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REVIEW: Mr. Men and Little Miss Books

Really great. Much better than I expected!

I got these two boxed sets recently to add to our library at the Cambridge Academy. However, before I could use them with our students my granddaughter got her hands on them and insisted I read them all to her first -they are now her favorite books by far.

I’ve turned into a big fan too. I’ll run through what I think of each set briefly, then talk about how they might be used in a program.

The Mr Men My Complete Collection box contains 47 paperback Mr Men books in a very cool box.

The books are a bit hit and miss, but most of them are really entertaining.

My personal favourites are Mr. Tickle, Mr. Greedy, and the surprise hit Mr. Dizzy. We loved Mr. Dizzy because it contained several riddles aimed at young children, and Alyssa was thrilled to be able to answer them.

In fact, all the Mr. Men and Little Miss books are aimed at children, introducing slightly more adult vocabulary and frequently speaking directly to the reader, encouraging them to interact with the books. They also contain little moral lessons, but this is not too overwhelming.

The Little Miss My Complete Collection is similar, consisting of 35 paperback Little Miss books.

To be honest, I was a bit worried these would be very dated, or sexist. So far that has …continue reading


10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson – 1

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all, it’s a bit late. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and enjoyed celebrating New Years.

This month, I decided to start a new learning series called, 10-minute-a-day Japanese Lesson in my blog post. This could be some expressions or vocabulary lesson, but something useful for you all to learn and enjoy. The idea is that I would like you to spend 10 minute a day to read through my post. No need to memorize all of them, but find one of them that you think it will be helpful to you, and I would like you to try to remember that one particular expression or vocabulary. That’s all I would like to ask you!

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Today’s topic is all about the New Year’s resolution. Have you already come up with this year’s resolution?

Let’s get the 10-minute learning started!

1.Kotoshino anatano ho-fu wa nandesuka?

==>What is your New Year’s resolution?

今年の 抱負は 何ですか?

ことしの ほうふは なんですか?

2.Watashi no ho-fu wa okane o tameru koto desu.

==> My resolution is to save money.

私の 抱負は お金を 貯めることです。

わたしの ほうふは おかねを ためることです。

3.Watashi no ho-fu wa daietto o suru koto desu.

==>My resolution is to diet.

私の 抱負は ダイエットを すること です。

わたしの ほうふは だいえっとを すること です。

4.Watashi no ho-fu wa kekkon suru koto desu.

==>My resolution is to get married.

私の 抱負は 結婚 すること です。

わたしの ほうふは けっこん すること です。

5.Watashi no ho-fu wa shoshin suru koto desu.

==>My resolution is to get promoted.

私の 抱負は 昇進 すること です。

わたしの ほうふは しょうしん すること です。

6.Watashi no ho-fu wa nihongo o benkyo suru koto desu.

==>My resolution is to study Japanese.

私の 抱負は 日本語を 勉強 することです。

わたしの ほうふは にほんごを べんきょう すること です。

Vocabulary Lesson

Kotoshi: This year (今年、 ことし)

Hofu: Resolution (抱負、ほうふ)

Okane: Money (お金、おかね)

Daietto: Diet (ダイエット、だいえっと)

Shoshin: Promotion (昇進、しょうしん)

Nihongo: Japanese(日本語、にほんご)

Benkyo: to study (勉強、べんきょう)

Stay tuned for the next series of 10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson. 🙂

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Let’s learn how to write Katakana!

Minasan Konnichiwa!
Hi everyone!

Katakana tutorial videos are now available on my Youtube channel too.
Let’s learn writing Katakana (hand writing) with right stroke order! 

アイウエオ カキクケコ サシスセソ タチツテト ナニヌネノ マミムメモ ヤユヨ ラリルレロ ワヲン

As you know, Japanese has three letters, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
Katakana is mainly used for:
– Foreigner’s name
– onomatopoeia (sound words)
– when emphasize etc.

Katakana impression is cool, comparing to gentle and mild looks of Hiragana.
Well, which letter do you prefer?
Can you write your name in Katakana?

– カズエ

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