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GREENa Electricity


Truly green power?

I read an interesting blog post a couple of days ago by Mark Brierley, and in it he mentioned that GREENa has a 100% renewable energy electricity plan.

I’ve been looking for one of those since the electricity deregulation was announced, so was very interested to hear about this company.

Personally I would be happy to pay slightly more for renewable energy as I would like to help speed up the transition, and I think the best way to do so is to support companies that are developing renewable sources and stop paying the legacy utilities for coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear. If enough people do this we can make a big difference.

I had a nose around the GREENa website and it looks very interesting.

Unfortunately it seems they only operate in Tokyo Electric/Chubu Electric/Kansai Electric areas, so we don’t have access up here in Tohoku.

I also couldn’t find out whether they have a minimum contract period (2 years). We spoke to a company up here recently that doesn’t do that, and all things being equal, I would prefer not to be subject to extra charges if we have to cancel our contract early.

So I am left with a few questions:

  1. anyone have direct experience with GREENa, good or bad?
  2. do they have a fixed contract period?
  3. are there any other 100% renewable companies out there?

More questions than answers today, but I hope if you are in one of the areas you’ll consider switching your payments away from the Evil Empire 🙂

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8bitdo’s new SNES-inspired retro gamepad is a dream Nintendo Switch controller

Ever since 8bitdo updated their NES30 Pro and other game controllers with Nintendo Switch support, I’ve been using them as the primary way to play on the console. Now at E3, 8bitdo has revealed a new model that might just become the best Switch controller of all time.
The SNES30 Pro (and SFC30 Pro, as its Super Famicom coloured variant is called) has all the buttons you need for full… Read More

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Printoss instantly scans, prints smartphone photos

printoss instant smartphone photo printer

We may be all digital these days but there’s still nothing quite like the joy of holding a precious selfie or romantic snap in your hands.

The need for physical copies of photos is not going to die away, no matter how digital our tools and lifestyles become. Hence the potential market for a new product like the Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer.

There are a lot of smartphone photo printers around, for sure, but they tend to require some sort of connection (e.g. WiFi or Bluetooth) or a dedicated app. (Many such products have appeared overseas, though we’ve also seen some in Japan, like the Rolto iPhone Screen Printer by King Jim.)

The Printoss is much simpler, acting like a scanner. You just place your phone over the device while it is showing the photo you want to print. Then press the “shutter” button on the Printoss and turn the handle to print out a Polaroid-style copy of the image. It’s a pretty simple construction but it does a good job at filling the gap in the market.

printoss instant smartphone photo printer

printoss instant smartphone photo printer

printoss instant smartphone photo printer

With expected availability from September 27th, Takara Tomy has opted for a pop design that is squarely aimed at younger consumers. The scanner-printer was recently showcased at Tokyo Toy Show and won an award.

The product is currently on preorder so some details are not confirmed. Information will be updated at a later date.

The Printoss Smartphone Photo Instant Printer is now available on preorder from “>Japan Trend Shop.

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