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On the street outside the 2017 Summer Hyper Japan event, the key or popular
Japanese street style trends seemed to be that of Decora and Fairy Kei.
A noticeable or popular colour palette appeared to be in place, so we aimed
to capture and bring those observations to you fan.
Many of you will know or have noticed street style seems to have lost its
edge in Japan over the last 2 years. Things such as the uncertain economy
lack of budget, shops closing and going out of business faster than ever,
could well be factors, but the tried and tested faves like Decora, Fairy,
Dolly Kei and Lolita are still popular and especially with westerners.
Purple, blue hues, pinks and greens are popular the world over with teen
culture, so no surprise that we encountered lots of it over the weekend.
Two young girls dressed in Decora style and Fairy Kei.
Here’s a novel twist on the Decora trend.
Talking about trends popular in Japan and in the west, you can’t ignore
the growth in popularity all over of the shining star of the Goth world.
SteamPunk always seems to rise to the top, so it was no surprise that
we encountered it on the weekend.
Some of you might be familiar with Performance Artist Ann Pendigrast.
She always makes her own hats, bags and dresses. Usually leaning
towards the Lolita side of style, we found that this instance of spotting
the lovely Ann, she had embraced the charms of the SteamPunk genre.

Stuffed animals get designer makeover for Meriyasu Kataoka fashion show

meriyasu kataoka fashion show exhibition 5

You don’t often hear the words stuffed animal and artist together, but that’s what Meriyasu Kataoka is, a stuffed animal artist, and she has quite a following in Japan. Her following is so passionate, in fact, that Kataoka has already drawn hundreds of them to her fashion show and exhibition at Nidi Gallery in Shibuya, which is running from July 7th to July 20th.

meriyasu kataoka stuffed animal fashion show exhibit

You might be wondering: Fashion show? Yes, a fashion show. For stuffed animals? Yes, for stuffed animals. Working in collaboration with twelve clothing designers, Ms. Kataoka created coordinated outfits for both the human models and the range of stuffed bears, rabbits, cats and other animals. The designs they’ll be wearing include those of local fashion houses, such as dearie dada, desperate, hanabira, and Natsumi Zama.

The fashion show, which formed the opening of the exhibition on July 3rd, consisted of two acts. In the first, models walked the runway while showcasing Kataoka-made stuffed animals in matching designer outfits. The second act involved a puppet show performance.

meriyasu kataoka fashion show exhibition 5

meriyasu kataoka fashion show exhibition 5 (1)

meriyasu kataoka fashion show exhibition 4

Kataoka says her goal in all of this is to help folks remember the good ol’ days of their childhoods when they would play carefree with stuffed toys and dolls. Maybe she’ll spark something in you, and if she does pick up a souvenir on your way out. A selection of the handmade dolls will be made available for purchase at the gallery’s gift shop. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag one of the designer dolls that appeared in the show.

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Rainy Season Makeup Survival Tips

It’s hot and humid (on top of raining all the time), and all that work you do to your face before leaving home goes down the drain when the reflection in the mirror as soon as you reach the office resembles the Wicked Witch of the West more than yourself. Yes, the rainy season in Japan is not the perfect time of the year for makeup — but we may need it anyways.

So if you’re using makeup despite the weather outside, here are five effective ways to keep your face on point during Japan’s rainy season, as recommended by professional makeup artists, including myself.

1. Minimize your morning skincare routine

Since this is an extremely humid season, it’s recommended not to focus on your morning skincare routine as much as usual, because, well, you’ll most likely sweat anyways. Rather than packing on your morning routine, stick to your night routine instead, especially if you have oily skin.

In the morning, try using products that contain what your skin needs — for example, if your moisturizer isn’t SPF-based, replace it with one that is. Remember — the more you put on your face, the more your face will sweat. Stick to gel or light lotions that your face can absorb fast. If you need to use moisturizer, serum or a heavy lotion nevertheless, skip the moisturizer and serum because using all of them will weigh down your makeup and cause it to slide off.

2. Priming is essential

Not priming your face is the first step of witnessing your makeup melt epically. A primer doesn’t only smoothen your base, it also eases the makeup applying, and makes it stay on your face longer. Think of …continue reading


3 Reasons Why You Should Have Geta

Do you know Geta?

Before the Edo period (1603-1868), Japanese people wore traditional wooden clogs known as Geta or Zōri with their yukata or kimono. They are similar to the modern slippers we are familiar with today, except that their structure is slightly different and they are made from different materials.

Geta 下駄

Zōri 草履

Geta is considered informal and are worn with a yukata, a casual kimono made of thin breathable fabric. A Geta is usually made of three parts: The “Dai” which is the wooden platform where the feet rests; the “Hanao” or thong strap that holds it in place as the wearer moves about; and the “Ha” or teeth, which are two wooden bars underneath that support the base. Because of the extra height, they can to be worn even during rainy days or even the winter season without worrying about mud or snow.

For dressier occasions such as Japanese style weddings, the Zōri is the footwear of choice. They have a narrower, wedge-shaped heel that is usually covered with fabric, leather or vinyl. Brocade-covered cushion designs are also common. As formal wear, they are worn with white socks known as tabi. Elegant and expensive, Zōris can be bought with an equally stunning matching purse. Nowadays, a casual form of Zōri sandals made of rice straw have become common place. You might recognize this same material in the flooring of Japanese-style homes known as Tatami. These flat slippers are used for everyday such as with a pair of jeans and a shirt.

The Geta is steeped in Japanese tradition and has been part of the Japanese identity for centuries. One may …continue reading


Match Your Watch to Your Jeans with Denim G-Shock and Baby G Styles


Denim on denim is a hugely popular trend this season, and now even your watch can get in on the action. Casio has released a series of G-Shock and Baby G timepieces inspired by your favorite jeans. With shades ranging from baby blue to indigo, and with both digital and analog styles available, there’s one for every denim-loving girl and guy in your life.

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