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Hakone Video Tour

Hakone Video Tour

With a few extra days to spare on a trip to Tokyo, you should head out to the scenic town of Hakone. Situated on Lake Ashi and surrounded by mountains, it’s a great place to spend a few quiet days. Stay in a traditional ryokan, soak in the onsen theme park, ride a pirate ship, and check out the Open Air Museum.

Explore all that Hakone has to offer.

See this and more in this short Hakone video tour:

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How to Speak in Japanese Number Code

Source: Gaijin Pot
How to Speak in Japanese Number Code

The first time I noticed that Japanese people are a fan of number codes was on a rainy Saturday evening. I got a text message from my girlfriend asking me if I was going out with her. Being really tired, I wrote back that honestly I was going to spend the night at home with a book. Her reply? “221”.

221? I remember looking at that message for a long time. What could it mean? I know, I thought, it must mean that before we were doing something together “2” and now we had gone from a couple “2” to 2 solos “1”.

Wait a second? Did that mean she wanted to split up with me?!?

In fact, she was using a Japanese code language of numbers. To decipher this language each number corresponds to a sound in the language.

  • 1 is い
  • 2 is に or じ
  • 3 is さ or み
  • 4 is し or よ
  • 5 is ご
  • 6 is ろ
  • 8 is はち, は or や
  • 9 is く

Therefore her message should have been read じじい (a slang phrase for an old man). She was calling me an old guy for not going out with her!

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