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Wellness & Awareness: Organic Lifestyle Expo 2017

Following a major success last November when it was held for the first time in Japan, the Organic Lifestyle Expo is back this summer, larger and stronger, offering visitors a chance to explore the latest trends on the Japanese organic market in various ways and forms. Whether you’re looking for organic groceries to take back home, skincare products, pet goods, new fashion items for your wardrobe, or simply want to familiarize yourself with what’s available on the market, this two-day event is worth a visit (or more).

The First Organic Lifestyle Expo last December attracted nearly 20,000 visitors.

Organized by the Organic Forum Japan in cooperation with the Japanese government and the prominent organic organizations, Food Trust Project, Global Organic Network and Lohas World, OLE, to be held at the Tokyo International Forum on July 29 and 30, covers a wide range of products and necessities for daily life, including food and beverages, body care, ethical organic cosmetics, textiles, household goods and much more. Visitors can also learn about the latest international organic movements and gather information through seminars, events and display booths.

This year, divided into eleven categories and with nearly 200 exhibitors on board, this massive event is on an even greater mission to connect organic producers, distributors, and consumers with the ultimate goal of promoting organic sustainability. Here’s what to expect at each display section.


Visitors can learn about, taste, and buy the latest food products on the organic market, including fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, processed food and beverages, and alcohol. Cooking and kitchen utensils will also be displayed and a variety of products will be on sale. Don’t miss the Organic Beer Stand, too!

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The 17th Kagoshima Kinko-wan Summer Night Big Fireworks Display 2017


This festival, which started in 2000, is a symbol of summer in Kagoshima. It is a waterfront having the world-famous volcano Sakurajima, calm Kinko Bay and the Nature at its best. This festival is held in the backdrop of a world-class scenic view. Four simultaneous display of 2 shaku balls becoming first among Kyushu, highlight full loading including original fireworks and music fireworks.

※Video is a thing of the past.

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Yamaga Tourou(Lantern Festival) 2017


Yamaga Tourou Festival starts with ”decorative lanterns” on the 15th of August.
The ”1,000 people tourou dance” is magical and beautiful; girls gracefully dance with golden lanterns on their heads, and the lights sway along. The highlight is ”agari-tourou” where lanterns are dedicated to Omiya Shrine. As another name of the festival is ”Yoakashi Festival” which means staying up all night,” it seems fitting that the festival lasts until midnight.
Various events are scheduled as follows:
August 15th: Dedication of tourou, dedication tourou dance, fireworks display
August 16th: Emperor Keiko welcome ceremony, jacklight parade, 1,000 people do the tourou dance, and the agari-tourou
As parking spaces and multipurpose toilets are available for wheelchair users within the area, wheelchair users can fully enjoy the festival.

※Video is a thing of the past.

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