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I’m on Japanese Unemployment and it’s Awesome

Of the many awesome things I’ve experienced in Japan, the awesomest may well be Japanese unemployment. It’s pretty easy to see the benefits of being unemployed, as one can immediately dispense with various life unpleasantries, such as waking up, showering, and being sober. Yet like all things bureaucratic, Japanese unemployment got off to an inauspicious …

“I’m on Japanese Unemployment and it’s Awesome”

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Top Jobs in Japan You Can Apply to From Overseas – Week 52, 2019

Source: Gaijin Pot

Each week GaijinPot looks through its daily updated database of jobs and selects the best opportunities for finding and securing a career in Japan from overseas.

By creating a GaijinPot Jobs account, you can apply directly to companies willing to sponsor your work visa and support you in getting a CoE (Certificate of Eligibility), an important document that proves you have a legitimate and legal reason to obtain a work visa for Japan. Here are some of our top picks this week.

Amity Corporation | こども英会話専門校 アミティー

English Teacher

  • Company: Amity Corporation | こども英会話専門校 アミティー
  • Salary: ¥270,000 / Month
  • Location: Nationwide
  • English: Native
  • Japanese: None
  • Application: Overseas applications OK

A leading English conversation educator for children in Japan, Amity has been providing international teaching opportunities for more than four decades at 85 branch schools throughout Japan.

Amity is seeking enthusiastic and motivated professionals who enjoy working with children.

Amity Corporation offers a competitive minimum salary to first-year teachers, visa sponsorship, subsidized housing, subsidized corporate health insurance, and more.

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Pasona Global | 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部

Games Translator (Japanese-Spanish)

  • Company: Pasona Global | 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部
  • Salary: ¥3.0M ~ ¥6.0M / Year
  • Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • English: None
  • Japanese: Business
  • Application: Overseas applications OK

This gaming company is looking for a native-level Spanish speaker for translation and localization of various in-game elements and marketing materials.

Your duties will include helping communication with the development team during meetings, events and conference calls.

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Pasona Global | 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部

Overseas Sales and Marketing

  • Company: Pasona Global | 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部
  • Salary: ¥3.8M ~ ¥4.5M / Year
  • Location: Kanagawa, Japan
  • English: Native
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Dealing With Loneliness in Japan

The chances are you will probably feel lonely in Japan.

There’s an expectation when moving to a new country that the excitement of being there will carry you through; that opportunities and friendships with come effortlessly. But if you’re anything like me, after that initial surge of excitement wears off, you’ll have to give yourself a little push to get things rolling socially in Japan. Add to the mix a language barrier, vast cultural differences, and rare but present discrimination, and the experience can sometimes be isolating.

With the right mindset, loneliness doesn’t have to cripple you. With time, a little patience, and some outside help, you’ll see loneliness as just another emotion, and start to make lasting relationships in your new home.

For some context, I’ve lived in Japan for nearly a year with my partner, Olivia. While we have each other to come home to, it’s fair to say we have both experienced our share of loneliness. At times it feels like we’re stranded in a strange land with no-one to talk to but each other, which is only partly true. Loneliness can feel even worse overseas for a number of reasons. There’s the added distance from loved ones for one. And there’s the fact that you when you’re hit with your first wave of it, it often comes with feelings of failure. Feeling isolated probably wasn’t high on your to do list, and it can feel especially jarring to find yourself in that state in an unfamiliar environment. It might even be difficult to admit, to others and yourself.

Expect it, accept it.

This first point might sound counter-intuitive. No one wants to feel lonely. But a little acceptance can go a long way. This starts with managing your expectations of what living in Japan will be for you. Upon …continue reading


2019 Top Jobs in Japan Week 52

Source: Gaijin Pot

If you’re looking to work in Japan, check back here each week as we look through our database of top jobs in Japan posted to GaijinPot and pick some of the ones we think are most interesting. You can apply directly to these companies by creating a profile on GaijinPot Jobs.

Information Architects Inc.

UX/UI Designer

  • Company: Information Architects Inc.
  • Salary: ¥400,000 / Month, Negotiable
  • Location: Chuo, Tokyo
  • English: Conversational
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Information Architects (iA) is looking for talented UX/UI designers to join their team ASAP.

Your main duty will be to develop interfaces that offer a great user experience while understanding and answering their needs. You’ll work on a wide range of interfaces such as websites, web-based applications or apps.

You must have experience as a UX/UI designer and have knowledge of integration processes and data architecture.

Japanese fluency is required.

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Mobile Search Reviewer

  • Company: Lionbridge
  • Salary: Amount not specified
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Fluent
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

As a Mobile Search Reviewer, your ultimate goal will be to evaluate websites and products to help the client to make desktop and mobile internet search more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end-users in Japan.

You must be familiar with Google products and be an Android user, or know how to use Android devices.

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International Bankers Association of Japan  | 般社団法人国際銀行協会

Marketing and Member Relations Manager

  • Company: International Bankers Association of Japan | 般社団法人国際銀行協会
  • Salary: Salary negotiable
  • Location: Chiyoda, Tokyo
  • English: Native
  • Japanese: Business
  • Application: Must currently reside in …continue reading

(Podcast) Opening a Pizza Joint in Japan w/Jessie

This week I take with Jessie, a former Yamato Damacy member, former JET, former IT guy, and now still IT but pizza joint/craft beer opener! It was a pleasure to speak with Jessie about his work history and just incessant drive to take his ideas to the next level. Anyone can have ideas, few can make them happen like Jessie can. P.S. go watch a Yamato Damacy episode because they really are a part of Jvlog history that I think is not remembered enough! Go watch some episodes here.

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