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This is colourfully dandy and dapper men’s tailor Dickie Vaughan.
This super cool and dapper dude in some seriously fine threads is called
A tailor and fitter at Walker and Slater, and is also an actor and model.
It is my duty to offer you vintage beauty
so that’s what I’m gong to do
Here’s some more.
Naturally, these two vintage beauties, and style maiden’s are from Japan.
We have the lovely Shion Oshikawa (L) and her friend Mick (R)
Look at this work. All done by her own hand. A vintage 1030s tailcoat
covered with individually sewn seashells
The lovely vintage fashion fan Sophia Wray, showing off her late 1920s style
Here is young fashion designer’s Herbert from Shanghai, China. (L)
He wears a jacket by Levi’s, top by Rick Owens, vintage motorcycle trousers
and Nike trainers.
His friend Zeng Yue (R) wearing pieces all from various vintage shops,
in her own style
This concludes our vintage fix and mage delights for now, but more will follow
All images featured in this blog belong to and are shot by
These images are copyrighted and belong to Pat Lyttle of JSTREETSTYLE.
You cannot use these images unless permission is given.

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Virtual YouTuber Saber?

Source: Supaku Blog

During April Fools, a fan animator collaborated with a Saber fan Twitter user (@Saber_Says) to create a virtual youtuber version of Saber / セイバー from the Fate series. The animation is smoothly cute and along with the British English voice acting. But, it’s unfortunately a April Fools prank and isn’t officially licensed. Although, the fake channel did grow 14,000+ subscribers. Here’s the introductory video.

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Shu Tsukiyama - A Gourmet’s Chase for a Taste of Real Friendship (Tokyo Ghoul)

Shu Tsukiyama art from Tokyo Ghoul:re

“Kaneki…would never forget about me. We shall spend time together again..!! Kaneki!! Let little Hinami, Banjo, and his underlings be there too!! We’ll make up for lost time!!”

One of the most important things to get through life is close friendships. Yet we sometimes forget how fragile they can be when life hits you with a big whammy.

When you make friends with someone who gets you, you tend to do what you can to spend time with them as much as possible. Everything’s all smiles and full of roses. You wish that those days would never end. You don’t give much time to consider that those relationships may end. You feel that nothing will sever those bonds.

Once those bonds end, you assume there’s nothing left. You can’t move forward. But what if the only way to move forward was to chase the past? To go after and bring back the glory days of yore.

A certain popular Tokyo Ghoul character put the theory to the test and let’s just say it was quite a nuanced experience.

The character I’m talking about is Shu Tsukiyama – a major supporting character who was once an enemy to main character Ken Kaneki, but became one of his most vocal supporters and allies. Tsukiyama was once known as the Gourmet, as he always feasted on humans that seemed fancy and exquisite to eat. One day, he became enamored at Kaneki’s hybrid nature (being both half-human and Ghoul) and planned to eat him. Tsukiyama ends up getting killed at the hands at Touka Kirishima for his interest in Kaneki. He was later revealed to be alive as he ate parts of himself to regenerate his body completely.

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Japanese Ambigram Can Be Read as Both Heisei and Reiwa

In less than a month, the Japanese Heisei era will end and a new era will begin. The Reiwa era, whose name was revealed last week, begins on May 1, 2019. Ahead of such a symbolic yet monumental change, Japanese ambigram artist Issei Nomura (previously) has created a beautiful tribute to both eras. An ambigram […]

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