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“ZUSHI BEACH FILM FESTIVAL” is an outdoor film festival that shows excellent domestic and foreign movies at a great location on the coast.
Producing is “CINEMA CARAVAN” composed of creators and artists from this area.
Traveling in Japan and the world, find the charm hidden in deep regions. A project that absorbs the local culture, connects people to each other, and also carries it to the next land.
ZUSHI BEACH FILM FESTIVAL (ZUSHI BEACH FILM FESTIVAL) as a place to consolidate the connected edges and varied cultures, sharing the achievements of travel and experiencing with the five senses in nature, once a year, in their home ground Zushi Will be held.

Movies / General 1,500 yen、 Free of charge for high school students ※ Required identification

* There are days when charges may vary depending on the content of the event.
* 500 yen discount by the presentation of the identification of the person Zushi citizens!

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