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Tokyo Anttique Grande

“Antique Grande”, the special antique show only for European and American antiques, will be held in this spring!
There are many kinds of Western antiques in Tokyo.
They are from England, France, Germany, Nordic countries, countries of Mediterranean coast, and U.S.A.
Tokyo is the treasure house of wide variety of antiques.
Originally they were gathered by great number of Japanese antique dealers flying around the world from 1960s to 1990s when Japan was full of energy with the great groth of economics.
After the several decades, many kinds of antiques from all over the world is present in Japan.
And now on Japanese antique dealers are still flying around the world and bringing highly selected antiques from each countries.
Probably you can encounter better quarity of Western antiques in Japan than Europe and U.S.A.
In this spring, 100 antique dealers will offer you fantastic antiques.
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, the venue of “Tokyo Antique Grande”, is situated just in front of Yuraku-cho station.

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