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Three in ten Japanese have VHS tapes, but what do they do with them?

Do you have old video tapes at home? graph of japanese statistics

Here is a short survey from VoiceNote Magazine looking at video and photo memories.

One reason for the survey was to promote a service that will back up your physical photos and videos to the cloud.

My wife used to have a huge amount of video tapes lying around that would never get watched, but when we moved last time into a smaller flat, she took the opportunity to throw almost all of them away. However, we still have a heap of DVDs of unwatched TV that I suspect will go straight into the bin next time we move, hopefully.

It’s quite amazing what turns up when you search for VHS photos…

Research results

Q1: Do you have old video tapes at home? (Sample size=2,937)

Yes (to SQs) 31.8%
No 68.2%

Q1SQ1: Do you have a working device to play back these old video tapes? (Sample size=934)

Yes 62.4%
No (no device or broken device) 37.6%

Combining the two, we get:

Q1+SQ1: Do you have old video tapes at home? (Sample size=2,937)

Yes, and have working player 19.8%
Yes, but no working player 11.9%
No 68.2%

Q1SQ2: Do you have television programs recorded on these old video tapes? (Sample size=934)

Yes, and might want to watch 58.7%
Yes, but don’t particularly want to watch 27.2%
No 14.1%

Q2: Do you have any of these kinds of old photos, film at home? (Sample size=2,937, multiple answer)

Undeveloped film or negatives 11.8%
Unsorted developed photos 16.0%
Albums I want to sort out 10.5%
None of the above 69.0%


Between the 16th and 20th of January 2018 2,937 members of the VoiceNote monitor group agd 30 years old or more completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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Level Up: The Top 5 Mobile Games in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
Level Up: The Top 5 Mobile Games in Japan

An English student of mine once told me that 20 years ago when you looked around on the crowded Tokyo Chuo line you would see people with their noses buried into the latest issue of Shonen Jump (boys manga magazine). These days, you’ll instead see commuters with their headphones on, eyes down and smartphones in their hands.

While many of them are still reading manga — only now in digital form, on phones and tablets — a lot of people play mobile games to pass the time during their commute. If you aren’t much of a gamer or have never tried mobile video games before, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Here are five of the most popular mobile games being downloaded in Japan today on both Android and iOS according to App Annie.

All the games on this list are free to download and play and have full English support. We’ve listed them in order from least to most popular, with No. 1 receiving the highest amount of downloads.

5. Super Mario Run

When it comes to video games, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the Mario franchise. Luckily, Nintendo has had its eye on the mobile market, as well, and has been releasing polished, pocket adaptations of their console game hits. When a mobile game is made by the same company that brought us the Gameboy and Nintendo DS — arguably the most successful mobile consoles in video game history — you know you can expect good things.

The graphics are stunning, sleek and polished. The gameplay is optimized for mobile and designed to be played with one hand, yet it’s incredibly fun and engaging. There are multiple modes and the majority of the game is free to play. The first three stages are …continue reading


Sega to release Mega Drive Mini this year

Just like Nintendo before it, Sega is releasing a mini version of its iconic Mega Drive game system. The system is supposed to be available sometime in 2018 and the company also announced at least 15 classic Sega games will hit the Switch this summer to celebrate the system’s 30th anniversary.

Sega turned to AtGames to build the hardware according to this Facebook post. AtGames had previously built the shoddy Sega Genesis Flashback so hopefully this system will be better than that version. Nintendo paid attention to the details in its retro systems and it showed. The mini NES and SNES are lovely throwbacks that bring the best of past to the present — I just wish the controllers had longer cords.

『メガドライブ ミニ』(仮称)2018年発売決定!

思い出の名作ゲームの数々が、これ1台で楽しめます!#セガフェス #メガドライブ #メガドライブ30周年

— セガ公式アカウント (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) April 14, 2018

Growing up I had an SNES because my parents thought Sega games were too violent. Basically, Killer Instinct instead of Mortal Kombat. I hope I can handle Scorpion’s finishing moves now.

If that’s not enough nostalgia, Sega Ages series producer Kagasei Shimomura hints Sega Dreamcast games could also hit the Switch, which if happens, could bring Phantasy Star Online or Jet Set Radio to Nintendo’s system.

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