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Hakone Video Tour

Hakone Video Tour

With a few extra days to spare on a trip to Tokyo, you should head out to the scenic town of Hakone. Situated on Lake Ashi and surrounded by mountains, it’s a great place to spend a few quiet days. Stay in a traditional ryokan, soak in the onsen theme park, ride a pirate ship, and check out the Open Air Museum.

Explore all that Hakone has to offer.

See this and more in this short Hakone video tour:

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30 day squat challenge !

Source: j-hoppers

Hi there ! Madi is here 🙂

Recently I started doing exercise whenever I have time.
I don’t know why but since I started working here, I have been super lazy lol
so didn’t do any exercise at all 🙁
Nowadays it is getting warm and nice to start doing exercise so I started going for jogging (I’m super beginner so run like a turtle lol, well does it run actually !?) and plus doing “30day squat challenge”. This may ring your bell if you were in states last year or other countries around states maybe, I’m not too sure.
Anyway it was popular idea for ladies to get nice or I’d say sexy shape on your butt and suddenly some of my friends started so I joined them.

This is actually easy to keep doing for next 30 days if you already get used to exercise but for me, the first 4 days were so tough 🙁 If my friends were not doing then I would have given up already so thanks to my friends !
Now so far I’m doing well constantly so hope I can get the good result. (I’m sure that I wouldn’t get that ↑ sexy butt like the lady. lol …continue reading


How to Speak in Japanese Number Code

Source: Gaijin Pot
How to Speak in Japanese Number Code

The first time I noticed that Japanese people are a fan of number codes was on a rainy Saturday evening. I got a text message from my girlfriend asking me if I was going out with her. Being really tired, I wrote back that honestly I was going to spend the night at home with a book. Her reply? “221”.

221? I remember looking at that message for a long time. What could it mean? I know, I thought, it must mean that before we were doing something together “2” and now we had gone from a couple “2” to 2 solos “1”.

Wait a second? Did that mean she wanted to split up with me?!?

In fact, she was using a Japanese code language of numbers. To decipher this language each number corresponds to a sound in the language.

  • 1 is い
  • 2 is に or じ
  • 3 is さ or み
  • 4 is し or よ
  • 5 is ご
  • 6 is ろ
  • 8 is はち, は or や
  • 9 is く

Therefore her message should have been read じじい (a slang phrase for an old man). She was calling me an old guy for not going out with her!

Hmmm, maybe I was happier when I thought she wanted to split …continue reading