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Tokyo’s Treasures: A Guide to Souvenir Japanese Antiques

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

A nation of craftsmen and perfectionists, it’s no wonder that the quality of Japanese antiques is high. But there are plenty of small items you can get your hands on without spending your life savings.
With simplicity at the core of Japanese design, the best antiques here are usually practical in origin, having developed into decorative items along the years. Be it a vital part of the samurai sword or a beautiful bowl from a tea ceremony, Japanese antiques can range from a few thousand yen to millions, without looking much different. Assuming you don’t have a few million yen to spare on your travels, here are five suggestions of things to look out for—all with interesting histories, affordable prices and small enough

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Tokyo Nomi no Ichi (Flea Market) 2019

Held twice a year (in spring and fall) and gaining a strong following, this antique fair takes place at the Tokyo Oval Keiokaku right next to the train station.
Since this is an outdoor market they do sometimes cancel in case of rain, and will announce at 7am on the day via their website. Entry is ¥500 but free for elementary school students and the market will be open from 9am to sunset.
Note that the November, 2019 edition will take place at Showa Kinen Park.

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Easy Japanese To Help You Shop ‘Til You Drop

Whether you’re exploring through the iconic Ginza Six or roaming the back streets of Aoyama, shopping through Tokyo can be quite the experience. From gorgeous luxury items to cute and adorable picks, we guarantee you’ll discover treasures here that you won’t find anywhere else. On top of that is the impeccably polite staff, spotless amenities, and high-quality services like free gift wrapping put shopping in other countries around the world to shame.

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All that being said when visiting even the bigger department stores in Tokyo, you’re not always guaranteed to find English speaking staff to help you. Here are some common phrases you can use when out revamping your wardrobe.

Hunting for threads

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The easiest and most basic phrase is to ask if they have what you are looking for is:

  • Excuse me, do you have ____ ?
  • すみません、____ ありますか? (Sumimasen, ____ arimasu ka?)

Another very commonly used phrase is:

  • Excuse me, I’m looking for ____, do you have it/them?
  • すみません、____を探しているんですが、ありますか? (Sumimasen ____ o sagashiterun desu ga, arimasu ka?)

Time to try it on

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Once you’ve found what you are looking for, you might want to try it on. In that case, this phrase is extremely useful:

  • Can I try this on?
  • これ、試着してもいいですか?(Kore, shichaku shitemo ii desu ka?)

You can also just say:

  • Please show this to me.
  • これを見せてください。(Kore o misete kudasai.)

You might want a be shown the item in a different size. In that case you would ask:

  • Do you have a bigger size?
  • これよりも大きいサイズ、ありますか?(Koreyorimo ookii saizu arimasu ka?)
  • Do you have a smaller size?
  • これよりも小さいサイズありますか?(Koreyorimo chiisai saizu arimasu ka?)

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Ohi Racecourse flea market (September 2019)

Very well known popular venue.
Here come everything up representative flea markets.
In hot days. Because parking car outlets
A store various genres.
Yatai can take – out and wide used clothes, accessories and shoes, food, watches, and miscellaneous goods, handmade
The row regardless of genre from professional until amatia.

※Photo is a thing of the past.

※Scheduled to be held on the future

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