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500 yen☆International party with autumn leaves(Only Nihongo) ☆Shinjuku 11.23


Let’s enjoy international exchange in only Nihongo with autumn leaves!
It is OK that you can’t speak Japanese well and join by yourself♪
(Actually there are many people who join by themselves)
But please speak only Japanese all time even if you are from same countries.
Foreigner can also study Japanese.
Japanese people who are not good at English can enjoy talking with foreigner♫

1. Only Japanese language.
2. Reasonable fee: 500 yen.
(including snacks and wine.Bring drinks if you want)
3. You can feel Japanese nature with autumn leaves.
4. I arrange seats a few time so that you can talk with many people.
5. I lend name stickers so you don’t need to ask and memorize name.
6. I don’t ask unnecessary information without name.

Date:11/23(Fri) 14:00~16:00
Participation on the way is OK.
Place:Shinjuku Central Park (grass place)
(Tokyoto, Shinjukukku Nishishinjuku2-11)
1 min walk from Oedo Line Tochomae Station

Pick up: I put up meetup sign at A5 exit (ground level) of the Tocho-Mae station (Toei Oedo line) at 14:00 – 14:15.

Please make a reservation in advance on Meetup site.
Up to 20 people can participate.
※If it’s rain, we move to Irish pub near the park.

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Tokyo International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) 2018


With COMITIA’s cooperation, the first “Tokyo International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa)” was held on November 18th, 2012, and was supported by the embassies of seven countries, Cultural Exchange Bureaux, several publishers and numerous manga artists.
Our hope is to provide a platform where people all around the world, who love comics, manga, bande dessinée, whatever they are called, can freely communicate and feel connected.
We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo Big Sight on 25th November 2018 !!

To enter COMITIA 126, please buy a TIA’S MAGAZINE as an entrance ticket.
TIA’S MAGAZINE are available in book stores (1,300 yen) and also at the COMITIA 126 Entrance.(1,000 yen)
Free entrance for children under 13.

※Video is a thing of the past.

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Shirakawago Light Up Event


Shirakawago has a special place in my heart with its beautiful scenery and traditional old farmhouses. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Gifu Prefecture’s must-see travel destinations and is famous for its collection of thatched roof houses built in the gassho-zukuri style.

The historic village is home to 112 of these gassho-style houses with the traditional thatched roofs resembling the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer. Some of these historic houses are more than 250 years old with the unique architectural style developed over generations to withstand the heavy snow fall during winter of this remote region of Japan.

The small village is home to only about 1,700 people but around 1,700,000 visitors come every year, especially around the time of the beautiful light-up event in January and February. This magical illumination event turns the village into a winter wonderland straight out of a fairy tale.

The Shirakawago Tourist Association has partnered with Japankuru Funding, a crowdfunding service to create a community made guidebook for the Shirakawago Light Up Event, which runs every weekend from January 19th, 2019 to February 17th, 2019.

The guidebook will help people attending the event have a better time and enjoy the experience further by providing tourists with key information such as where to eat, what to see, what to do and how to best enjoy Shirakawago.

If you are interested in helping the project, visit the Shirakawago Light Up Event Guidebook page and help the community create this useful resource.

Image from the Shirakawago Tourist Association

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