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Wrapping Idea Book!



My new book is here! It’s a wrapping idea book made in collaboration with two other authors! Our book is in Japanese language but all 100 projects have step-by-step image tutorials so it’s easy to follow even if you don’t read Japanese.

We’ve shown examples of how to wrap food items, stationery, cosmetics, flowers, and so on. And the first chapter is all about various ways to tie ribbons and fold paper. Oh! And there is a shop list at the back for when you’re next in Tokyo!

You can buy the book through Amazon here.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, Sandwiches!


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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 10 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Sakuta continues to split his time between Mai and Nodoka. Later, he helps Nodoka with her feelings toward Mai.

Wow, this was a very nice heart warming plot for the sisters. It was awesome on how Sakuta handled Nodoka to get her own feelings resolved. Also, they revealed some details about the characters’ families and even Kaede’s improvement. But, unfortunately, the ending scene after the credits did somewhat ruined the heart warming ending. Now how will Sakuta deal with the next revealed plot? Overall, awesome heart warming plot ending and some interesting family details.

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A Concentric-Layered Shoji Screen Tea House in Kanazawa

Last month at an exhibition staged at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, artists installed a tea house handmade from geometric, concentric-layered shoji screens. Soji screens are traditional Japanese latticed wood and washi paper partitions. Anyone in Japan who has a cat or a baby knows how delicate they are. In creating […]

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Teaching Otaku Kids to Play Smart, Not Just Play Hard

Deku crying, My Hero Academia Episode 2

Last month, I wrote an article for the Japanese pop culture site, Yatta-Tachi!, on Kingdom Hearts and how one of its central characters, Riku, was a character worth looking at for his journey in-between light and darkness. It was a refresher look into what got me into Kingdom Hearts and why I still follow it (despite the story being hard to follow at times). I even went a bit in-depth on what I was going through when I was diagnosed with clinical depression.

I recently read a child development article talking about how cartoons and fiction don’t always translate well into success for a child.

Now I wonder – how can you make anime/manga work in ways that actually help someone in real life.

This article I found has researchers making an argument that pretend play (involving superheroes & fantasy elements) isn’t worth much when compared to actual real-life activities. They also criticize society for not giving adolescents anything useful to do that contributes to society. The researchers make a distinction between Western culture versus other cultures where children can do the dirty housework that their parents do (including wielding knives to cut things). All society does to adolescents is tell them to just go to school and if they do well in school, they win at life (which isn’t exactly the case). The researchers even go in-depth on cartoons and explain that children’s executive brain functions don’t work as well when watching cartoons when compared to watching real-life TV programming.

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A Nap-able Christmas Tree Emerges in Roppongi Hills

Does anyone else find Christmas absolutely exhausting? What should be a time for calming reflection somehow always manages to turn into hectic chaos. This year though, Roppongi Hills in Tokyo has installed a Christmas Tree that is my absolute dream-tree. Made entirely from soft and stretchy knitted fabric, it’s a nap-able Christmas Tree perfect for […]

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