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Dining Diary - Senkichi: Bakurocho


Curry udon is served in several variations here – Vietnamese-inspired coconut-based curries, cheese curries, and udon noodles with tsukemen-style curry dipping sauce. Crunchy tempura-fried shrimp kakiage and extra-crunchy pork cutlet are among the dozens of optional toppings, and both are good at maintaining their structural integrity in the curry soup.

The shop is comfortable for solo diners, and they have the advantage of staying open all day, not just lunch and dinner time. Prices are economical – most curry udon bowls are Y700-800 and come with rice and pickles, with add-ons starting at around Y100. …continue reading


Craft Beer Bars Japan - Yona Yona Beer Works: Shimbashi


Run by the Wondertable group and serving beer supplied by Karuizawa’s Yaho Brewing (Yona Yona), this branch of the Beer Works offers the usual selection of tasty craft-sausage variations and roast Date Chicken that the chain is known for. There are usually around a dozen Yaho beers on tap, including seasonal specials.

At lunchtime you can try the chicken and sausages together, or opt for more standard lunch items like curry and hayashi rice. Budget around Y3000-3500 for food and drink at dinnertime, and Y800-1200 for lunch. Open all afternoon on weekends. …continue reading


Best Duck Ramen in Tokyo (Ueno): Kamo to Negi

Duck Ramen made in Heaven

Since 2016, Kamo to Negi has served the absolute best duck ramen in Tokyo. Located next to Okachimachi station, it’s not too far from the Ueno area.

Heavenly Duck Ramen

Kamo to Negi only uses duck, water, and negi in their prep. It’s a clean-tasting, heavenly broth, with the fattiness from the duck radiating throughout.

Close up of Duck Ramen

Under the shop’s interior lights, the duck chashu dramatically glistens and even beckons you. These chasu are the big highlight and are incredibly tender.

Duck Ramen Meal
Duck Ramen and Toro taku chirashi: ¥980

“Kamo” means duck and “negi” refers to Japanese onions. For the negi portion, you get to choose 2 negi from 3 choices. The ramen pictured includes Kujo green negi and a thick and sweet white negi.

Delicious Sides

Delicious Side Dish

You can also enjoy oyakodon or toro taku chirashi (similar to negitoro) on the side. By themselves, they’re only ¥350 each.

Elegantly Japanese Interior

The interior …continue reading


Nescafe Opens Their First Nap Cafe in Oimachi, Tokyo

Source: Gaijin Pot

Nestle’s global coffee brand Nescafe recently opened their first permanent nap cafe in Oimachi in the business district of Shinagawa on March 6.

The cafe, called Nescafe Sleep Cafe, provides leather reclining chairs and beds where customers can go to enjoy Nescafe’s Gold Blend coffee and get anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 full hours of sleep. Nescafe has opened three pop-up cafes blending sleep and coffee in the past, and they must have performed well because this Oimachi cafe is here to stay!

While we can’t exactly say that the real thing looks as luxury-meets-futuristic as the concept images, the Nescafe Sleep Cafe is a solid step-up from your average smoke-scented manga kissa (Internet cafes stocked with manga that can double-up as uncomfortable overnight accommodation) and provides a nice haven for the tired Tokyo masses.

Choose between a nap or a sleep course

Nescafe Sleep Cafe offers two types of course: a nap course and a sleep course. The nap courses start from ¥750 (US$6.71) for a 30-min nap on one of their reclining chairs, and sleep courses start from ¥1,500 (US$13.43) for one hour with a choice of reclining chair or bed.

It looks kind of like a dorm room. And that is probably a college student’s average coffee intake.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a cafe without coffee, and the Nescafe Sleep Cafe delivers on that front. Shorter courses include one complimentary coffee, and longer courses include one decaffeinated coffee before lying down and one caffeinated coffee when you wake up — giving you an extra energy boost to get back to the office or continue exploring Tokyo. You can also purchase more coffee depending on your level of caffeine dependance.

Customize your course to get the best nap possible

Along with providing amenities and maintaining an optimal temperature for …continue reading


New opening - Midtown BBQ: Yokohama Nihon-Odori


Fantastic wagyu brisket is one of the highlights at this spacious new American-barbecue joint around the corner from Yokohama Stadium. They offer a full range of expertly barbecued meats including pulled pork, ribs, smoked sausages and chicken, plus a line-up of burgers and steaks. Drinks options include US and Japanese craft beers on tap and reasonably priced American wines by the bottle.

You can order individual barbecued meats and side dishes here, or opt for a combo platter if you’re in a group. A “Big Boy Tray” of ribs, chicken, sausage, pulled pork and three side dishes will run Y4500, and is big enough for two or three hungry barbecue fans. Among the side dishes, the cole slaw and grilled vegetables are especially recommended, as are the crunchy thin-cut fries. The nicely spiced sausages are custom-made in collaboration with a Brazilian butcher, and are well worth a try.

Eight craft beers are served on tap, and during a recent visit these included brews from Crucible (Washington), Lost Coast and TW Pitchers (California), Rogue (Oregon), and Kyoto Beer Lab (Kyoto), with four IPAs among them. Beers are priced at Y900 for a small glass and Y1100 for regular size; they also serve Sapporo on tap for Y300 less. Wines start at around Y3200 per bottle.

Midtown’s tour-de-force wagyu brisket is offered in limited quantities, so it’s worth asking for when you reserve. The Canadian owner-pitmaster started out with the original Midtown BBQ in Nagoya in 2017, and opened the Yokohama branch in early 2019. The new branch occupies a fairly big dining area, with a couple of private rooms off to one side. The soundtrack focuses on classic seventies rock, from Led Zeppelin to Traffic.

Budget around Y3500-4500 for food and drink at dinnertime …continue reading