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Robot Tactics Pre-registration

Source: Supaku Blog

Robot Tactics is currently having a global pre-registration opening. The free to play mobile game is a strategy card RPG about girls in mechs. Pre-registrants will have exclusive rewards which are AP Potion (Small) *5, PP Potion*1, Parts & Parts Weapon Ticket*1, Crystal Ticket I*1 and Steel Ticket I*1. Game will launch on July 30. For more details, check out the pre-registration page. Here’s a trailer.


Android Pre-registeration: …continue reading


Girls' Frontline JP Name Change

Source: Supaku Blog

A few days ago, Girls’ Frontline JP changed their name to Dolls’ Frontline (ドールズフロントライン) due to trademark issues. The Girls’ Frontline owner transferred the rights to another company. Here’s their Twitter statement.

【日本版「少女前線」正式タイトル決定のお知らせ】#少女前線 #ドールズフロントライン #ドルフロ

— ドールズフロントライン公式 (@GirlsFrontline) July 17, 2018

It seems Dolls’ Frontline might be a temporary name because the staff doesn’t want to delay the Japan server launch any further. Also, 4Gamer did some deeper digging and found out it was a shell company who took the new ownership for the Girls’ Frontline trademark in Japan.

As for my thoughts, I think “Dolls’ Frontline” is a decent name. But, I’ll still call it “Girls’ Frontline” (少女前線) since I’ve been mainly on the EN server anyway. Hopefully, Mica Team can recover the name in the future. …continue reading


Lu Bu Maker on Steam

Source: Supaku Blog

A week ago, Lu Bu Maker 여포키우기 got on Steam. The game is a Korean visual novel simulator about the player taking the role of a reincarnated father who raises his daughter named Lu-Bu. Also, the setting is based on the Three Kingdoms. Price is $7.99 or ¥902.25. For more details, check out the store page. Here’s a gameplay video.

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Jashin-chan Dropkick Episode 2 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Jashin-chan complains about the heat. Later, Medusa visits again and explains her relationship with Jashin-chan.

Okay, the comedy plots are better than the first episode. It decently got me laughing because of certain references and fourth wall break. Also, I feel bad for Medusa when she revealed her details with Jashin-chan. Other than that, will Jashin-chan ever do something smart and kind? She’s somehow reminding me of the classical Western show called The Three Stooges. Now what’s going to be the next comedic plot? I can’t wait to find out and won’t drop this series. Overall, decent funny heat plot and some character development.

Conclusion: Decent funny heat plot and some character development. …continue reading