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Bofuri Episode 12 Final Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, the Maple Tree guild faces against Payne and his Order of the Holy Sword guild. Later, they wipe out the other guilds.

So the action finale is adorably fantastic. I actually liked how Maple seems to be “struggling”, but she then tricks Payne with her special abilities. Also, it was hilarious to see Maple’s demonic form slaughter the remaining guilds. Other than that, I enjoyed this series since it’s wholesome comedy and I’m very excited that season two got announced. Now what’s going to happen next for season two? I’ll be definitely looking forward to it. Overall, fantastic action finale and adorable hilarious moments. …continue reading


Boxes Stacked on the Side of a Cliff Form this Home in Hiroshima

When architect duo Mai and Kazuhiro Narita first came to view a plot of land for which they were being asked to construct a family residence, two things immediately became clear. First, the site, situated on the side of a cliff, offered stunning views of the city of Hiroshima. But second, no heavy equipment would […]

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Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 11 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, the school festival starts and the Mobile Fortress Destroyer appears. Later, the class begins their play.

Wow, I was a bit shocked to see Seiya and Ristarte make a short appearance. But, it’s a bit unfortunate that Seiya is overly cautious to interact with the school. Also, the play scenes against the Mobile Fortress Destroyer is quite cool. Other than that, I wonder if Seiya and Ristarte will randomly appear again during the finale. Now what’s going to happen next? I’ll be definitely looking forward to it. Overall, nice Seiya appearance and some cool play scenes. …continue reading


Nihilism & The Heart: Ulquiorra Cifer (BLEACH)


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I wanted to post this as this is one of my most-read articles ever from a time when BLEACH fandom was pretty high. I still like Ulquiorra and Daisuke Namikawa was perfect for his anime voice. Plus I was reading an article about nihilism and how there’s two types of nihilism – one active and one passive. I don’t blame anyone who feels nihilistic and I’ve realized that other people are often the reason why nihilism happens.

Plus next year, BLEACH fandom will finally get its anime swan song. I sometimes still think about BLEACH and how much it meant to me due to my love of urban fantasy. I will be checking out Burn the Witch once the serialization starts too.

What’s funny is that nostalgia can be a part of nihilism (i.e. thinking today is meaningless, compared to the glory days of the past). I think the silver lining is that knowledge of the past can help inspire people to do better. You have to bank on that possibility.

The amount of traffic I got for this post did help push the blog, so there you go. Anywho, enjoy this look back at one of my favorite character analyses ever!

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Uhnellys – Black Ship feat. DJ Oku

For the past couple of decades now, Uhnellys have been plotting a distinctive musical path between hip-hop, jazz and psychedelia, using a combination of drums and loop pedal layers. On this new single, they’re assisted by lively guest turntable scratcher DJ Oku (Funkcuts), but the band’s familiar interplay of laid-back grooves and 1970s cinematic menace is still at play at the heart of the track, as main vocalist Kim trips though an an acerbic narrative, appearing to take aim at everything oppressive and deadening about Japan’s social status quo. The band’s roots based on rhythm and loops means there’s something raw and stripped-down driving the track forward, but it still draws in a catchy, pop-tinted refrain and the odd wry aside throwing a splash of colour over the darkness.

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