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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Episode 17 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Naberius investigates the barriers and the culprit’s motives. Meanwhile, Amelie assists on controlling the situation and Iruma runs to Ami.

So it was interesting to see Naberius investigate the barriers and eventually slowly discover the culprit’s motives. Also, it was adorable to see more of Amelie’s adorable reactions during the barrier problem. Other than that, I hope Iruma can somehow stop Ami from destroying everything. Now what’s going to happen next? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, interesting investigations and some more funny moments. …continue reading


Darwin's Game Episode 4 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Kaname and Rein continues fighting the Florist. Later, Kaname learns more about using his Sigil.

The action continuation for fighting the Florist is just awesome and intense. It was quite interesting to see Rein reveal more of her tactics and abilities. Also, seeing our male lead learn and develop his Sigil is really cool (and even seems to be similar to Fate series Archer EMIYA’s abilities). Other than that, I wonder if Kaname and Shuka is ever going to meet up during the event. Now what’s going to be the next plot? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, awesome Florist fight continuation and some interesting abilities revealed. …continue reading


Somali to Mori no Kamisama Episode 3 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Golem visits a restaurant to feed Somali and get a waiter job. Later, Somali develops her friendship with Kikila.

Oh man, I’m loving Somali’s adorable reactions more and more. But, I find it a bit unfortunate that she still doesn’t fully listen to Golem and causes more problems for him. Anyway, the restaurant visit is great and especially how Golem works as a waiter. Also, seeing Somali playing with Kikila and develop her very first friendship is cute. Other than that, the near ending seems to be terrible for our main heroine. Now what’s going to happen next? I hope Golem can do something. Overall, nice restaurant visit and adorable moments for Somali. …continue reading


Infinite Dendrogram Episode 3 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Nagisa reveals footage of player killers being killed to Ray and his friends. Later, Ray plans to travel to another city with a party.

It was quite funny to see Nagisa have a “appear out of nowhere” introduction and reveal paid footage information to Ray’s group. Also, the player killing action is pretty good. Other than that, I liked how Rook isn’t fully aware of his pimp class and its connection with Babylon. Now what’s going to be the next plot? I’ll be definitely looking forward to it. Overall, cool player killing action and some enjoyable hilarious moments. …continue reading


Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Pre-Order on Book Walker

Source: Supaku Blog

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina / 魔女の旅々 Volume 1 English version is currently on Book Walker Global. The light novel series is about a witch named Elaina who goes on a journey and meets other witches. Campaign will include an exclusive illustration. Price is $8.27 or ¥860 and will end on February 3. For more details, check out the campaign page.

Book Walker: …continue reading