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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Episode 7 Impression

Source: Supaku Blog

On this episode, Sousuke participates in an illegal mech battle. Later, he faces some tricky situations.

Wow, it was awesome to see Sousuke still pilot an old mech against a new mech. Also, the plot twists is great. Other than that, this episode was pretty much entirely action packed. Now will Sousuke be able to counter the next fight? I really can’t wait to find out. Overall, another cool action packed mech battle and some nice plot twists.

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Anime Rhapsody Bundle on Indiegala

Source: Supaku Blog

A short reminder that Indiegala is recently having an Anime Rhapsody Bundle sale. The bundle will include multiple visual novels in two tier prices. The two minimum tier prices are $1/¥100 and $4.99/¥544. Steam games are Wild Romance, Yandere School, What is Love? and more.

Also, the game that I got asked by MyDearest to review called School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE is included in the bundle. For more details, check out the bundle page. Here’s a trailer for School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE.

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Art In Unexpected Places: Tokyo Street Art Vol. 2

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

It’s been a while since our first Tokyo Street Art report in 2017, but with the amazing weather of late, there is no better time for our second field report on the city’s wall-art treasures. This time we explore one of Tokyo’s most famously groovy neighborhoods: Harajuku. When you think of Harajuku, you probably think of trendy fashion boutiques and multicolored “cosplayers” roaming the streets, but if you look closely, you’ll also find some pretty amazing art backdrops hidden in the corridors.
TokyoDex sent their very own (now-former) intern Paul Clark into the depths of this iconic neighborhood to get a first-hand look at some of the backstreet works of art created by both local and foreign artists. Many of the works listed i

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The Comments Worth Reading Are of the Manga Kind

Weekly Shonen Jump author comments, Issue 26, VIZ Edition

Ever since VIZ Media started publishing their own imprint of Weekly Shonen Jump in the United States, I started to notice how one particular section of the magazine began to get a bit more attention. It was the author comments found in every issue. In the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump, the table of contents had all the titles listed along with their respective author’s comments for the week and this has been going for a very long time.

Their comments can range from topics such as daily life talk to hobbies to wacky accomplishments. Over the past couple of years, I see more and more shots of the comments online as a new issue of Shonen Jump comes out. I wonder about what kind of relationship fans want to have with the creators of series that play a role in one’s mental health.

When I think about comments, I sometimes feel a lot of them are unnecessary. As we all know, some people say some outrageous things that go beyond civil discourse and shouldn’t be said. Hence a lot of advice is given to ignore online comments or shut them down. However, commenting on a topic is a social experience. A lot of people want to be heard. Mangaka, for the most part, have a job where they may be isolated at times. They also may not be the most sociable. Yet mangaka are humans like you and I. Hence why author comments are a thing is because they want their readers who are also human to listen to them.

At the same time, fans want to have some kind of relationship with the mangaka and in a way, these comments help. They help to created a shared reality where both the reader and the …continue reading