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Growing with Denpa

Denpa logo

For all the talk about manga sales over the past few years, we haven’t really had a totally new manga publisher break into the scene. It’s mostly been Viz Media, Kodansha Comics, Vertical Comics, Yen Press, Seven Seas, Dark Horse and a few others.

In comes the return of former Vertical Marketing Director and one of the most-respected manga experts out there, Ed Chavez, and his new manga publishing company, Denpa, which was announced at a fun otaku social gathering during Otakon 2018.

If you’re wondering why Denpa is a thing and in my opinion, is necessary, it’s because there’s a bigger audience for manga than just teenagers and we need to go to that audience as interest in manga becomes more steady.

I feel like there’s way too much focus on youth-friendly titles. In a couple of interviews with Forbes & ICv2, Ed talks about how a lot of the licensed-to-English manga titles are a bit too similar. So many titles for boys are action. So many titles for girls are about romance. There’s too many harem-friendly, fantasy titles. You name it – there seems to be little differentiation. Here are two quotes I pulled from each interview related to what I’m talking about.

“After years of working in the industry, I came to the realization that the readership for manga has long felt that the manga that was being localized was generally very same-y. Most Shonen Jump titles have the same themes. Many shojo titles tend to follow familiar tropes. But manga isn’t like that.” (from ICv2)

“To be honest, this is more a question for the consumer than for us. For Denpa, our mission is to release some of the best works from within Japan’s comics scene. And that means creating a …continue reading


Hataraku Saibou Episode 10 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, AE3803 continues her usual deliveries and encounters a Monocyte. Later, the body gets invaded by antigen.

So it was pretty cool to finally see the monocytes get their own spotlight and how they work. Also, the intense action and twists is nice. Other than that, AE3803 is funny and cute as usual. Now what’s going to be the next plot for the human body? I can’t wait to find out. Overall, interesting monocytes spotlight and more cool action.

Conclusion: Interesting monocytes spotlight and more cool action. …continue reading


Playful Drawings of Cocktails with Fish by Kanta Yokoyama

The Japanese illustrator Kanta Yokoyama was born and raised in Kamakura, a lovely suburb outside Tokyo that’s situated between sea and mountains. It’s this environment, he says, that helped shape him as an artist. His illustrations are simple but whimsical, and he’s attributed his childhood of catching bugs and going fishing as the reason why […]

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Destiny Chronicles on Kickstarter

Source: Supaku Blog

Destiny Chronicles is on Kickstarter. The game is a character-driven action RPG about a girl on a journey to reclaim a stolen artifact. Currently, the developers has reached S$ 17,366 out of their S$ 61,080 goal with 27 days left remaining. For more details and some cool game perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here’s a trailer.


Official Website: …continue reading