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Enen no Shouboutai Episode 7 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Company 8 and 5 starts their Infernal investigation collaboration. Later, they sent their rookies for training and secretly investigate Company 1.

I laughed so hard when Hibana started catering to Shinra while Arthur is serving her in the background. Also, the new plot development is very interesting and along with some new characters being introduced. Other than that, I really can’t wait to see how will the rookies train and investigate during their stay in Company 1. Overall, cool new plot development for the next company.

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Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba Episode 8 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Latina meets Dale’s furry relative and other relatives during their trip. Meanwhile, Latina reveals her concealed emotions to Dale.

So seeing a furry guy who is related to Dale is totally unexpected for me. It seems the beast race and human race can breed after all. Also, it was cute to see Latina make a new fury relative friend, and even got her true emotions revealed. Other than that, Dale’s other main village relatives are pretty cool and laid back. Now what’s going to happen next? I’ll be definitely looking forward to it as usual. Overall, cute relative meetings and some emotional development.

Conclusion: Cute relative meetings and some emotional development. …continue reading


With Mental Illness Comes Great Responsibility

I know for many of us that have mental illness or mental health issues, we often do things that irk the people around us. We sometimes get a free pass for actions that cause trouble because mistakes do happen and our brains are acting in ways that hurt us. A big problem, however, is when we start to develop some kind of superiority complex due to mental illness.

A huge and horrifying report on Anime News Network came out regarding the Vancouver-based anime convention, Anime Revolution, and their stance on letting two men with histories of sexual harassment at conventions come to their con earlier this month. One of them in question (who I will not name) was noted to be a man with mental illness who was banned from AniRevo and for some reason, he was allowed back in this year.

What caught my eye about this situation was this man has autism spectrum disorder. He claims that the disorder has been a big cause in how he interacts with the many young women who have found him to be a frightening individual. He is prone to aggressive behavior when he doesn’t get what he wants (which is usually sexual relations). The man also has a history of interacting with the law and served time in jail as well.

I’m very concerned about this person’s psyche as it seems apparent that he has let his mental illness/disorder completely define him as a person. It’s not fair to anyone else living with similar conditions who are trying to get by with little-to-no trouble. It makes life harder for the mentally ill to get taken a lot more seriously.

To be fair, I’m well-aware of how mental illness makes those with it unaware or afraid of certain social cues that seem like they …continue reading


Muse Dash Level Designer is Coming Soon

Source: Supaku Blog

An action platformer rhythm game called Muse Dash has recently hinted their upcoming Level Designer along with their new Be cute! Be “Cute Is Everyting Vol.3” update. Could they become direct rivals with another music rhythm game called osu? Here’s a video tweet of the new update.


 Λ_Λ 「Early / Late表示」機能追加
(  ·ω·) 「かわいいは正義 Vol.3」追加
( つ  ≡つ=つ ステージ制作者公開
/ __  ) 一部楽曲難易度表示調整
( / U 一部不具合修正&追加w#MUSEDASH

— Muse Dash (@MuseDashtheGame) August 21, 2019

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