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Hacker group manages to run Linux on a Nintendo Switch

Hacker group fail0verflow shared a photo of a Nintendo Switch running Debian, a distribution of Linux (via Nintendo Life). The group claims that Nintendo can’t fix the vulnerability with future firmware patches. #switch — fail0verflow (@fail0verflow) February 6, 2018 According to fail0verflow, there’s a flaw in the boot ROM in Nvidia’s… Read More

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Three in five aware of AI speakers, half of them want a Google Home

Do you know about AI Speakers? graph of japanese statistics

Google in particular are quite heavily promoting their AI speaker, so this survey from iRobot (who are apparently getting into the smart speaker business) into AI speakers gives us some idea of how the Japanese are responding to this advertising.

I would like to a Google Home to play with, although not enough to actually want to pay for one… It’s interesting to see Apple with such high numbers considering that they haven’t actually released theirs yet. Perhaps when people learn that the functionality is actually rather limited, it might drop in popularity, but then again Apple fans will buy it for the Apple logo regardless of features.

The LINE speaker looks horrendously cheap and nasty as can be seen in this advert:

Research results

Q1: Do you know about IoT terminal device, Smart Speaker, or AI Speaker for short? (Sample size=600)

Know the name and the features 15.0%
Just heard the name, don’t really know about the features 45.3%
Don’t know about it 39.7%

Q2: From which makers would you want to buy, have already bought an AI Speaker from? (Sample size=244, multiple answer)

Google 50.8%
Apple 36.9%
Sony 35.7%
LINE 33.6%
Amazon 30.3%
Docomo 14.8%
Onkyo 8.6%
Anker 2.0%
Not decided, don’t know 17.6%

Q3: What features of an AI Speaker would you like to use? (Sample size=244, multiple answer)

Home appliance control 66.0%
Music playback 58.6%
Weather forecast, transport information, news 53.3%
Time, alarm, schedule management 43.0%
Video playback 36.9%
SNS, mail, web service access 26.2%
Internet shopping 17.2%
Use third-party service (home delivery, etc) 9.0%
Other 1.2%
Nothing in particular 1.2%


Over the 21st and 22nd of November 2017 600 internet users between the ages of 20 and 49 completed an internet-based questionnaire. How the sample was gathered is not described.

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