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Video Conference? How To Look Your Best For The Camera

Video Conference? How To Look Your Best For The Camera

Yes, we are being told to #stayathome and refrain from traveling/going to the office. But that doesn’t quite mean that we can treat this time as an extra vacation! Most of us are expected to #workfromhome, meaning less face to face interactions and a whole lot more skype calls and video conferences. Just when we thought we could get away with ditching the daily makeup routine and living in our sweats all day…

Of course, you could just stick to your normal make-up routine and work/going out clothes, but if you really want to look fresh and glow on camera, give these 5 tips a go! Admit it, we all want to be told: “you’re a natural on camera!”

Let’s start with the face

So you’ve woken up at 9:15 a.m. and realize you have exactly 15 minutes until your scheduled online meeting. That’s just great. But before you panic, I’m here to tell you that you’re going to be absolutely fine. All you will need to do is make some slight adjustments and get your priorities straight!

As tempting as it is, rather than caking your face in foundation, quickly apply a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and hide any blemishes.

Blusher should be made your next priority. Why? The problem with Skype and Zoom calls is that although they’re in HD, they can still totally wash you out. Ranked as #1 blush on cosme in 2019, the CEZANNE Natural Cheek N (¥360) will help solve this problem. This matte-type blush blends very well and will help you add some color and warmth to your cheeks. Goodbye ghost face, hello glowing goddess!

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Brands Japanese were suprised to find were Japanese

Samantha Thavasa Hello Kitty handbag (purse)

I’m back, and with some free time let’s try a translation I started last year; brands that the Japanese were surprised to learn were actually Japan-born.

Samantha Thavasa television advertisements have an extremely American feel with supermodels frolicing around New York in fancy frocks, so I too was surprised to find they were actually Japanese. However, here is some proof of their Japaneseness.

Wilkinson was another surprise; I thought they were just a made under licence foreign brand, but it was actually founded in Kobe by a Briton named Wilkinson, using naturally carbonated mineral water.

But what on earth is Sony doing in ninth place?

Ranking result

Q: What brands that you thought where foreign were you surprised to find they are Japan-born? (Sample size=1,874)

Rank Goods Votes
1 Samantha Thavasa Bags 267
2 Edwin Jeans 232
3 Wilkinson Soda water 219
4 arnold palmer Golf wear 162
5 Morozoff Chocolate 127
6 mont-bell Outdoor equipment 115
7 France Bed Beds 81
8 Freshness burger Burgers 69
9 Sony Electronics 65
10 Roland Keyboards 51
11 Peach John Ladies underwear 41
12 Comme des Garçons Clothing 36
13 Buffalo Routers, etc 31
14 ASICS Sports shoes 29
15 Porter Bags 26
16 Zoff Spectacles 23
17 Bridgestone Tyres 22
18 Epson Printers, etc 19
18 Casio Keyboards, etc 19
20 Canon Cameras 18
20 Citizen Watches 18
22 kewpie Mayonnaise, etc 17
23 Wacoal Ladies underwear 15
24 ORIX Conglomerate 13
24 Pilot Pens 13
26 Daikin Air conditioning 12
27 Nikon Cameras 9
27 Olympus Cameras 9
29 Brother Printers 8
30 UNDERCOVER Clothing 7
30 DHC Supplements 7
32 A BATHING APE Clothing 6
32 MOONSTAR Shoes 6
32 Omron Medical equipment 6
35 TDK Audio equipment 4
35 aniary Leather goods 4
37 NEIGHBORHOOD Clothing 3
37 Knot Watches 3
37 visvim Clothing 3
40 Konica Minolta Imaging 2
40 TOGA Clothing 2
40 Johnbull Clothing 2
43 Other 53


Between the 14th and the 28th of December 2019 1,874 visitors to the goo Ranking site and associated properties completed a public questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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K-Beauty VS J-Beauty: What Are The Real Differences?

K-Beauty vs J-Beauty: What Are The Real Differences?

Let me tell you. When it comes to skincare, K-Beauty and J-Beauty do not mess around and they seem to always know how to remain one step ahead of the game. Let’s not forget that ‘double-cleansing’ was first introduced by Japanese women, whilst a 10-step skincare routine seems to be the norm in Korea. It’s no wonder you’ll literally find a cosmetic/drugstore on every street in Tokyo and Seoul. Not to mention it takes at least 30 minutes for us to choose a simple moisturizer (have you seen the huge selection!?).

Although they share some similarities, we’re here to discuss the main differences between the two and to take a look at some of their holy grail products. Paper and pen in hand, get ready to take some serious beauty notes!

Skincare Goal

I remember my first time stepping foot into a cosmetic store in Seoul. I had told the shop assistant that I wanted to prepare myself for the upcoming summer months and look tanned and healthy. Just as I was about to reach for a slightly darker foundation to my natural skin tone, the shocked sales assistant replied “No, no, why? You don’t want that. Take these whitening products too!” and practically forced me to buy their palest foundation. I wasn’t too keen on the ghost look, I can tell you that.

The point is, Koreans are absolutely obsessed with having fair skin, which explains the endless amounts of ‘whitening’ products you can find on the shelves, and it’s very common for beauty salons to offer all sorts of solutions (including injections!) for whiter skin. They also strive to have flawless, dewy, glass-like skin.

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream, ¥470

J-beauty is similar in that having fair, white skin is favorable. However, …continue reading