru’s encounter with another race. Now what will happen next? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, awesome short action and cool village development.

Conclusion: Awesome short action and cool village development. …continue reading


Hyped For Black Ops 4 PC

Source: Supaku Blog

So I got really hyped and started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC for a while since day 1 launch. I decided to try Black Ops 4 because Battlefield V is going to be really terrible and I don’t want to support any of EA’s games since their greedy pay to win Battlefront 2/FIFA situations.

Although. the last time I played a Call of Duty game was Black Ops 1 on the original Nintendo Wii (plus, the Nintendo DS versions).

Anyway, so far, I’m surprisingly loving Black Ops 4. The PC version is just plain awesome and runs buttery smooth on my GTX 1070 gaming laptop.

As for the main multiplayer mode, they’re very different compared Black Ops 1. It actually requires tactical teamwork and has cool specialists to master. I’m used to something like that since I’ve been playing those type of shooters.

To point out some multiplayer modes, Control mode shockingly reminds me of Insurgency as a faster paced version. It has the lives limit and both teams have to either permanently capture or defend points. On Heist, it’s basically just a very fast paced version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Other than that, I’ll probably post my full impressions once I play much longer (didn’t fully try Blackout yet). Judging by the current content I’ve seen, I hope Treyarch will support this game for 3+ years similarly to Rainbow Six Siege – especially it’s on …continue reading


Princess Jellyfish - Getting Together in Good Fashion


Growing up as children, we’re led to believe that we can all get along with one another. Adults tell us to be kind towards others. As we get to adolescence, we start to separate into certain groups as we try to find ourselves. That period sets a tone in how we live the rest of our lives. We start to try to find a place/community where we belong. At the same time, inter-group conflict becomes an issue since outside sources can threaten the livelihood of communities important to us.

I’ve been reading Akiko Higashimura’s Princess Jellyfish and the relationship dynamic between its 2 main characters, Tsukimi Kurashita and Kuranosuke Koibuchi, have me ponder about and given me hope on whether 2 vastly different groups can create something magical together.

The premise behind Princess Jellyfish centers around Tsukimi’s life as a NEET (not educated, employed, or in training) otaku girl. She spends her time living with a group of female otaku just like her known as Amars at a place called Amamizukan in Tokyo. Amars follows a philosophy of sticking to your interests and not involving themselves with most of society in general, especially those who are stylish. Tsukimi enjoys her slow life until a chance encounter with a stylish lady takes her on a newfound journey of change. While noticing that a jellyfish at Tsukimi’s local fish store was about to die and Tsukimi being unable to warn a store employee due to social anxiety, the stylish lady helps her and brings the jellyfish to Amamizukan. The lady ends up staying over at Amamizukan for the night. Tsukimi then discovers that the lady is a man named Kuranosuke who likes to crossdress. The two become entangled in a wacky story involving fashion, romance, politics, and what it means …continue reading