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Yaguratei: Spiciest Ramen in the Universe

Spiciest Ramen at Yaguratei

Yaguratei (やぐら亭) definitely lives up to the title of “spiciest ramen in the universe”. Order their hanabero ramen at your own risk. But they also have ramen fit for human consumption – delicious shoyu and shio.

Spiciest Ramen in the Universe

What makes their “hotaru” (firefly) ramen so spicy? It’s habanero peppers from Australia. These are specifically engineered to wreak havoc on mortal stomachs. This special pepper is diced and used in both the soup and the noodles.

One and Only “Hotaru” Ramen: ¥1,430

This is the only bowl of ramen I’ve been unable to eat after the first sip. I haven’t had anything THIS SPICY in my entire life. You’ll feel like you’re in a red hot trance. Panic can even ensue. To watch my reaction, skip to the 13:00 mark HERE.

Danger Level – through the roof

To only add to the madness, the staff will set fire to the ramen. They pour on industrial strength vodka and light it before serving.

Bear in mind that Yaguratei doesn’t always serve this spicy ramen. When they do, order at your own risk. I really thought I could make a dent, but the universe had other plans.

Refreshing Shoyu and Shio Ramen

Normally what I order at Yaguratei is their shoyu or shio ramen. They’re both refreshing and clean. This is because they don’t use any preservatives.

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(Podcast) Opening a Pizza Joint in Japan w/Jessie

This week I take with Jessie, a former Yamato Damacy member, former JET, former IT guy, and now still IT but pizza joint/craft beer opener! It was a pleasure to speak with Jessie about his work history and just incessant drive to take his ideas to the next level. Anyone can have ideas, few can make them happen like Jessie can. P.S. go watch a Yamato Damacy episode because they really are a part of Jvlog history that I think is not remembered enough! Go watch some episodes here.

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8 Japanese Cooking Classes To Help You Feel More Confident In The Kitchen

AirKitchen Featured

It goes without saying that one of Japan’s major attractions is its food. The nation has an impressive culinary pedigree that attracts hordes of visitors year-round. But to truly appreciate the time, art, and effort that goes into making your favorite dishes, you’ve gotta’ do more than just eat it, which is why taking a cooking class in Japan is one of the best ways to experience the country.

AirKitchen Cooking Class

Food in Japan isn’t only about sustenance; it’s a way of life, deeply integrated into the culture and representative of those who make the dishes we eat. AirKitchen is a platform that understands both the importance of the Japanese food experience and the barriers of entry that can prevent many foreign folks from making the leap from behind the dinner table to behind the kitchen counter.

Through Airkitchen, you can book unique, immersive cooking classes hosted by local Japanese people with both professional and home-taught experience who run classes in their home kitchens and studios across Japan.

After cooking the food, you can sit down with the hosts and share a meal and conversation—the perfect opportunity to build a real human connection and get a behind-the-scenes look of a side of Japan that most tourists never get to see.

[It’s] the perfect opportunity to build a real human connection and get a behind-the-scenes look of a side of Japan that most tourists never get to see.

You’ll also find many vegetarian and vegan adaptable classes on AirKitchen, too. So if you do have some dietary restrictions, more often than not, it can be accounted for; just let your host know ahead of time so they can prepare. If …continue reading


Tokyo’s Best Food Delivery Services

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

So you don’t have much time or energy to cook. No problem—you can always pick something up from the many convenience stores nearby, or eat at a restaurant. But what if you’re tired of getting the same old food at the convenience store? What if you’d like more variety? Or what if you just don’t feel like getting out? Enlist one of Tokyo’s food delivery services—English and Japanese options below.
We’ve hunted down the best food delivery services in the Tokyo area and beyond. Their websites feature a variety of dishes from different cuisines, from sushi to burgers to tom yum goong. Let’s start with websites/apps that have English versions.
Tokyo food delivery services with English-languag

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