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Girls' Frontline Fireworks Festival Event

Source: Supaku Blog

Girls’ Frontline EN will be having the Kitsune Mask boss hunting event after August 21 maintenance.

— Girls’ Frontline-EN Official (@GirlsFrontlineE) August 20, 2018

Although, Girls’ Frontline JP/Dolls’ Frontline already has the on-going event. Each boss hunt objective can only be completed once per day – earning 12 Kitsune Masks per objective.

Also, support squads does not count toward boss hunt objectives. Basically, it has to be your own squad to defeat the bosses.

Here are the following boss hunt objectives. The EN server could follow these.

【Normal】 Chapter 1-6 Operation Uproot

【Normal】 Chapter 2-6 Termination

【Normal】 Chapter 3-6 No Hunting

【Emergency】 1-4 Advance Training IV

【Emergency】 2-4 Field Samples IV

【Emergency】 3-4 Data Retrieval IV

【第一戦役】-【通常】-【1-6 除草作戦】

【第二戦役】-【通常】-【2-6 作戦終了】

【第三戦役】-【通常】-【3-6 狩猟禁止】

【第一戦役】-【緊急】-【1-4 上級訓練Ⅳ】

【第二戦役】-【緊急】-【2-4 戦地サンプルⅣ】

【第三戦役】-【緊急】-【3-4 データ回収Ⅳ】

As for the Kitsune Mask redeemable prizes, they include the exclusive yukata Kalina costume, furniture items, pet, Five-seven T-Doll, gacha tokens and more.

However, the Five-seven T-Doll may not be included in the prize pool in the EN server since they already had the Five-seven points collection event.

So I’m already working up in the event for obtaining Five-seven (again) with my main level 40+ team. It seems to be much easier than EN server’s Five-seven points collection event.


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Jashin-chan Dropkick Episode 7 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Poporon wants to get her revenge against Jashin-chan. Later, Jashin-chan insults Medusa and then gets a demon reward.

I’m quite happy to see Jashin-chan do a counter against Poporon since she’s more villainous. Also, it was funny that Jashin-chan got a reward for her encounter with that angel. Other than that, seeing Medusa getting some more respect from Jashin-chan was nice. Now what’s going to be the next plots? I can’t wait to find out as usual. Overall, funny revenge attack and more character relationship development.

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Girls' Frontline KR Enemies and Heavy Support Trailer

Source: Supaku Blog

A few days ago, Girls’ Frontline KR released a trailer for new enemies and the heavy support squads. Also, the new content has been already implemented. Here’s the trailer.

I definitely can’t wait for this new content expansion to show up eventually in the EN and JP servers. The heavy support squads are so cool.

A popular Korean Girls’ Frontline YouTuber named PD Negev did a short demonstration for a heavy support squad.

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Hataraku Saibou Episode 7 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, the three immune cells continue to battle the cancer cells. Meanwhile, AE 3803 continues her peaceful deliveries and discovers a threat.

Oh wow, that main cancer cell definitely reminds me of Kaneki from the Tokyo Ghoul series. Also, the cancer cell fighting action was really good compared to the previous ones. Other than that, AE 3803 did something good when she discovered a hidden threat which is a surprise. Now what’s going to the next plot in the human body? I will be looking forward to it. Overall, awesome cancer cell fighting action and twists.

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