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Letters From Japan: “He Doesn’t Have Any Pictures Of Us!”

Hey Hilary,

I’ve been dating this Japanese guy for a month, and last night we stayed at a hotel together. He went to take a shower and left his phone, unlocked, on the bed. I don’t know why I did it, but I picked it up and clicked the home button. I went through his phone. He’s not cheating on me or anything, I checked his messages, but he had nothing personal at all on his phone. There weren’t even any photos of me, or of us together. It really hurt my feelings. He didn’t have anything about us on his phone — like, I don’t even matter to him. I put it down and tried to ignore it, but it’s still bothering me and I think he knows something’s up now. What do I do? – Feeling Hurt

Dear Feeling Hurt,

If anyone should be feeling hurt, it’s your boyfriend. You snooped on his phone when he obviously trusted you enough to a) not lock it, and b) leave it out in the open with you. You broke his trust by doing that and then gave yourself a complex in the process. That’s not something that a person in an honest, healthy relationship does.

This trend of snooping on your partner’s phone or checking their emails without their consent is toxic. While I can understand wanting to know if someone is cheating (especially if there are red flags about it), just looking through someone else’s property because you can isn’t healthy behavior. If you don’t want someone to judge you by what’s on your phone, then maybe you should leave their phone alone.

When you describe his phone as being “impersonal,” my very first impression is that it might be his work phone — aka, his company provided, “for professional use only” phone. Not …continue reading


Kokura Gion Daiko Drums 2019

Once the gloomy rains of Japan’s rainy season have passed, the castle town of Kokura is filled with the sounds of taiko drumming! Men walk the city streets pulling a float while beating the drums in its style of drumming called “Hoko Uchi”. The drummers pray for peace on earth, the continued safety of Japan, abundant crops, prosperity in business, and the safety of their families as the drums reverberate. July 1: Uchi Hajime (Start of drumming); Third Friday in July: Yoi (Evening) Gion; Third Saturday in July: Onigiwai; Third Sunday in July: Uchi Osame (End of drumming)

*About the Tradition: Municipal-Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Asset

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