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Organic and Free-range Options for Buying Meat, Eggs and Dairy in Japan

Source: Japan Cheapo

Japanese people love animals, right? The country has a booming pet industry and Tokyoites can be seen pushing dogs with ribbons in their fur in strollers through the capital’s parks. Farm animals in Japan unfortunately face a comparatively lackluster treatment, and there’s still a general lack of interest in free-range, organic and animal-friendly methods of raising livestock.
So it’s much harder to find free-range eggs, organic milk or grass-fed beef in Japan. Though not impossible. Generally, your safest bet is to go to an organic supermarket, a farmers’ market or one of Tokyo’s many international supermarkets that also stock more organic produce than do domestic chains. We’ve already written a very comprehensive list

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Funabashi Racecourse flea market (March 2019)


There is a visitors a wide range of layer from children to adults.
In the peak of the audience of visitors in the morning, a little less at the time of lunch, then crowded again. Visitors from large apartment around even seems to many.

※Photo is a thing of the past.

※Scheduled to be held on the future

※Video is an introduction image.

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7 Weird Japanese Valentine’s Gifts You Won’t Regret Giving

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Before you get into the gifts giving, there are a few things you should know about how Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day— it’s a little different to what you might be used to. In terms of big romantic holidays for couples, Christmas, not V-Day is the big one here. Think fancy expensive dinners, declarations of undying love, proposals, romantic obligations, gifts, and all that other Hallmark Channel stuff. So what’s left to do on the 14th of February? Well, essentially it’s a day where women gift obligatory chocolate to the men in their lives.

On the chocolate front, there are in fact two types of gifts: giri-choco or “obligation chocolates” given to workmates, classmates and close-ish acquaintances, and honmei-choko, which is given to boyfriends and close male friends. A month later, on March 14, men return the favor on “White Day.”

The first edition of the Japanese valentines choco tradition can be traced back to 1958 when Tokyo chocolatier Mary Chocolate ran a campaign which, at the time, made a measly ¥150 in sales. Still, over the years, the holiday’s popularity snowballed, and it’s now a multi-million dollar seasonal industry.

If the idea of buying into all of the PR-driven pseudo-cultural propaganda gives you the shivers, but you still feel like you want to show your S(ignificant) O(ther) some lurve, why not try going weird with it? This is Japan after all so there are plenty of oddball gift ideas on the market. Here are six of our favorite unique ways to say daisukiiiii this Valentine’s Day in Japan.

1. A heart-shaped box of sea urchins

Saito Fisheries via

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