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A festival that brings together intangible cultural heritage from across the globe.
Gathering together traditional culture and performing arts that have been passed down the generations in various parts of the world, this project will seek to communicate the significance of cultural diversity and coexistence through intercommunication, helping to ensure that culture is passed on to future generations. Performers from Japan’s Tohoku region and from all five continents will be invited to take part, amplifying its message on the value of intangible cultural heritage.

Please see here for the schedule.

❇︎Performance on, rain or shine.

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‘Hobby King’ Mita Heibonji, revived in the Reiwa era!?

“Treasure Trove MANGA-ful” is a mini exhibition series curated by Aramata Hiroshi, the executive director of the manga museum, to “trace forgotten ancestors of manga to search the roots of contemporary manga”.
This sixth installment highlights the work of Mita Heibonji (1876 – 1960), an enigmatic hobbyist highly regarded by those who knew him. He made his own roller-skating rink at home in the Taisho era, and organized Garakutashuu, a group of collectors of strange things.
We will unveil selected items from the vast collection of materials entrusted to us by Heibonji’s descendants including his grandson, manga columnist and researcher Natsume Fusanosuke.

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