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Into The Hoop Adult Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Source: Spark Blog

Into The Hoop is on Kickstarter. The game is an adult dating visual novel about a high school basketball player. Currently, the developers has reached AU$ 2,005 out of their AU$ 8,000 with 25 days left remaining. For more details and some interesting perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here’s a trailer.

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The First Virtual YouTuber to Speak English

Source: Spark Blog

Ever since Kazuna AI appeared, more Virtual YouTubers appeared and became a trend. But, none of them can exactly speak English until recently.

A Virtual YouTuber named Siro is starting to speak actual English. Her full English is decently clear and it’s still the same person who spoke Japanese. Check out her English introductory video.

Technically, there’s another Virtual YouTuber who can speak English. Her name is Mirai Akari. In comparison to Siro, she currently speaks some clear English. Check out her VR Chat interview video on how she does some English interactions with people.

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Desecration of Wings on Steam

Source: Spark Blog

Recently, Desecration of Wings got on Steam. The game is an old school heavy story RPG with 10+ hours of gameplay. Current special 10% off release price is $13.49 or ¥1430.54 until March 23. A Japanese language version is not available yet. Check out the store page for details.


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Voice in Life Congratulations App Impression

Source: Spark Blog

Voice in Life Congratulations is an AI waifu/hunsbando app. It’s kinda similar to SELF’s AI waifu app, but has no alarm or schedule feature.

Although, unlike SELF’s waifu app, this app is more “free use friendly” and doesn’t depend on “monthly premium fees”. Instead, it depends on premium currency which you can buy with real money or earn. The currency can be used on the voice item gachas and any characters can also be switched freely as well. Here’s my small demonstration.

So I find the app to be pretty good quality and a better option than SELF’s AI waifu app. Also, the characters and their voices are great. Other than that, I’ll definitely keep using this waifu/hunsbando app. Overall, an awesome virtual waifu/hunsbando app.

Conclusion: An awesome virtual waifu/hunsbando app.

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