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Professional basketball league B.LEAGUE 2019-20 OSAKA EVESSA vs YOKOHAMA B-CORSAIRS

Osaka Evessa home game, VS Yokohama B-Corseers, which belongs to the men’s professional basketball league, B.LEAGUE, B1. The battle with Yokohama, which has gained new strength from a powerful team, can never be overlooked. Also, this season, LDH JAPAN’s live creative team “TEAM GENESIS” will be in charge of directing and enjoying luxury entertainment. A special stage with avax will be held on the 9th.

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Premium Night sea Sumiyama temple endlessness

It is visit EVENT in the night when we can feel rich flavor and taste of Uji-cha tea in the sea Sumiyama temple of “mercy holy priest” who is initiator of Tea of Minamiyamashiro connection.
On the stage of national treasure Five Storeyed Pagoda, it is sure to get that special stage where is only for on that day where LEXTRIBE and person of dancing “Kawabe treetop” of concert and the Kizu River art 2018 writer of the brass quintet did collaboration is fantastic and is instagenic.
In addition, in Okuno-in Temple, we hold light up of tea-ceremony room by sencha way square and circle style and this Bo Garden and exhibition of treasure treasured Buddhist statue at the same time and send autumn Premium to!
Look, you hear and taste, and please refresh heart and soul.

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