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Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori Episode 15 Impression

Source: Spark Blog

On this episode, Yoshio and his teammates took on a task to escort a prisoner. Meanwhile, Kensuke refuses to be in contact with Yoshio and attempts to live his own life.

Yoshio is just surprisingly becoming a way better character than Kensuke compared to the beginning where it was the opposite. I hope Kensuke can get his act together real soon before the final episode. Other than that, the current case for Yoshio is getting pretty interesting because of how he’s getting smarter to react on certain situations. Now can Yoshio do something about the prisoner and the mysterious people coming after the prisoner? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, interesting prisoner escort case.

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Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 40 Impression

Source: Spark Blog

On this episode, the Twelve Guardians and Twin Stars fight the final battle against the giant Kegare threatening the town. Meanwhile, the Twin Stars develop a stronger bond together.

Whoa, this plot finale was so intense and action packed. Also it’s quite nice to see how Twin Star’s got more romantic in the middle of the battle. Other than that, I wonder how will our main duo be able to defeat Kuranashi since he accomplished more of his big schemes? Overall, intense monster plot conclusion and some nice romantic moments.

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Embracing Values Beyond Genre

Shojo Manga picture

Source: Tina Yamashina on Twitter

As everyone knows, shonen manga is the most popular genre of all manga with seinen coming in 2nd place. There was some discussion about why the shojo and josei genres haven’t become as big as the former with audiences in Japan (and worldwide). A 1-volume manga series called Shojo Manga seems to have quite the answer on why that’s the case, with the panels above.

As translated from RocketNews24,

“Man: “If…if shojo manga really were interesting, wouldn’t more men be reading them?”

Woman: “You’ve got it all wrong. It’s not that men don’t read them because they’re not interesting.”

“Women read shonen manga and seinen manga. Men don’t read josei manga, but not because they aren’t interesting.”

“Men have no problems with women pursuing them while they, the men, hold onto their own values. But they absolutely can’t stand getting closer to a women’s values.”

That last paragraph is intriguing to say the least. As a man, I do feel that there is some truth to this. I love it when women like the same things I like. I welcome them no matter what. Yet I know that the male psyche can get a little insecure if it feels that women pose a threat. Women also do the same to each other.

Here’s the thing – when I’m around other guys who feel inadequate about their own selves as men or take strong pride in being macho, I have felt threatened because I was afraid of the teasing that would happened. When I am by myself, I feel relieved and find female fandom interesting to talk to. I don’t enjoy the pressure of masculinity at times where I think it hurts more than it helps.

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A Fight Packed With Meaning

Deku vs Kacchan in MHA.

With the usage of technology to talk to each other being common, one warning of frequent use is that it causes users to not pick up social cues in face-to-face interactions. This complaint is targeted towards teenagers who have grown up with all kinds of messaging services. A recent story in My Hero Academia brings up times where the IRL (in real life) component is still a big part of living the life you want.

After the events of the Hero License Exam Arc, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is celebrating his hard-earned Hero License until his rival, Katsuki Bakugo, confronts him about his Quirk. Bakugo tries to confirm what all MHA fans already know – Deku got his power from the series’ heralded hero, All Might. He then demands Deku to fight him in order to see why All Might would choose a weakling with no powers in the 1st place to be his successor. Both expressed their thoughts and insecurities about each other as their fists began to inflict emotional pain. All Might stops the fight in the end and tells the two that they need each other more than they would like to admit.

A central point about this chapter in the Deku/Bakugo rivalry is Deku thinking about how he and Bakugo never had a proper conversation about their feelings, etc. They grew up together. They fought each other, They trained together. Yet there was still a void separating their hearts.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the public find it hard to have conversations with their loved ones about their feelings. They fear harsh feedback and regret over expressing them. One of the biggest reasons for being quiet about them is vulnerability. As children, we’re taught to put on a suit of armor to protect ourselves and …continue reading