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11 Made In Japan Gifts To Take Back Home This Holiday

Makanai Gold Face Mask

In Kanazawa where gold leaf manufacturing has been popular since ancient times, it is said that “applying gold to an affected area on your skin will cure it” and “gold which is rested on your forehead will melt any fever away.” Gift this fun full-face sheet of gold to a loved one with an interest in high-class Japanese beauty. Buy at all Makanai Cosmetics stores in Japan or online.

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Seigado Matcha Bowl

Seigado is a high-end pottery and kitchenware store from Kyoto with hundreds of years of craftsman skills and wisdom accumulated to produce traditional items to enrich our life. Seigado’s matcha bowls are the perfect way to gift a true Japanese essence. Purchase online or at the Seigado store in Kyoto.

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Nousaku Kago Foldable Basket

Nousaku is known for their advanced casting techniques, expert knowledge and traditions that have been passed down through generations. This fun foldable basket comes in various shapes and sizes but bends easily to fit whatever purposes you have in mind. It can be a fruit basket, a wine or bread holder, or even a design on your wall — your choice! Purchase online or any Nousaku shops around Japan, including Matsuya Ginza and Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.

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Koh Gen Do Premium Beauty Oil

Another gift recommendation for J-beauty lovers. This premium beauty oil by Koh Gen Do is sparkling for the holiday season and will leave your skin equally luscious. Can be used on face, body and hair. Purchase online or in …continue reading


Putin 2019 Calendar is Japanese Store’s Best Selling

Source: Gaijin Pot

Popular Japanese variety store Loft recently announced their top-selling 2019 calendars, with an unexpected political world leader in first place. According to an article published on Livedoor News on Dec. 12, the man featured in the best-selling calendar for 2019 is none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin.



— ライブドアニュース (@livedoornews) December 12, 2018

66-year-old President Putin beat actor Kei Tanaka from the TV show Ossan’s Love (“Old Guys’ Love”) who’s calendar came in at number 2 on the list. Tanaka is at the center of a gay love triangle in the wildly popular series which first aired in late April of this year.


主題歌verは下記URLから⬇✨おっさんずラブ#田中圭 #吉田鋼太郎 #林遣都#内田理央 #眞島秀和 #大塚寧々

— 【公式】「おっさんずラブ」アカウント (@ossans_love) April 10, 2018

In at number 3 was two-time Olympic medalist and sixteen-time record breaking figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. Hanyu gained a huge fan base this year with his incredible performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang which saw him win his second consecutive gold medal despite a debilitating ankle injury.



🌸はんぺら (@skatehanpera) December 15, 2018

Um…why Putin?

Like us, you may be wondering why Putin is dominating calendar sales in Japan, and has in fact been doing so since the first officially sanctioned calendar was released here in 2016.

Actually, there’s more connecting Putin to Japan than meets the eye. Putin makes no secret about his favorite sport being judo, a martial art native to Japan.

Putin also has an Akita dog named Yume (meaning “dream” in Japanese). The Japanese government gave Yume to him as a gift to thank Russia for their help in recovery …continue reading