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What is the IB and PYP Curriculum Framework Available at International Schools in Japan?

What is the IB and PYP Curriculum Framework Available at International Schools in Japan

As one of the greatest influencers on a child’s development, early education is of critical importance; how a child learns about the world will ultimately impact his or her place in it. With this in mind, parents are, understandably, keen to place their child in the most ideal environment for his or her bright future.

IB and PYP Programs Summerhill International School

In Tokyo, a growing number of families consist of at least one non-Japanese parent. Expat families, meanwhile, increasingly consist of both parents from different countries and children born in different or several different cultures. Such internationalization is leading to greater demand for international early-years education that will support children in becoming global citizens and embracing both their own identity and that of their peers.

Play is the vehicle to scaffold children’s learning, to drive children’s curiosity, and to help challenge children.

But with such varied education options in Tokyo, it can be a struggle to decide which program best suits youngsters’ needs. That’s why Savvy Tokyo has asked the principal of Summerhill International School, Anita L. Sutton, to share some of the benefits of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. As an expert in early childhood curriculum development, having set up learning centers in locations across the globe, Anita has a wealth of experience in understanding what makes kids tick and how to help them achieve their potential.

Internationally transferable

Catering to students aged 3 to 19, the IB program offers a continuum of international education, encouraging children and young people to achieve both personal and academic growth via four programs: Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program, Diploma Program, and Career-related Program.

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Chambara -IKUSA- 〜the war of Kunohe〜

We hold “the festival of Kunohe castle” in 29th September. The Kunohe castle where selected by “the next famous castle(続100名城)” is the main venue of the event, and we carry out many events ,for example, Japanese archery experience, open-air tea ceremony, and Chambara.

Chambara is “samurai battle game” . In the game player beat others “life( color ball on your shoulder )” using plastic sword( it is so soft that not painful). Let’s enjoy playing Chambara with us !

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The Magical Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda

Spider Lily 1 - Spider Lilies - Child Looking At Flower - The Magical Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda

Summer’s grip has loosened, the days are shorter and soon the red spider lily will bloom, heralding the arrival of autumn. Chances are, you’ve never seen this peculiar flower. In Tokyo you might spot a few, but the best place in Japan to see them is growing en masse at Manjushage Park in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture. For two weeks a year, this riverside plain transforms into an enchanted forest, carpeted by 500,000 flaming red spider lilies!

Spider Lilies - Child Looking At Flower - The Magical Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda

The red spider lilies of Kinchakuda were discovered growing wild on fields left fallow during a land dispute. It’s thought the meandering Koma River washed the bulbs onto the riverbanks.

Spider Lilies Along Koma River - The Magical Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda

It is believed that the river carried the bulbs to where they grow today, during a period when a local land dispute had left the area to fall fallow and become overgrown.

The fame of the site grew and in 2017, Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress consort Michiko paid Kinchakuda a much-feted visit. And no wonder—the effect of these tall, red flowers blooming to the horizon is glorious! The absence of leaves intensifies the deep scarlet and you wander along Manjushage Park feeling like a royal, on your own magical red carpet.

What’s in a Name?

Spider Lily - The Magical Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda

The red spider lily (lycoris radiata) has a myriad of common names. …continue reading


Samurai Sword Entertainment”Sword Legend of Moon Princess”

“Sword Legend of Moon Princess” is stage of Samurai sword fighting performance produced by “偉伝或-IDEAL-”.The Samurai Performance Company “偉伝或-IDEAL-” develops, and produces the original sword performance based on the traditional samurai fighting methods and sword dance.
Please enjoy a unique fantasy-themed world!

“偉伝或-IDEAL-” Peformance
Samurai Sword Entertainment”Sword Legend of Moon Princess”

9/27(Fri)‬ START 3:00pm/START 7:30pm
9/28(Sat)‬ START 1:00pm/START 5:30pm

TOKYO ASAKUSA EDGE (samurai performance)
YOSAKOI TEAM -SUN- (Yosakoi dance)

Katanaya Ichi (samurai performance)
AMANOUZUME (Japanese taraditional dance)

【Resevation】on-site payment

Advance payment

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