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How Yayoi Kusama’s Outdoor Pumpkin is Protected During Hurricanes

If you’ve ever visited Japan’s magical art island of Naoshima you’ll most certainly have visited one of its most iconic pieces of art: Yayoi Kusama’s yellow pumpkin that sits at the tip of an abandoned pier. Although the waters of Japan’s Inland Sea are mostly calm, during the summer the pumpkin becomes susceptible to high […]

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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II Episode 6 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Bell and his party investigates Mikoto’s recent suspicious behavior at the Pleasure District. Later, Bell accidentally gets lost and encounters the Ishtar Familia.

So it was very hilarious to see Bell get lost in the Pleasure District and even encounters the Ishtar Familia. Also, they revealed more of the next main plot and along a new Renard character named Sanjouno which is cool. Other than that, I wonder how will the Hestia Familia start their hostility against the Ishtar Familia? I’ll be looking forward to it. Overall, very hilarious lost plot and some main plot development.

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About Tumblr Today

I’m going to take a break from talking about manga to a topic that probably will concern a good number of users on Tumblr.

If anyone hasn’t heard, Tumblr recently got bought by the creators of WordPress. After years of floundering under Verizon and Yahoo!, Tumblr is hoping to get back to what might be some much-needed stability.

I want to say that this is a good move since I remember the days everyone was talking about Tumblr. When I mean everyone, I mean old white adults in marketing who don’t understand Tumblr’s culture. Yahoo! tried to be hip again by buying Tumblr in 2013 for a lot of money ($1.1 billion) and it’s sad to see Tumblr slowly fall. Yahoo! never realized that Tumblr’s all about the freedom of internet culture. And you can’t make a good amount of money on internet culture via just a website.

But I worry about the one thing that’s been an unfortunate part of Tumblr’s short history – the ban on adult content it placed in 2018 to get advertisers on-board. I knew about the algorithm that was flagging suspicious posts that had “adult content.” And you know what happened?

One of my posts got flagged for adult content. It was a 2012 post about a creepy convention-goer and I put an anime picture of a girl punching a guy in the genital area. You can see the post here.

I can’t believe that I got flagged for no good reason. I did appeal and won it, but the point of Tumblr is that’s expression of everything (despite how terrible it can be). I get why advertising is important, but a lot of online ads are viewed by bots and companies are getting conned by marketers obsessed with metrics like page …continue reading


Fate/Grand Order Osakabehime Summer Has Girls' Frontline Vibe

Source: Supaku Blog

For some reason, the new summer version servant of Osakabehime has Girls’ Frontline vibe. Her shooting animation is fantastic and especially her Noble Phantasm. Here’s a gameplay footage of her uploaded by a JP player.

Also, I went out of my way on the gacha and got two copies of her. She’s so cute and awesome.

私は2つを得た~ 😍#FGO

— SparkNorkx (@SparkNorkx) August 16, 2019

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Art of the Bloom by Daikoku Design Institute

Symbiosis is the theme of Daigo Daikoku’s debut U.S. installation, which features real flowers, light, and augmented reality that blends the physical and digital worlds. Titled “Art of the Bloom,” the exhibition is currently on display at Edison Theater in Long Beach, California. Daigo Daikoku and his Daikoku Design Institute (previously) recently relocated their operations […]

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