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Things You Need to Know About Geishas

There is a certain quaint and mysterious about the geishas of Japan. They are like the glistening moon in the heavens; they contain a flicker of enigma that is never really understood by all. Their mystifying presence invokes nostalgia from the traditional era of Japan.

There had been a lot of misconceptions about geishas, especially among non-Japanese folks. Geishas are highly skilled entertainers that usually appear during formal gatherings like dinners and other high-end events. Despite the rumors and the pop culture portrayal, gesihas are not women who offer their bodies in exchange for fee. These ladies have trained for years and perfected their art of entertaining an audience.

If you are interested in actually witnessing a geisha perform, look no further! Kyoto is the place to be! Kyoto is considered to be the center of Japan’s geisha world. Young ladies between the ages 15-20 are rigorously trained for 5 years to master the art of entertaining others. They live in a house called okiya.

During the period of training, a geisha is called a maiko. On the other hand, a geiko is the fully realized geisha. Geikos usually wear elaborately designed kimono. Also, their kimonos are long-sleeved and more vibrant. Plus, they wear extravagant hairpins. While maikos wear simpler kimonos and austere accessories.

Needless to say, a night with a geisha can be a quite expensive. And even if you have the monetary requirement, you cannot just request for a geisha to keep you entertained for the evening.

Before you can actually request for a geisha, you need to be referred first by an existing client. There are travel agencies in Tokyo that can help you with the referral.

When you have successfully requested a geisha, you will be treated to a night of entertainment and company. You can converse …continue reading


Japan Candy Box Impression and Giveaway

Source: Supaku Blog

Japan Candy Box is a Japanese candy subscription box service that delivers candy straight from Tokyo. Every month, they ship a box with a specific theme. This box theme’s is Japan Candy Box’s 4th Birthday celebration and also based on White Day.

For this promotional review, Japan Candy Box has sent me a review box and an exclusive giveaway for Supaku Blog’s readers. Here’s my box opening and candy tasting impressions.

Opening the box…




The box is cute and nice. Also, it includes a small illustrated guide that explains each candy.

Morinaga Disney Chocolate Cookies


The Morinaga Disney Chocolate Cookies are Disney themed cookies. After tasting, I find it’s not too sweet and has balance with chocolate filling for a cookie.

Kasugai Strawberry Ramune Candy


Kasugai Strawberry Ramune Candy pieces are shaped similar to Smarties. My first thought was it’s going to taste like Smarties. After tasting it, it almost tastes like the Smarties western candy, but melts faster and less sweet.

YBC Noir Black Chocoa Cookies


At first glance, the YBC Noir Black Chocoa Cookies exactly looks like Oreo Mini Cookies. After tasting it, it does taste like Oreo cookies, but less sweet.

Calbee Vegetable Chips


The Calbee Vegetable Chip seems to be like other vegetable chips. After tasting it, it was surprisingly less salty than what I usually eat.

Bourbon Petit Rice Crackers


Bourbon Petit Rice Crackers are rice crackers. After tasting it, this is probably one the better rice crackers I’ve tried compared to other Asian rice crackers …continue reading


Art on Tuesday: Canary and Peony

This beautiful ukiyo-e was made by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎) in 1834. It is showing a flying canary in between peonies. The rich blue background and the pastel flowers are showing an interesting effect.

Peonies are growing in Asia, Western North America and Southern Europe. They are called 恵比須草 (ebisugusa, paeonia lactiflora) in Japanese. The roots of peonies are used as traditional medicine in China. Therefore they are regarded as a traditional floral symbol of wealth and nobility, also for good luck. Canaries 金糸雀 (kanaria) are a symbol of freshness and healing energies.

…continue reading


Date A Live III Episode 10 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Shidou starts his new life on a different timeline. Later, he learns about the Spirit Hunter and Origami’s status.

First off, I’m glad to see Shidou doesn’t have to start all over again on developing relationships with his Spirits. Also, the timeline change is really interesting and along Origami’s change. Other than that, I wonder if our male lead will continue to stay with the new timeline or change back to the original. Now what’s going to be the next plot? I definitely can’t wait to find out. Overall, cool new timeline and some alterations introduced.

Conclusion: Cool new timeline and some alterations introduced. …continue reading


A Subtle Friendship Lesson from Gintama

Gintama Chapter 131 pg 25

If you ask Gintama fans on what arc was one of the most emotional to them, it was the Mitsuba Okita arc. It’s still one of my favorite Gintama stories ever as I even wrote about it years ago. That particular story started off happy, then got serious quickly, and ended on a somber yet touching moment. It also got a web live-action adaptation with the same actors from the Gintama live-action movie.

Mitsuba was a big focus, but another important character was her brother, the lovable sadist himself, Sogo Okita. There’s a few lines he says in the end before he and Gintoki Sakata decide to save Toshiro Hijikata from danger while leaving Mitsuba in the hospital before she died.

Here’s part of the context and the lines Sogo says at the end of this sequence.

Gintama Chapter 131 pg 26
Gintama Chapter 131 pg 27

“I’m a lucky man. Some people live their whole lives without ever making a real friend. I’ve already made three lousy friends in my life.”

This statement is pretty sad, but it rings true for many. Making friends sounds easy for certain types of people. We’ve all been jealous of people who seem to get along with everyone they encounter. However, I’ve been thinking about how many of those friendships are meaningful. I’ve met people who are sociable, but are lonely deep inside.

Before this scene, Sogo learns that Hijikata went after Mitsuba’s criminal soon-to-be husband on his own to protect him. He wants to help Hijikata as he doesn’t like owing anything to a guy he dislikes, but Kondo tells Sogo to stay by Mitsuba’s side. Sogo then harps at Kondo for seemingly preferring Hijikata over him. Kondo punches Sogo …continue reading