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Post Anime NYC – On Women and Their Impact on My Life

Anime NYC 2017 crowd

2017 is a year I will always remember with regards to anime conventions. The Bay
Area finally received an anime convention in Crunchyroll Expo, that
looks to spearhead the next generation of anime fans. And finally
after 7 long years, New York has a new place to call home for many
anime fans in the form of Anime NYC. After going through 3 days of
non-stop walking, talking, & hanging out, I had a blast being
around friends (old and new). But it was also one of the most
emotionally exhaustive experiences in my life. It brings me back 6
years ago when a certain someone came into my life and how my
blogging life suddenly became quite a journey that went beyond

Around late summer 2011, I tweeted at a
random Twitter user who loved Tiger & Bunny. She happened to be a
Japanese woman who lived in New York. We actually chatted online for
a bit. One day, we decided to meet up in person. A date was scheduled
and it was after her trip to Comiket, as she liked to draw doujinshi.
Before the meetup, she said she would get me Gintama merchandise from
Japan for me. I said “Sure.” We met for lunch at Kinokuniya
NYC and we hit it off right away. The two of us fangirled/fanboyed
over anime/manga series that had huge homoerotic undertones. I even
introduced her to a few of my friends. All of this was really
unexpected and I felt lucky. We then started to NYCC together and
grew closer as the years went on. We always texted each other every
day. I never thought I would have a close friend/companion that
listened to me a lot during that time.

big old post I made about the power of fujoshi back in 2012
. That
was largely inspired by her.

Around 2015, things changed slowly. I
think I was starting to have …continue reading


Net-juu no Susume Episode 7 Impression

Source: Spark Blog

On this episode, Yuuta gets confused with feelings once he found out Hayashi’s identity. Later, Homare joins in the MMORPG.

The romantic development is getting so much better. It’s nice that Yuuta found out about Hayashi’s identity while Moriko doesn’t know about his yet. Also, seeing Homare getting more involved between the main duo is just funny. Other than that, I’m even looking forward for more on their love development. Now what’s going to be the next following plot? Overall, awesome romantic development and more hilarious in-game scenes.

Conclusion: Awesome romantic development and more hilarious in-game scenes. …continue reading


What Can We Strive For?

A Silent Voice movie screencap

If you consider yourself to be an outcast and want people to acknowledge you, what would you choose – would you choose sympathy or would you choose respect?

I saw the movie adaptation of A Silent Voice (spoiler alert: it’s amazing) and a lot of commentary has been made about the quality of the work and its themes given that most slice-of-life anime movies tend to be cheerful. Although I read the manga years ago, it hurt a bit watching all of it because I know how Shoko Nishimiya has felt.

The director of the adaptation, Naoko Yamada, has been interviewed throughout the release of the movie and recently won the 2017 Excellence Award (Animation) at the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival. There was 1 question and answer in an interview on Cartoon Brew where she talks about Shoko’s desire to be treated as normal. Here it is, because it’s something that I hope provides some thinking on how the discarded can conduct themselves.

“Q: It is surprising that the film never treats hearing impairment of Shoko as a special thing. Rather, it’s treated in the same matter-of-fact manner as the suffering of Shoya and other characters. All of the characters suffer equally no matter what kind of problems they have. It’s like saying Shoko is lonely not because she is deaf, but because she is a human. This approach is risky, and there was a big debate about the topic after the release in Japan. However, it seems that the approach was a conscious choice, with the understanding of this risk. Can you discuss the reason for choosing this path to depict the disability?

Naoko Yamada: I did not want to have a biased view. In the case of this work, people discussed the hearing disorder …continue reading


Fountain Hero Web Novel - Chapter 5 & 6 Release

Source: Spark Blog

Fountain Hero Web Novel Chapter 5 & 6 is released. Also, there’s an extra Chapter 5.5 – based on a different character’s point of view.

Special thanks to my professor, Prologue and Chapter 1 got better update fixes. I think they’re final now (unless getting published somehow). As for the other chapters, they’ll receive more fixes later on.

Read: …continue reading


Your Personality with a Little Anime

Anime Myers Briggs

In many ways we are connected to anime; through our thoughts and our feelings. Since anime is a creation of the mind, it is natural for us to share traits with the characters. We may have common birthdays, similar zodiac signs, and ideals. Perhaps we even share personalities.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Psychology and personality types. The most fascinating aspect to me is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; a type of test to examine the way you think. It’s primary goal is to assist in development and create psychological understanding.

At first, this test might be off-putting. Being summed up by a couple of letters may feel weird, and some may find it hard to believe. The key aspect of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is not to categorize and box people-in, but to reveal how the mind works and most importantly how you think.

This is done by the use of a four letter system. Each letter is ranked similarly to an RPG character creator, with scales of mental and emotional characteristics. The first consists of E and I which are extroversion and introversion. The second letter combo is S and N, standing for sensing and intuition. Following are T and F; thinking and feeling. The type finishes with P and J, Perceiving and Judging.

Source for this wonderful chart

After figuring out your preference, you’ll end up with set of four letters such as INTJ. This is your personality type. The system is not completely black and white, each aspect is in percentages. You can be a little bit of an extrovert or a huge extrovert; you’re definitely not limited to a binary category.

So how does this tie into anime you may ask? Well, …continue reading