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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II Episode 6 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Bell and his party investigates Mikoto’s recent suspicious behavior at the Pleasure District. Later, Bell accidentally gets lost and encounters the Ishtar Familia.

So it was very hilarious to see Bell get lost in the Pleasure District and even encounters the Ishtar Familia. Also, they revealed more of the next main plot and along a new Renard character named Sanjouno which is cool. Other than that, I wonder how will the Hestia Familia start their hostility against the Ishtar Familia? I’ll be looking forward to it. Overall, very hilarious lost plot and some main plot development.

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Fate/Grand Order Osakabehime Summer Has Girls' Frontline Vibe

Source: Supaku Blog

For some reason, the new summer version servant of Osakabehime has Girls’ Frontline vibe. Her shooting animation is fantastic and especially her Noble Phantasm. Here’s a gameplay footage of her uploaded by a JP player.

Also, I went out of my way on the gacha and got two copies of her. She’s so cute and awesome.

私は2つを得た~ 😍#FGO

— SparkNorkx (@SparkNorkx) August 16, 2019

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Art of the Bloom by Daikoku Design Institute

Symbiosis is the theme of Daigo Daikoku’s debut U.S. installation, which features real flowers, light, and augmented reality that blends the physical and digital worlds. Titled “Art of the Bloom,” the exhibition is currently on display at Edison Theater in Long Beach, California. Daigo Daikoku and his Daikoku Design Institute (previously) recently relocated their operations […]

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Cerulean Days on Kickstarter

Source: Supaku Blog

Cerulean Days is on Kickstarter. The game is a visual novel about an island that mysteriously got its internet closed down. Currently, the developers has reached SEK 31,000 out of their SEK 115,000 goal with 24 days left remaining. For more details and some digital perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here’s a trailer.

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Maou-sama, Retry! Episode 7 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, the demonic cult members and their summoned demons attack more places. Later, a demon prince appears and Kunai forces his Zero self to counter him.

It’s hilarious to see the demonic cult members and their demons still try to attack some places, but got defeated hard by other fighters. Also, I thought the demon prince was going to be another main antagonist, but surprisingly isn’t. Although, I did like how Zero easily fought that prince. Other than that, they introduced a new cute character during the fight. Now what’s going to be the next plot? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, more cool demon fighting action and some hilarious moments.

Conclusion: More cool demon fighting action and some hilarious moments. …continue reading