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Girls' Frontline Springfield Nendoroid is Coming

Source: Supaku Blog

Recently, Good Smile Company announced the upcoming Springfield/スプリングフィールド T-Doll Nendoroid. It will be manufactured specifically by their Good Smile Arts Shanghai branch. Also, an exclusive printed circular base will be included for pre-ordering in the Good Smile online store and an exclusive A1 clear file will be included for pre-ordering in other participating Japan stores. Release date is on September 19. For more details, check out the official Nendoroid page.


【ねんどろいど スプリングフィールド】#ドルフロ #goodsmile グッスマオンラインショップにて3月13日(水)21時までにご予約いただくと、特典として「特製丸台座」をプレゼント♪

— カホタン@グッスマのすみっこ (@gsc_kahotan) February 15, 2019

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Girly Air Force Episode 6 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Kei eats lunch with Gripen. Later, the team goes on a bombard mission against an enemy base.

It’s sweet to see Kei and Gripen continue their bonding as partners. But, I’m finding Phantom to be really annoyingly selfish even though she explained why her thinking is like that. Other than that, the action was decent. Now how will Kei counter Phantom’s stubbornness? I really can’t wait to find out. Overall, decent bombard mission and some character development.

Conclusion: Decent bombard mission and some character development. …continue reading


Irotoridori no Sekai Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Source: Supaku Blog

Irotoridori no Sekai is on Kickstarter for Western localization. The game is a visual novel about a magician meeting a girl falling from the sky. Currently, the developers has reached $35,592 out of their $85,000 goal with 21 days left remaining. For more details and some very cool visual novel perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here’s a trailer.

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