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Experience of making sushi for parents and children-Making sushi

Since the end of January, when corona has spread, we are unable to meet our customers due to out-of-going regulations, and our school principal, “Principal Yasuyuki Umemori,” and other teachers are all very sad.

However, I want to connect with everyone with a smile because it is such a time! With the thought, “I wanted to connect with you by doing an online sushi school and started an online version of Umemori Sushi School as a new service.

The experience is “laughing! Sharing a smile!”
It is an experience that connects the world with many people and connects them with a smile to make the world a smile!
It is said that immunity increases when humans laugh! To blow away dark feelings and become a smile. When “Share” smile time with everyone. Let’s create a chain of smiles!
Experience traditional sushi through traditional Japanese food “Sushi” Umemori Sushi School Online version 1 I would like to experience sushi making with many people while calling out to “Raschai” at ZOOM I think.
Since it is online, not only family participation, but also grandpa and grandmother gifts to experience online with grandchildren, and participate with friends overseas. The charm is that you can share your smile time regardless of location or distance!

TABICA application site
[Free workshop from this ticket]
(If you add oyakofes202006 to the coupon code, it will be free for any number of people)
⏪ It is not possible to make advance reservations for each experience. First-come-first-served basis
[Additional application for paid workshops]

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AKi Exhibition in GINZA

AKi is a Japanese artist. He got golden award and the award of Japan-Spain intercommunion honorary artist for his work, “Mother Forest” released in Maritime Museum in Barcelona. He also published his work “History” in Japan-Grice 110 year amity exhibition and got Special Jury Prize. Some critics say his art can try the viewer’s sense, others also say it has superb color sense. This time is following the Ginza in February, we will be showing AKi’s new art works in Kyoto.

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5 Ways To Survive The Rainy Season in Japan

Japanese rain doll

Here are Savvy’s five ways for surviving “tsuyu”.

1. Invest in a pair of rain boots

Little girl splashing in the rain.

Ah, the rainy season in Japan; hundreds of shoes lost in the daily deluge that sees the streets turn into the flood scene from every recent disaster movie, coupled with the constant scent of Eau de Damp Footwear. We’ve seen Birkenstocks, leather heels and even Crocs give up before we’ve managed to wade to the office. It’s time to invest in a decent pair of quality rain boots that will save you time and avoid the unnecessary loss of half of your shoe collection.

Most, if not all, Japanese shoe stores will start selling a range of water-resistant rubber boots from May with the cheapest starting around ¥3,000 all the way up to ¥75,000 (yikes!) for a branded pair like Hunters. It’s a good idea to shop around, and you might find a better deal online at Rakuten or Amazon.

These foldable rubber boots designed for the fashion-conscious rice farmer have been doing the internet rounds for a while. Ok, they’re not cheap but this is an investment, right?

2. Find the right hair and makeup products

Rainy hair and make up

Wearing make-up this June? Your face will—literally—begin to melt, transforming a slick of eyeliner into a cosplay of Beetlejuice. Hair, too, likes to frizz in the manner of an electrocuted poodle. Never mind though, as this actually helps to avert people’s eyes from the unavoidable sweat patches that will form in places you didn’t even think they could.

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This Week(End) At Home

5 Tips for Health Resolution 2020 Savvy Tokyo

You Got This!

Check Up On Your 2020 New Year’s Health Resolutions

We’re almost at the half way mark of the year, and maybe at that point when you might be feeling guilty about corona overconsumption and inspired to ramp up your health again. See “more info” link.


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