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Tokyo Farmers’ Markets Bask In The Bounty Of Fall Produce

The best part of walking through a farmers’ market in the fall is viewing the mountains of colorful produce piled at each stand, awaiting selection and an oven in which later they’ll be roasting.

Or maybe it’s the smell of cider donuts: brown and round fried pastries that smell a bit like apples but mostly taste like crisp brown sugar.

Or maybe it’s the fresh samples of apples or cheese or honey or bread, or whatever the farmers plug as their featured product, that I can pop into my mouth and that make my canvas bag swell with purchases.

These are the memories I have of urban and rural farmers’ markets in the northeastern United States, such as the Union Square Greenmarket held weekly in New York City, or at the many farms up and down the east coast that open their gates to visitors in autumn. It was at the urging of these memories, and a hungry tummy, that I was pleased to find in Tokyo an abundance of fresh-from-the-farm produce at different types of markets both downtown and around town.

Tokyo Farmers’ Markets: Big, small, or tucked-away

One type of market is what I think of as a traditional farmers’ market, held on a blocked-off street or in a park, with open-air stalls set up by farmers who directly sell their own products. There are a number of these markets on weekends in downtown Tokyo (you’ll find the list at the end of the article). The biggest and most popular is the Farmers’ Market @UNU, held every weekend.

But with only a small selection of open-air markets in Tokyo, to regularly enjoy seasonal produce I had to look a bit …continue reading