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Kumamoto Castle Autumn Festival 2019

Many many events are held mainly at the Kumamoto Castle, a symbol of Kumamoto and one of the 3 greatest castles in Japan!!
The main venue is the Takenomaru compound of the Kumamoto Castle.
There is also an event offering tasty food.
Please come and enjoy the charm of Kumamoto Castle!
For further information about these events, please see the above-mentioned website.

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Chiba Art Festival 2019

An Event You Can Enjoy both During the Day and at Night: Chiba Art Festival 2019

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is not only a sports festival, but also a perfect chance to broadcast the cultural appeals of the Prefecture.

Taking advantage of this, in 2018, Chiba Prefecture selected “Chiba Cultural Assets” (objects and experiences that characterize the various rich beauties of Chiba culture) with the help of Chiba citizens.
With the aims of spreading awareness of these Assets to the public, a “Chiba Cultural Assets” themed art event will be held.

During the event period, the appeals of “Chiba Cultural Assets” will be displayed in a variety of ways, such as with painting and photo exhibitions, digital art, projection mapping, art workshops, live performances, and more.

About Chiba Cultural Assets
“Chiba Cultural Assets” are objects and experiences that characterize the various rich beauties of Chiba Culture. The Assets were selected with Chiba Citizens from among numerous other Chiba Cultural Assets. The Assets are not limited to traditional items, but also include modern architecture, scenery, and other objects and experiences that spread the cultural appeal of Chiba Prefecture.

・Painting/Photograph Exhibition
・Digital Art
・Digital Night Safari (Illumination)
・Art Workshop
・Sunset Art Live

■PLACE: Chiba Prefectural Art Museum / Chiba Port Park
■DATE: August 14th 2019 (Wed)-25th (Sun)
■TIME: Varies by program.
■FEE: Free
■Sponsored by
Chiba Prefecture (Prefectural Citizens’ Department, Culture Division)
Tomomi Oka, Noriko Ohara, OFF, Osamu Kato(Chiba University) Josai International University, Makoto Toshiki, NARAMIX, Michael Akiyoshi Yanase

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