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Japan Summer Music Festival Guide: Oh No, Let’s Go!

Source: Gaijin Pot
Japan Summer Music Festival Guide: Oh No, Let's Go!

Festival diehards have by now mapped out their summers, but the rest of us may just be starting to consider our summer music festival plans. From pricey weekend blowouts to in-town afternoons to far-flung island adventures, Japan’s music festival scene caters to every style and budget imaginable. Recent years have even seen an influx of Asian visitors making Japan’s music fests part of their destination travel, easing the challenges facing the music biz in the form of the nation’s youth population crash.

Fuji Rock Festival

Photo by Dan Grunebaum

The Green Stage at Fuji Rock Festival comes alive at night.

The granddaddy of the lot, Fuji Rock Festival, takes a different tack for its 2018 edition at its traditional location deep in the Niigata mountains. In place of the rock and electronic acts that have dominated recent lineups, promoter Smash opted to lead Friday and Saturday nights with hip-hop artists N.E.R.D and Kendrick Lamar. Closing the event Sunday is 77-year-old troubadour Bob Dylan & His Band — a first for a major Japanese rock festival.

The two-pronged strategy targets millennial and boomer demographics, while offering Gen Xers second-tier artists like Jack Johnson and Fishbone. It will be intriguing to see how the audience receives the politically “woke” material of Lamar, who won a Pulitzer Prize for last year’s DAMN. Pharrell Williams’ N.E.R.D has also just issued a politicized new album in the form of No One Ever Really Dies, on which Lamar and many other hip-hop luminaries feature heavily.

On the preponderance of hip-hop, Smash’s Johnnie Fingers says the democratization of music production technology and early uptake of electronic music in Japan paved the way. “Hip-hop has taken longer as it’s English language based,” he notes. “But being pervasive on the net it has arrived in Japan and is the backdrop sound of the present …continue reading


Highlights from the Classical Ballet Repertoire KYIV BALLET


Highlights from the Classical Ballet Repertoire has been held every summer in Japan since 2000. Highlights are showcased from famous ballet scenes with beautiful dancers from the Ukraine stage, a birthplace of numerous star dancers. Both ballet fans and beginners can enjoy the performance.

Sleeping Beauty, Waltz, Rose Adagio from Act 1
Swan Lake, Act 1 Scene 2
Nutcracker, Waltz, Pas de Deux from Act 2
The Talisman, Grand Pas de Deux
La Bayadere, from Act 2
The Dying Swan
*The sound will be from a recording, not a live orchestra.
*Please note that the program is subject to change.

*Children three and under are not admitted.
Please send an email to [ ] for more information.

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Trying to apply to take the “Likes” of Tor Road-The 2nd TORROAD SNS Photo Contest


The 2nd TORROAD SNS photo contest will be held! @ kobetorroad
Take a picture of the Toroad’s shop, take a picture that feels summer color blue, attach “♯ いいねトアロード” and “Store name” and post it on Facebook · Instagram.
A nice prize present for excellent works! I will be waiting to hesitate posting.

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