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5 Stylish (And Sometimes Flirty) Ways To Wear Uniqlo’s White Shirt

Uniqlo's Supima White Shirt, ¥2,990+tax

Mastering the office dress code is never easy, especially in a city like Tokyo where trends are always on the move. However, the business culture remains traditional, conservative, and sometimes very difficult to gauge. Still, there is an essential to your wardrobe when it comes to business attire: Uniqlo white shirts.

A while ago, we looked at some great ways to style Zara’s signature pencil skirt. This month, we take a look at one of these most common, yet somewhat difficult to “wear it right” wardrobe-essentials.

The “boyish but sophisticated” style is a trend always pushed by popular brands. Uniqlo is proposing the perfect shirts to fit any style in their Uniqlo’s white shirts collection. The worldwide renowned fashion brand offers you every kind of white shirt you need when it comes to business, from all-serious meetings to light lunches in town.

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As seen in the promo video above, the white shirt is a staple from Uniqlo’s year-round collection, providing various collections of boyish looks with a simple yet cool feminine twist, the perfect tools to rock the gender-bending shirt fashion.

Among them, you can find our favorites: the RAYON LONG-SLEEVE BLOUSE (¥1,990+tax) and the SUPIMA® COTTON STRETCH LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT (¥2,990+tax) series from their Shirts & Blouses collection.

Uniqlo’s Supima White Shirt, ¥2,990+tax

These easy-to-wear and oh-so-comfy shirts come in several styles and colors, among which we recommend the long-sleeved white ones because they look fabulous and can be worn even at the most conservative Japanese offices.

Here are five fun and stylish ways to wear them to work—and also on other occasions when you want to let loose but still want to be a boss …continue reading